Hobgoblin slaves? Yeah or Neah?
Hobgoblin slaves? You shouldn’t have! 31.82%
Cloister, Forgefire, Nicodemus, Poison, Threadbare, tjub, Zanthrax
7 31.82%
That’s what you got me last year! 4.55%
1 4.55%
How about some captive trollslayers instead? 22.73%
Abecedar, Dînadan, Fuggit Khan, Gargolock, Zanko
5 22.73%
I’d rather skulls and blood for the blood god.... errr wait wrong deity... 0%
0 0%
Any Brettonian knights heads on a pike instead? 27.27%
Admiral, Bolg, Hashoooot, HPN, kraggrim, Reaver of Uzkulak
6 27.27%
I’m too knackered on egg nog to care... 13.64%
Pyro Stick, Uther the unhinged, Willmark
3 13.64%
Total: 22 votes 100%