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Golden Hat #1 - Voting Thread!
Author MessageGolden Hat #1 - Voting Thread!
Hashut's Blessing
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RE: The Golden Hat - Voting Thread!Hashut's Blessing 04-03-2007

Such a damned difficult decision. They all look so flippin' awesome in their individual ways. But, for me, some of the masks look a little "splodgy" for lack of a better word (this is not meant to sound horrible!). In the end, for me, it boils down to the two with hats. (Not JUST because I'm a hat man, though! I have tried to avoid that from influencing me at all!) I am not sure as to which to vote for yet, I will compare them for another day or so. I am slightly leaning towards entry #6 because #4 looks slightly hunched in a less than natural manner (apologies, this isn't meant to sound mean if it does. They are all far better than I could achieve.). I prefer the skin colour of #4 though, however, the colour scheme is SLIGHTLY too close to Khornate for me (which is fine if that's what you wanted or just coincidental, but I'm basing this on what I would have/buy. [If I was buying, I'd probably get both!]) and whilst I love the fact that you have put Hashut's symbol on it, due to the colour scheme, people MAY (only MAY) galnce and think it's a Dwarf of Khorne. I must ponder for a while more. I can find things that I would change about them, but there are so many more things that I wouldn't. Just to pick one now.

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04-03-2007 07:30 AM
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