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Golden Hat #1 - Voting Thread!
Author MessageGolden Hat #1 - Voting Thread!
Chaos Dwarf Warrior

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RE: The Golden Hat - Voting Thread!Warlord 04-01-2007

Entry 1 is quite good, but suffers from a poor photo. I like the weapon choice, however I think the shoulder pad in the weapon arm is a little strangely positioned, and it looks like there is too much scale armour over the shield shoulder. I like the ashen basing though. Overall though an EXCELLENT effort, and I hope more are built.

Entry 2 I like this also, the skull mask really works well with that choice of helmut - makes it look like its strapped onto the bald head. I also like the usage of muscly arms. However I think the lower part of the helmut looks weird (the red bits). Personally I don't like the shield positioning, however each to their own. And I'm not sure where your Dwarf is walking where there would be grass, however it does contrast well with the paintjob.

Entry 3 Blue skin is not how I imagine Chaos Dwarfs, however anything warped by Chaos can be any colour Happy I like the jaw with the tusks, however I am as with above unsure of the red helmut bit around the neck. I like your scale armour, and overall your model has the right bits to complement it well. The lack of basing though is a little disappointing.

Entry 4 My favourite (and not because of the big hat - although it helps). As somewhat of a traditionalist, I like the big hats on occasion, and this model has a toned down big hat in just the right sizing. Overall though, model looks a LOT like the old CDs and is very well done. This both the good and bad point about this model. It is extremely well done, has EXCELLENT greenstuff work (especially the face) and has a great paintjob to boot. Overall this model is VERY high quality - although a touch on the classic CD side.

Entry 5 is an excellently constructed model. This has the right pieces, and the colours (like the other blue one) are well done. The weapon choice is good, I like the beard and the helmut looks good, even the bit I had issue with in the other models, however the eyeholes are too high. What lets this model down however IMO is the different armour types. Keeping the chainmail is distracting, and I think an army modelled like this (with the chainmail replaced with scale) would look stunning.

Entry 6 is another traditional approach, also done well. The hat is pretty good, and the WiP really helps to gain an appreciation of the work. The beard is well done, and the shield is an interesting choice (however the holes wouldn't be that useful in battle Wink I'm not a fan of flat bases though, even if stones are painted on - and well.
I can't flaw the model, it is very well done, however to me it doesn't stand out as much as the other old-style one. Really good job though, and I hope you do many, many more.

Well Done all!! Happy

04-01-2007 11:42 PM
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