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Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - Xander - 06-24-2007 11:04 PM

Voting will close on Sunday, July 8th. No voting for yourself!

Below are the 9 Entries received. Pick which one you like the best, and cast your vote. All votes will be made public, and thus we shall know if people are creating accounts to vote for themselves, etc. It would also be appreciated if you tell us why you voted the way you did.

Great stuff for our second contest! I am really psyched by the entries, and although I myself did not finish one, I think the contest went extremely well. Nemesis Crown should be awesome! Hopefully these Rykarth miniatures will be appreciated at GW! We'll send in the entries after the poll has closed!

Entry #1 - angryboy2k


Entry #2 - Hobgobbler


Entry #3 - Hashut's Blessing


Entry #4 - Arashi


Entry #5 - Kyte


Entry #6 - Dedwrekka


Entry #7 - WarplockMonkey


Entry #8 - The FlyingBeaver


Entry #9 - grom


Also, don't forget to sign up for the Nemesis Crown campaign this week at your regional GW site. Also don't forget to follow the Hand of Hashut narrative! Which is being written with the help of a few CDO staffers!

Praise Hashut! Hashut!

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - Hashut's Blessing - 06-25-2007 07:29 AM

Should've mentioned, I don't base my models and characters are lucky to a skull or head or anything on their's Big Grin. But, thanks for mentioning the originality factor. My painting has never been very good and this was my first use of green stuff ever. Regardless, I'm very proud with it myself Big Grin

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - Xander - 06-25-2007 09:36 AM

Ok, so I botched this poll.  We are locking the poll for now, as the deadline should be the end of today! Whoops!

I will make a new Poll at the end of today.  Sorry for all of this!  This may actually give me the time I need to finish an entry.

Sorry again! (I'm too anxious to please Hashut!)

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - The Flying Beaver - 06-25-2007 09:39 AM

Silly Xander, starting the poll before the deadline was up! The poll's been closed until tomorrow, and posts stating "I'm voting for X" have been deleted or edited. Feel free to comment on the pictures, which will remain up and added as entries come in, but I'd advise against committing your vote until the poll is open.

And if you have a model, send it in!

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - minty - 06-25-2007 01:46 PM

to many lovely chaos dwarves, too many demented stunties, how how am i to choose

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - Traitor King - 06-25-2007 01:51 PM

Wow, nicem models. gunna be hard to choose a favorite
also, rescale dedwrekkas pics. they seem rather huge.

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - Xander - 06-25-2007 04:02 PM

I will be rescaling tonight to match the others.

Refrain from casting votes until the poll is up! Thanks!

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - WarplockMonkey - 06-26-2007 05:20 AM

May i ask what is the prize?

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - Lord Archaon - 06-26-2007 05:56 AM

The prize is Mr Xander emails all entries to GW US.

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - WarplockMonkey - 06-26-2007 03:20 PM


Don't look at my old picture! I have done more!

Oh, how come only US? Can't he e-mail them to GW UK as well?

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - Grimstonefire - 06-26-2007 04:30 PM

Whoever wins, I think everyone should do some final touches and take nice clear pics.  If its going on the website it needs to be as good a photo as possible.

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - The Flying Beaver - 06-26-2007 05:35 PM

A member has requested that I let him send in his entry late, which could be 1-2 days from now. I am going to allow this, but only because there is no prize at stake and we want as many Rykarths as possible to send to Games Workshop. Under normal circumstances I would not allow this, so remember to start your entries early in future contests!

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - angryboy2k - 06-26-2007 09:28 PM

@Warplock Monkey, Xander asked for all entries to be on a white background.

EDIT: And by the way, it looks really good on that rocky base.

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - WarplockMonkey - 06-27-2007 11:09 AM

Awwww nuts...... that picture was so much better than the last oneUnsure, does it really matter?

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - The Flying Beaver - 06-27-2007 06:28 PM

WarplockMonkey Wrote:
Awwww nuts...... that picture was so much better than the last oneUnsure, does it really matter?


WarplockMonkey Wrote:
Oh, how come only US? Can't he e-mail them to GW UK as well?

Rykarth is a character made up by GW US.  GW UK has no real involvement with this character.

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - Arashi - 06-28-2007 12:54 PM

How long will the voting be on hold? The deadline finnished a few days ago...

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - Hashut's Blessing - 06-28-2007 05:43 PM

I was wondering that too. I think it may be because of the delayed entry, but I think it's acceptable. Whoever's entry it is, please be quick Big Grin

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - The Flying Beaver - 07-01-2007 03:10 PM

The poll is now open. Voting will last for one week (closing on Sunday, July 8th) and then the winner will be determined. All entries will be put on the main site of Chaos Dwarf Online, and sent in to White Dwarf US. The winner will receive a point of reputation.  Note that participants may NOT vote for themself. If I catch someone voting for themself, I will discount your vote AND remove one from someone else!

Good luck to our entrants, these all look splendid!

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - Slaver_of_Zharr - 07-02-2007 04:57 AM

I voted for Angryboy2ks, utterely fantastic IMHO Happy all the entries were great but that one is just... unbelievable
i loved Arashis as well but Angryboys was just to good Big Grin

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - Arashi - 07-02-2007 01:26 PM

Finally! I have ben waiting for this. And Iīm glad that a few more had time to come with some contributions before the voting started. All of the entries are really fantastic, I almost feel ashamed of my own mini now =P

Anyways, since there isnīt any discusion thread for the contributions, I guess I will comment all of them here, and give my vote. Note that this is just my personal opinion, so donīt take it too personal. Feel free to comment on my contribution as much as you want as well.

Ok, first is Entry #1, Angryboy2k. I must say that itīs a great conversion! He looks evil, no doubt about that. But he looses some points in my eyes for a few reasons. First is the helmet. Sorry, but in my eyes itīs not a chaos dwarf helm, it looks too much like a common dwarf, or maybe a norse dwarf helmet, but not a chaos dwarf. Second is, as I have told angryboy before, that he still haves too many normal dwarf symbols if you looks closely. I donīt really like the green skintone I think I can see on his arms, looks like roten flesh... Itīs maybe a skirt or something, but -I- still donīt like it.
Anyways, itīs still a great mini!

Entry #2 - Hobgobbler: I really like the sword and the symbol of his shield, but besides of that, he looks too good for me. Doesnīt looks like a character that could stare down on Archaon to me... And there is a gap between his head and the drum-hat!

Entry #3 - Hashut's Blessing: I like the idea, and itīs a good choice of miniature, but the sculpting and the paintjob is not in the same level as the other entries. sorry.

Entry #4 - Me: Will not comment on this one, thatīs up to you ^^

Entry #5 - Kyte: Probably the most evil-looking entry here. Itīs incredibly good, and thereīs no doubt about that itīs a true hero in the armies of the chaos dwarfs. Great conversion, I really like his axe. Only thing I would comment on is that 1: Heīs maybe too tall, with extremely long arms for a dwarf, and 2: the paintjob is not bad, but it could be better.

Entry #6 - Dedwrekka: Not bad, but IMO, it looks too much like a (short) chaos warrior. Not very hero-like either, I could easily see a whole unit of exactly the same mini without getting a weird feeling about it.

Entry #7 - WarplockMonkey: I love the pose of this mini, now we are talking about leadership! Thinking that you made it completely from skratch is even more surprising. But the beard looks a little weird, and as I have told you before I donīt really like his nose. The paintjob, even though not bad either, could also be better.

Entry #8 - The FlyingBeaver: Hmm... Am I stupid enough to comment on an admins work? Of corse I am! Itīs a good and well thought idea, but he just doesnīt look too much of a hero. I get more of the feeling that he is an armies BSB (I know his rules, but I sees that more like that his troops respects/fears him so much that his presence causes the same effect as a BSB, rather then wearing one). The pics are also very blurry (even more then mine!)

Entry #9 - grom: One of the best chaos dwarf minis I have ver seen. Itīs incredible what you can do from nothing. That axe is one of the sweetest things in existance, and I will probably borrow that idea from you in the future if itīs okay for you. The paintjob is also of the best ones in this competition.
But the miniature is not perfect (at least not in my eyes). First of all, heīs very thin. Dwarfs are normally more... uhm... "big-boned". Then we also have the fact that he have, besides of one gold symbol, only one color on his whole armour. Yes, it gives a realistic feeling, but at least I get a bored feelign from that. His hand is also a little too big. Last, the hashut symbol, is turned in the wrong direction Tongue ( itīs more similar to "VE")

So, my vote goes to...


Why? Well, his mini is the one that in my eyes looks the most like a chaos dwarf, as well as a hero of the ones I could vote on. A tough commander that doesnīt fear anything. Just like Rykarth!

Sorry if I bored you with all this long text. Cya!

Edit: Oh, and thank you sorry, even though you didnīt vote for me I appreciate that you at least mentioned me Happy

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - minty - 07-02-2007 01:46 PM

well, i ould have voted for grom, but the arms are sorta long, and if they where straight they would drag on he floor so i voted for angry boy

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - torn - 07-02-2007 04:36 PM

voted for grom simply because the armour could be close to the armour of gazrhak, which was the point i think, although its not necessarily my favourite.

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - Traitor King - 07-02-2007 04:47 PM

I have to say I love the face on groms model. However, verall ANgryboys model is my favourite. The base is sweet and really adds that little touch to the model.

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - Hashut's Blessing - 07-02-2007 06:26 PM

Okay, congratulations to all, they are excellent models. I know my paitning is utter sh*te, especially compared to the others' models and this was my first attempt EVER at sculpting, so I am proud of it, despite it's apparent unworthiness.

angryboy2k: I like the bold use of the model, but it looks a little too much like he's showing off about it to me. I get the feeling that Rykarth is more the sort of guy that just gets the job done and gets it done well. Also, the pile of skulls seems a little strange to me because, unless he's fighting a skeleton horde, there would be flesh or something. Also, the face plate could have a more furrowed brow, mayhaps, but that's personal preference. Good clean sculpting and one of the best painting examples I've seen. However, I don't really like a cloak on Rykarth. I will say this to all with a cloak.

Hobgobbler: I like the use of a big hat. Always makes me happy, however, I have always disliked the use of swords for dwarfs. Scimitars are okay, but only with chaos dwarfs IMO. That's COMPLETELY personal preference. A bold choice of colour, but not one that I would have deemed to be in the best few choices. The painting is cleanly done though. Also, I don't really see the armour of Gazrakh having a shield, but the eye decor is great. However, I don't really like a cloak on Rykarth. I will say this to all with a cloak.

Hashut's Blessing (myself): I would like its head to have a more furrowed brow or something to draw some more attention to a set of meaner looking eyes. I'm VERY pleased with the sculpting, but feel that, although painted as best I could and in the colour scheme of my army (and not able to think of what else to do to it), the painting is a little lacklustre and doesn't really say "I'm awesome"...

Arashi: Excellent painting, incredible modelling, however, the pose of the model doesn't say "I'm bad, in the cool way". It looks more like he's bored. But, I have found that with the original base model as well. The hair looks good. I would have liked bigger pictures because a lot of the darker coloured parts are difficult to see and I'd like abetter look at the helmet. However, I don't really like a cloak on Rykarth. I will say this to all with a cloak.

Kyte: A very good model overall, but, I have seen it used many times before (in your blog etc) and, unfortunately, it makes it a little difficult for me to see him as Rykarth. I do, however, like the use of cloven hooves and big hat. The arms are perhaps a little too long though. However, I don't really like a cloak on Rykarth. I will say this to all with a cloak.

Dedwrekka: Clean paitning and, other than the incredible rune, like mine, the painting seems to need something more. as has been said before, it looks more like a unit champion or something. A little more common than Rykarth at any rate. It looks too wide for its height IMO, sorry. And, I don't like the chaos dwarfs to have such a close tie to chaos. Due to Rykarth staring down Archaon, I see him as more of a big hat or pre-big hat model, not post. The weapon definitely looks like a great weapon though... However, I don't really like a cloak on Rykarth. I will say this to all with a cloak.

WarplockMonkey: Very good painting, especially on the cloak and shield. The sculpting is very good and, unlike a lot of people, I think the nose is perfect for a chaos dwarf, although maybe only a character or special character as you have used it here. The weapon is also good. As I have said before though, the shield is not something that I would imagine being a part of the armour of Gazrakh. Also, the model is a little brighter (due to the cloak I imagine) than I would like, personally, and the arms are green, whcih seems to not fit in quite so well. The trophy rack, although I said I don't think he's a show-off, works on this model because it isn't REALLY being used as a trophy rack, more as back of the head and neck protection as well as extra height and soikes. However, I don't really like a cloak on Rykarth. I will say this to all with a cloak.

The Flying Beaver: it looks like an older model has been used, which is okay, but it looks maybe a little too Western dwarfish to me. The idea of your enemy's troop being the one cowering is great, but considering the base it's on, you can't game with the model, which is a shame. The rack on his back looks a little too wide for my liking. If you removed the outermost strut on each side, I think it would look much better. Also, maybe somehow shortening it a bit. But, it seems more of an army commander type thing to wear, rather than for showing off and so, I think it works again, here.

grom: I like the painting and like the more naturalistic colour scheme. However, it's supposed to be magical armour and so looks a little too dull. If it were ordinary heavy armour on a hero, it'd be great, though. My next comment is, he looks too American. American dwarfs tend to be taller and thinner than the shorter, more stocky English version. Also, his neck is very upright. The axe is incredible. The gauntlets, well, plate-mittens have always looked silly in real life to me. They are practial, but look quite unthreatening. I think that the banner detracts from the rest of the model a bit. It looks a little too tall and busy with it, without it, it looks more dwarfish and simple. I see Rykarth as a pure, simple 'ardman. However, I don't really like a cloak on Rykarth. I will say this to all with a cloak.

I apologise if I have hurt any feelings, I have tried to give my criticism constructively and welcome planty of my own. I have tried to give equal criticism and praise to each member, but know I have failed due to my lack of sleep. Good luck to all and you shall see my vote in the poll!

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - The Flying Beaver - 07-02-2007 10:42 PM

it looks like an older model has been used

Nope, it's a BFSP miner.

But, it seems more of an army commander type thing to wear, rather than for showing off and so, I think it works again, here.

I'm actually not a fan of the trophy rack myself. The reason I added it was because it said that Rykarth counted as having a battle standard.

Now, for my opinions:

angryboy2k: I love this guy. His pose is dynamic, the sculpting is fantastic, and the model just oozes with charisma. There are a bit too many dwarf symobls, but with the excellent mask and pose, I don't notice them without closely looking. I see a Chaos Dwarf on first sight, and it's hard to change those first impressions. Very nice work.

Hobgobbler: Hats rule. This cannot be said enough. However, as far as conversions go, this one's not very elaborate nor is the painting to the same standard as some of our other entrants. I hope you'll be entering our next Golden Hat.

Hashut's Blessing: That's one huuuge axe. Too huge if you ask me, it seems almost silly. This guy also lacks anything which could be considered a battle standard or anything that exudes leadership (and thus giving the morale boosting effect of a battle standard, such as the head trophy of angryboy2k or Hobgobbler's cape/hat.) He also lacks a finished base. I'm sorry, but I don't see Rykarth the Unbreakable in this guy.

Arashi: I like this guy. He looks like a chaos dwarf, and he looks stubborn and, well, unbreakable. Unbreakable to the point where we'd be hearing him say "Tis but a flesh wound!" The conversion's great, and the paintjob's great. An excellent job.

Kyte: You're a talent sculptor and a good painter, but I don't think this guy represents Rykarth the Unbreakable very well.  For starters, Rykarth doesn't have hooves (I'm going on the assumption that such an important detail would have been in his description in the WD.) Happy. I also think he's far too tall for a dwarf. These comments are obviously just echoes of what others have said, but I feel the same way. He's a nice Chaos Dwarf Lord, but not a very nice Rykarth.

Dedwrekka: I'm afraid this guy isn't very chaos dwarfy. The only things which are distinctly Chaos Dwarfy are the CD rune on his axe and the barely noticeable beard. He also lacks a battle standard, which was something Rykarth had. Going for a heavily armoured, chaos-influenced look is fine, but I really think you should add more features which mark your models as Chaos Dwarfs, not just short chaos warriors.

WarplockMonkey: A very nice sculpt and a good paintjob to go with it. But... what's with the face? It looks really odd. I'd like to see a close-up shot if possible.

grom: Fantastic sculpting, and finally a battle standard. The paintjob's impressive too. I don't really have any criticisms...

And my vote goes to: angryboy2k! Though I liked all the entries, this one just has so much energy and character it kept drawing me back. This model stands out well and certainly looks mean. This is our Rykarth!

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - Ghrask Dragh - 07-03-2007 10:38 AM

Alot of great minis here, Congratulations Cheers!!!
Takes Hat off to everyone who sculpted their minis from scratch too, I do not have the guts to try anything like that I wouldn't know where to start!!

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - AGPO - 07-04-2007 05:59 AM

Okay, I feel sightly guilty about critisizing anyone seeing as I haven't entered anything but here are my opinions:

Angryboy2k I love this model, the pose, the originality and the paint scheme are fantastic. My only complaint is it still looks too much like a western dwarf for my liking.

Hobgobbler A nice concept and a nice model, but I've just seen it done a few too many times to see it as Rythark (although I must admit this is partly down to the fact I used the same model for my army's second in command). Also, I just don't see dwarfs with swords. Sorry.

Hashut's Blessing I just couldn't go for a model which isn't based. Sorry, but its a very basic thing to do if you're entering a painting contest. Other than that though, its an excellent first attempt at sculpting and if it had been based would very possibly have got my vote.

Arashi A superb model which ticks all the boxes for me - concept, conversion, painting and originality. The one question I have is the cloak, but I've mentioned that before.

Kyte Not a deliberate Rythark conversion. Although this would have had my vote if it had been an original entry, it loses it because I don't think just entering a model from your army is appropriate. it comes bottom of my list as I think it is unfair on the others who went to the effort of converting a specific model for this contest.

Deadwrekka Nice from the waist up, but I just think the legs look a bit too odd.

Warplock monkey A truly awesome original sculpt and a very narrow miss on getting my vote. It was just the paint scheme which swayed it, I just don't think the yellow works.

The Flying Beaver I like the idea, the paint scheme and most of the model. It's just the face that doesn't work for me - he just doesn't look evil. A face mask of some sort would perfect this model

Grom I hate to critisize this model as its a superb original sculpt but it just doesnt look like a dwarf for my money. He could just be that little bit fatter.

So after all that - I hope - constructive critisism where does my vote go? It came down to three - Arashi, Angryboy and Warplock Monkey. I've already explained why I didn't wote for Warplock, but the one that screamed mean-ass-Dawi'zharr-forge-lord to me was... Arashi!

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - The captain - 07-04-2007 08:48 AM

All very nicely done, but the paint job, pose and expression of Arashi's entry are in my opinion, the best. Just captures the kind of un-fazed, stubborn attitude that are in CD and the description of the character.

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - Ellimist - 07-05-2007 04:53 PM

My vote went to Angryboy2k. I think everyone else has already covered most of the comments I'd make, so I'll just say that this was overall the most cohesive and eye-catching piece entered. Several of the other entries probably outdid it in certain areas, but this piece brought it all together quite well.

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - Grimstonefire - 07-05-2007 07:32 PM

Whoever wins I think we had some excellant entries.  A real showcase of converting skills.

Next thing is to try and get somebodies photo onto the website.  I've sent a photo of my model for all the good it will do Sad

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - Master Vampire - 07-07-2007 03:17 PM

Finally I can actually post on here. I hope... Here goes

Warplock Monkey gets my vote with the more clear pictures!

I really like the conversion, but more so the paintjob. Great work mate.

I would have voted for angryboy, but when Warplock Monkey got better pics up I was sold.


RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - The Flying Beaver - 07-08-2007 12:13 PM

Poll's closed. Congratulations to angryboy2k, the winner of our second Golden Hat!

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - grom - 07-08-2007 02:49 PM

Congrats angryboy2k Cheers!

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - Arashi - 07-08-2007 03:15 PM

Congrats angry, you really deserves it. ^^

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - Hobgobbler - 07-08-2007 09:01 PM

Kudos Angry, you had a great model
hope to see more quality work from you

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - Ellimist - 07-08-2007 10:36 PM

Congratulations AngryBoy!

Now- on with planning the next Golden Hat! :p

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - The Slaver - 07-08-2007 10:37 PM

congrats mate, look forward to seeing the model in some sorta US Gw publication....maybe,.....

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - angryboy2k - 07-09-2007 02:29 AM

I've been locked up for most of the last week finishing up my thesis and preparing for my oral defense (which is tomorrow), but I had to say thank you to everyone who voted for my model.

Also a big thank you to Xander and the mods for running such an inspiring contest, and I especially wanted to say thank you to the community, because it's you guys who inspired me to start converting Chaos Dwarfs in the first place, and it's you guys who inspire me to keep sculpting, painting, and trying to improve even when real life gets in the way.

Well done to everybody who entered; together we are making this community the great place it is.

Roll on Golden Hat 3!


RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - Slaver_of_Zharr - 07-09-2007 04:37 AM

hey angryboy, you forgot to thank the Academy Happy other than that congrats on the win!

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - angryboy2k - 07-09-2007 05:27 AM

It's the thesis-writing. It's made me all loquacious-like... Happy


RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - Ellimist - 07-09-2007 06:22 AM

A verbose message such as yours, when delivered to us, would certainly indicate that one might be undertaking extensive academic study. It is therefore my intention to wish you the best possible luck for you endeavours on the morrow my good Sir!

RE: The Golden Hat #2 - Voting Thread! - Traitor King - 07-09-2007 02:38 PM

Well done angryboy!

...and now the admins have to spend time updating the wiki, a couple of threads and the main site, all wthi details of the winner.

Oh, and Xander, when are you sending off the entires?