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1 Votes - 5 Average   Artisan's Contest XVIII - Voting!
Author MessageArtisan's Contest XVIII - Voting!
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RE: Artisan's Contest XVIII - Voting!Admiral 12-19-2015

Results are up! I hope you didn't have to wait for too long. It was quite tight competition, quite a nail-biter when counting votes. Happy

Thank you everyone for the well wishes! It's much appreciated. Cheers!

Healing quickly. Left arm (and leg) better now, ergo staff work done. It would have been highly inefficient to do it with only one arm, but more importantly I hadn't access to computer until today.

@Dînadan: Why, working on the roof, of course! If only there had been snow. Or at least soft ground. Instead, I landed on frosty ground frozen stiff, and the fall wasn't even that long. My brother jumped down effortlessly from the roof as soon as he heard me land with a yell, so it's no problem to descend from the roof if you're prepared for it. It was more like slipping on ice and catching yourself with arm and leg, plus 2 metre fall. Only bruises, swolled stiff wrist and knee, a night of pain. No fractures. Nothing serious, in other words.

@Fuggit Khan: Hahaha, it wasn't quite like that, but it could be worth trying out... Tongue Wink

Sculpting arm unharmed, thankfully. Not that the swollen left wrist will last much longer. Thankfully!

@Abecedar & Jackswift: Dagnabbit, the secret is revealed! Tongue Wink

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope to have some casts to sell 'round new year. Drink well and be merry!

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12-19-2015 04:46 PM
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RE: Artisan's Contest XVIII - Voting!Jackswift 12-19-2015

Glad to hear you are healing and regaining full functionality.

12-19-2015 06:35 PM
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RE: Artisan's Contest XVIII - Voting!Dînadan 12-19-2015

@Admiral: what work were you doing up there?  And just be glad it was only one night of pain Wink

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12-19-2015 06:56 PM
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RE: Artisan's Contest XVIII - Voting!Axtklinge 12-21-2015

Glad to know everything is OK now Admiral!

Merry Christmas and hope you heal really fast!

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12-21-2015 08:37 AM
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