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Author MessageScribe's Contest VI - Winners!
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Scribe's Contest VI - Winners!Admiral 02-12-2016

Winners of Scribe's Contest VI: Tales of Darkness - Chaos Dwarf Myths and Legends

"Thus he lost half his kingdom, and their souls all howled in torment everafter..."

Similar to the other rounds, we had a great turn-out of entries, with submissions granting us mysterious secrets of Dawi Zharr mythology and folklore. The sixth Scribe's Contest brought a lot to the table, from dark secrets and cruelty to the shaping of the world and cyclical stories. It was good to see such professional work! No doubt the texts were all written in Orc blood upon parchment made from Ogre hide, or carved into obsidian and lapis lazuli. Takes Hat off

The voting was even, with votes distributed to all entries, which is not surprising given the quality across the board.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the winners!

Entry #2: Ikkred Pyrhelm (1st)

F’kari and the Eternal Flame

The hearth crackled as hungry flames licked already blackened logs, throwing up a dirty yellowish light over the Chaos Dwarfs. They paid it no mind, nor even the drinks now forgotten beside them. The Chaos Dwarf ancient and his companion had arrived earlier that day, his accent strange to them. He wove them stories of their ancestors, of forgotten glories, of bloody deaths. The fire crackled again, casting an almost daemonic aspect on the old Chaos Dwarf's craggy face, he had yet another tale to tell.

"'I’d give my eyes for knowledge, my skin for wealth, my bones for power, my soul for immortality,' the long forgotten Dirszki once claimed that, for which of us would not want such boons despite the sacrifices? Yet dark fates await those who would reach for such ends. Such as F’kari and the Eternal Flame.

F’kari was an adventurous son of our kind, his blade was always sharp, his eye keen, and his stein forever empty. Here was a Dawi Zharr that seemed destined for great things.” The ancient’s companion snorted at this as if he’d heard the same line one too many times, the mask covering his face seeming to shimmer in the glow. The ancient ignored him and continued.

“Indeed, the hearth would be colder than a spurned Rinn before I could cover the legends of F’kari.” His companion grunted something about the old coot exaggerating everything but was ignored. “But his last great adventure,” continued the old Chaos Dwarf, “dealt him the greatest treasure yet the most ill of punishments. Our story begins, as many stories do, on a lonely barren road. F’kari had returned from a great war against our soft ‘cousins’ and was making his weary bones along the path home when he happened to come across an old pedlar. He was mending a pair of boots whilst whistling a tune, F’kari stopped and began to dance to the tune in merriment. The tune finished, F’kari noticed that his jig had worn away his boots to nothing. The pedlar smiled and proffered the boots he was mending, 'may your dance never leave you barefooted,' he chuckled and left without further word. F’kari hesitantly tried the boots on and found them a perfect fit, and he walked onwards noticing how they did not seem to wear.

“He came upon another pedlar whittling away at a piece of dark wood and smoking a pipe. F’kari lit his pipe and joined the pedlar, watching him work. When the pedlar finished, F’kari removed his pipe only to find it crumble away in his hand. The pedlar smiled and gave F’kari his pipe, 'may your pipe never empty,' he chuckled and left without further word. F’kari placed some pipe weed into this strange pipe and found it burned for as long as he wished, and he walked onwards, plumes of smoke around him.

“Then he came upon a third pedlar who sat there weeping, for he had neither boots nor pipe. F’kari would have left the fool as he was, and yet he was unnaturally moved by the Chaos Dwarf’s plight. Before proper sense returned to him he had given the pedlar his boots and pipe. 'It is a rare Dawi Zharr who gives such riches,' the pedlar smiled and gave F’kari a set of strangely crafted dice. 'Go to the ruins to the south and meet with the Daemon of fire. May your luck never run out.'

“Taking the dice, F’kari made his way south and found a long forgotten ruined keep. He made camp there and waited. As darkness fell there was a plume of fire and a great Daemon appeared before F’kari. The Daemon cackled and prepared to feast on the foolish Chaos Dwarf when F’kari held aloft the dice. 'Very well,' hissed the Daemon, 'what do you wish to gamble your soul for?'

F’kari thought hard and responded, 'I have seen much in my years and wish to see much more, I wish for life eternal.' The Daemon smiled and the two began to gamble. To the Daemon’s dismay his every roll was bad and F’kari’s perfect, and by the light of dawn he conceded defeat. 'You seek the Eternal Flame,' the Daemon whispered, touching F’kari’s brow. With the path in his mind, F’kari began the long and perilous journey till he stood before the flames eternal. Filled with dreams of immortality he stepped into them and his wish was granted.”

The old Chaos Dwarf smiled as the flames crackled. “Of course, the Daemon (nor the pedlars he pretended to be) never told F’kari that the fire would scorch his flesh and he’d be cursed to forever travel...always burning...never dying...”

“So what happened to him?” spoke one of the listeners.

“He still wanders...isn’t that right, F’kari?” smiled the storyteller.

His companion stood and removed his mask.

Entry #7: Abecedar (2nd)

For those who would seek power without wisdom, or, as has often occurred before sufficient wisdom has been attained, beware, for success can be a danger unto itself.

All of the Dawi Zharr stand in awe of the strength and majesty of the Great Taurus. Any whom get to behold a Bale Taurus and the force embodied there cannot but tremble. Those graced to be bonded with one and allowed to ride with it; they are considered the favoured of Hashut and are blessed. Though to arrogantly believe oneself the master in a relationship with such a battle beast, simply put, that belief can be justifiably perilous.

The Lammasu is another such manifestation of power. Its focus lies in the magic and not brute force. Shaped in the image of our Father of Darkness and born versed in the Lore of Shade. An intelligent creature, equal to any Sorcerer in their power and knowledge. To be accepted by a Lammasu is to know that one is truly favoured by Hashut and close to the pinnacles of power.

But where are the greater ones? Those older and more powerful brethren of the Lammasu that logic states must exist.

It was the Tome of a Hell-smith named Thun’nor that has brought these questions to light. Riven in blood into aged bronze and sealed with a layer of souls for protection. Found in excavations deep below Zharr-Naggrund. Buried among the ruined layers of what is believed to have been a part of an early temple precinct. Buildings possibly from the first millennia of our existence here in the dark lands. These dwellings had succumbed to the sheer amount of later construction and had been crushed by the weight of all that had been built above. Small disasters that were forgotten quickly as the massive construction progressed.

The Tome speaks of Emissaries of Hashut. Sent to aid us in our struggle for survival and our eventual dominance over the whole world. It spoke of the Fiery Bulls, the Hru’n or Storr and the bigger Bal’ and also of an Ice Bull. Among those words are others that be unknown to us in this day and age. The Syrgjan and the Vinar. Lammasi both, far stronger and more powerful than those that we know today.

The Lords Sorcerer and the inner council of Prophets have pondered long on this tome, keeping it to themselves and as much of a secret as they can. For this knowledge, nay even the thought of this knowledge is believed by them to be dangerous. The translators had decided that 'Syrgjan' possibly means Sorrow and is stated as being as strong as a Sorcerer. 'Vinar' may have meant Patron, and appears to be thought of as being a level or two in power above any Prophet. The Council of Lords has also discretely held one part of the translation apart from the rest. That the definition of 'Emissary' given could also be read as 'Watcher'. That the tome defines their existence and the then existing temple hierarchy’s interaction with them is undeniable. But why has that knowledge gone from our lore? Research into all the available surviving ancient grimoires and tablets has yielded few real hints about these greater Lammasi. But without the knowledge contained in Thun’nors Tome, these hints could be just coincidental and have no real meaning at all. Some knowledge of the contents from the deciphered tome had inevitably begun circulating amongst the junior levels and the research effort itself has also fuelled the gossip mill. The lords believe that as a consequence of this spread of knowledge, several Sorcerers and assorted Smiths had disappeared in the preceding century. Some, well their remains have been found clearly etched in flame and outlined in shadow upon the walls of the halls and rooms in which they were last seen. As if their essences had been blasted in charcoal upon the burnt stone. Strict and painful lessons enforced by the ruling lords have quashed most of the remaining rumours over the last century; but predictably they do remain.

In secret, the Lords themselves have not given up on the search for these legendary creatures. Their hunger for power that these lost Lammasi surely embody cannot but drive all of them to intense efforts. For if one where to find them, then the belief that he would be able to rule supreme is too powerful to ignore. There is only one section in all of Thun’nors tome that hints of where they may be found. A cryptic paragraph about conversing with a “shadow within shadows” and a dire warning of the consequences of any such conversation. A message that a shadow can read the depths of your soul and would burn the unworthy.

Entry #4: Fuggit Khan (3rd)

In aeons past, the Old World was inhabited by Titans, beings of immense size and power. They were akin to Gods, in a time before the Gods themselves were born. The Titans decided to impart a sliver of their consciousness to the world, giving spirit and life to every stone, every river and every tree.

But amongst the Titans stood one who raged fury and contempt at these actions. His name was Dakgron.

Dakgron argued for “the Will to make power over others”, while his Titan brothers believed in “the Will to make life”.

Dakgron confronted the first Titan, calling him feckless. The first Titan smirked in disagreement, and thus Dakgron tore the head off his brother Titan, tossing the dead Titan's head into the ocean, which became the island of Ulthuan.

Dakgron confronted the second Titan, calling him unstable. Hearing this, the second brother fell to despair and insanity, and committed suicide, giving birth to the Chaos Wastes.

Dakgron proceeded to confront the third Titan, calling him cowardly. The third Titan fought back, but Dakgron ripped the spine and ribs from the third Titan. Casting them aside, the spine formed the Worlds Edge Mountains, the ribs to become the Rib Peaks.

The fourth Titan was then killed, its bones ground to dust, forming the deserts of Araby.

The fifth Titan had his jawbone and teeth ripped out, tossed to the sea to become the Dragon Isles.

And so it continued, until all the other Titans had been killed, and only Dakgron stood.

But even in death, the dead Titans' “Will to make life” flourished, and from their corpses sprang the lesser races of Man, Elf, Dwarf and Greenskin.

And in a final rage to consume all the life that sprang from his weaker siblings, Dakgron consumed even his own life force. The Dark Lands sprang from his final Will, lava boiled from his blood, ash breathed from his lungs and iron from his heart. And in his death his name was corrupted to what we now call Dharkhangron, the Dark beneath the World.

Because of this, only a race who can have “the Will to make power over life” can flourish here in the Dark Lands, a race who understands that the true nature of this Will is to enslave the lesser offspring of the lesser Titans.

The true inheritors and subjugators of this world: Our race, the Dawi Zharr.

- Chaos Dwarf Cultural Tradition

1st Place - Gold Scribe Winner: Entry #2 - Ikkred Pyrhelm
2nd Place - Silver Scribe Winner: Entry #7 - Abecedar
3rd Place - Bronze Scribe Winner: Entry #4 - Fuggit Khan

And an honourable mention to Entries #1 - Dînadan, #3 - Roark &  #5 - Admiral! (Who all trailed Bronze by one vote.)

The Entry Key!
You can share your love for each entry (found here) by donating slaves to the owners of the entries!

01 - Dînadan
02 - Ikkred Pyrhelm
03 - Roark
04 - Fuggit Khan
05 - Admiral
06 - Grimbold Blackhammer
07 - Abecedar

Slaves and medals are incoming! If you wonder how many votes your entry received, PM me.

And now for the Gold prize! The Gold winner receives one unpainted Animated Dwarf Statue of Ancient Times miniature, donated by Admiral:

The winner will be contacted shortly via PM or E-mail.

A big "thanks" to everyone who participated and voted!

Let's see the entries in the blogs of everyone who entered. Also, please post them as new threads in the Stories and Background section of the CDO Forums. Wink

That concludes the sixth instalment of Scribe's Contest. It is an important addition to the growing mass of Chaos Dwarf and Hobgoblin culture texts accumulated on CDO. Well done, everyone!

Stay tuned for Golden Hat!

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02-12-2016 05:09 PM
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Fuggit Khan
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RE: Scribe's Contest VI - Winners!Fuggit Khan 02-12-2016

Tough competition to be sure...only one of my votes made it.
Well done Mr Ikkred Pyrhelm, a great story to be sureTakes Hat off
And I have to admit, I'm stunned that I won a medal, all of the other entries were better than mine I think. But my thanks to those of you who liked my effort anyways Cheers!

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02-12-2016 07:13 PM
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RE: Scribe's Contest VI - Winners!Roark 02-12-2016

Well done Fuggit, Abecedar and especially Ikkred. Have the loremaster seal these great works into the Ancient Tome of Popular Consensus!

"Raise the icon. Load the pyres. The Father will have the spoils today, that we may be blessed tomorrow." - Drughaz the Taker
02-12-2016 07:40 PM
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Ikkred Pyrhelm

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RE: Scribe's Contest VI - Winners!Ikkred Pyrhelm 02-12-2016

I think I still need a few more minutes to recover...

That was probably the hardest vote(s) i've had to make in a story contest. Even as I was writing the voting PM, I was still finding myself having second thoughts. I'm blown away I got into the top three, let alone nabbing the shiniest plate. A pint o' dark mead for everyone for such outstanding pieces! Cheers!

And 13,000 thanks to all those who enjoyed my tale. Big Grin

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02-12-2016 07:43 PM
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RE: Scribe's Contest VI - Winners!Roark 02-12-2016

Oh, and two of my votes got in!

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02-12-2016 07:48 PM
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RE: Scribe's Contest VI - Winners!Dînadan 02-13-2016

Congrats to the winners, all three of my votes won.

For the Glory of Uzkulak! My Chaos Dwarf blog.

02-13-2016 05:52 AM
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RE: Scribe's Contest VI - Winners!Abecedar 02-13-2016

Thank you to the votee's and well done Ikrrid and Fuggit

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02-13-2016 06:41 PM
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RE: Scribe's Contest VI - Winners!Jackswift 02-16-2016

A belated congrats to all the winners!  Well crafted.  These will make great additions to the growing CD background!  Cheers,

02-16-2016 01:32 PM
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