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  Golden Hat XXII - Voting!
Posted by: Admiral - 03-28-2015 04:49 AM - Replies (29)

Welcome to the voting thread for the 22nd Golden Hat modelling and painting competition!

"Lo and behold! Into the endless expanse of the dark and fiery heavens have I gazed, and yet I have beheld the End.
Lo and behold! Into the timeless depths of the wrathful and molten netherworld have I gazed, and yet I have beheld the Times.
Lo and behold! Into the eternal oblivion of the abode of Dark Gods and Daemons alike have I gazed, and there I have beheld the End Times."
- Opening stanzas of the
Foretelling of the Cycle of Doom, by Sorcerer-Prophet Kadruzzimbul-Zharrgonidus Ashtounge the Despoiler

How to vote:
Please submit 3 numbers as votes by sending a PM to the Golden Hat account (a special account all Staff members can access). We had 12 entries this time, which means each entrant will receive 12 slaves once the winners have been announced.

Each (more or less) anonymous entry is numbered ranging from 1 to 12. There is no need to specify which one you think is 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Simply list the three that you like and we will do the rest. You are not allowed to vote for yourself.

Voting will close at 11:59 PM April 4th, 2015 EST (Eastern Standard Timezone).   Once the votes are tallied we will post the results.

    <1     <2     <3     <4     <5     <6
    <7     <8     <9     <10      <11     <12

Since DAGabriel's browser cannot show the attachments, and receives error messages when clicking on them, here are [img][/img] versions of the above attachments. If you also have that issue with the attachments, please tell us.













Remember, Titan Wargames will provide the Gold winner with a Dwarf House and the Bronze winner with Hazzad Flamebeard, while Dark Art Studios will award the Silver winner with Goretrek the Chaos Dwarf.

Great job everyone and good luck!
The Staff

  New CDO Medals and more Medal Tiers
Posted by: Bloodbeard - 03-13-2015 03:14 AM - Replies (7)
0New Medals

Hello fellow Dawi Zharr.

One of the coolest features of our community is the medal system. For some members help medals motivate and drive the hobby work. For others they are held in high honour and respect, a sign of accomplishment like winning the Golden Hat. Lastly some medals are given by the staff to members helping out the community with our Wiki and other CDO projects.

Today we add more tiers to some of the old medals. We have some active old members around, always entering competitions and always expanding their already impressive forces. These medals are for you guys - Gold is not the top!

New Tiers
Gallery Medal
Introduced is the Platinum Medal for 20 picture uploads, Diamond for 25 picture uploads and the Blackshard Medal for a wooping 30 picture uploads!
Back in 2014 the gallery section was updated, galleries were changed aroud and renamed. The medal criteria was updated - but the essence remaned the same. If trying to claim something higher than gold, please recount your contributions, get the right count down.

The Image Gallery medal (the camera) comes in three varieties and shall possibly contain a fourth in the future. Gold, Silver and Bronze again. To get  the Bronze, one must post 5 units within the Image Gallery / Specialist Games and Misscellany Gallery section of the forum. Silver is 10 and Gold is 15. Platinum is 20, Diamond is 25 and the ultimate Blackshard medal is given for 30! Any Chaos Dwarf -, Hobgoblin -, Bull Centaur -, or slave unit counts for this as long as it is a new unit. All your combined characters counts once, every type of warmachine counts only once each, combines emissaries count once, all complete specialst game teams counts once pr game (complete mordheim team, man-o-war fleet etc). All other unit types, only count once, no matter how many different units of it you post, but we still encourage people to do so.

Veterans Medal
If you've entered 15 Artisan's or Golden Hat you get the gold. Now you can get Platinum, Diamond and Blackshard as well.

New Medals
Diplomat Medal
2014 saw the launch of The Great Emissary Exchange a truly great initiatve. A lot of CDO members have already joined, converted and painting models and send them all over the world. Little pieces of hobby being shared between members. A feat like this needs to be shown to the world. So we introduce the Diplomats Medal.

The Diplomat Medal is awarded for participating in The Great Emissary Project. Bronze is for 5 emissaries, silver for 10 and gold for 15. The Darklands are a dangerous place and many get lost there. In order to count, emissaries must be send out and make it to their destination. Post your emissaries in this gallery.

Major Prize Sponsor
For some of our competitions CDO members have selflessly donated miniature prizes for the winners or to be given a random entry. All these prizes are greatly appreciated - thank you. Yet the contributions of some members are truly great and very large. This medal will be awarded to members who has sponsored prizes in a major way.

The Major Prize Sponsor medal is awarded for donating chaos dwarf related miniature prizes for the CDO compititions (GH, AC, SC). There's no set 'minimum' required to receive the medal. The Staff will determine if a member is to be awarded the sponsor medal based on: number of prizes or times donated, prize size, value, rarerity, general usability and method of donation.

The staff can at any point decline a prize donation on account of having too many in stock (or ask that the donation be made for a later competition) or if considered rubish. Though any heart felt donation will always be appreciated. All sponsors will alway get mention in List of Competition Prize Sponsors thread.

Prize donation must reach their intended target in order to be considered as donated.

In other news
Golden Hat XXII
Remember that Golden Hat is live. Entry deadline is 27th of march. The theme is The End Times. Your should find time to enter. Besides the honour of winning, the Golden Hat medals there's miniature prizes. 1st place gets a Chaos Dwarf house sculpted by Baggronor, 2nd place gets a Goretrek the Chaos Dwarf from Dark Arts Studios, 3rd place gets a Pyromancer from Baggronor. Competition Thread.

Bloodbeard as Admin
Due to the Admins being very busy at the moment and for the foreseeable future, I have been given the honour to work as an Admin. I need to figure out the whole Admin Control Panel. Should be able to help with basic user problems.

  Community Awards 2014 - Results
Posted by: Bloodbeard - 02-25-2015 08:15 AM - Replies (24)
0    Community Awards 2014    
The voting period is over and the final results of the 2014 awards are here. Thanks to all the members who have taken their time to nominate fellow members, write reason behind their nominations and taking time to vote. See the results and all the nomination quotes here: Voting Sub-Forum.

We have had between 5 and 7 people nominated in every category this year - a sure sign of a living community full of contributing members.

Best Hobbyist
A nominee for this award has contributed an amazing model, or models that exemplifies what a Chaos Dwarf army should look like: flawless execution of conversion and painting while adhering to the Chaos Dwarf mythos.
Awarded to: Fuggit Khan

Best Attitude
A member should be nominated on their forum presence and behavior toward other members, displaying exemplary attitudes of kindness and encouragement.
Awarded to: Admiral

Best Contributor
This award will go the member that has contributed most to the cause of the Chaos Dwarfs.  He or she has done or made something that has profoundly benefited the presence of Chaos Dwarfs as a whole!
Awarded to: Admiral

Best General
This member is always ready to give advice on army lists, has very good lists of his own, and perhaps has won a tournament or two using his Chaos Dwarf army.
Awarded to: MadHatter and Bloodbeard

Best Overall Member
This member may not be the best hobbyist, might not ever win a tournament, but he or she has a great presence on the site, the forum, the wiki, the chat and whatever else!  They are dedicated to the cause of the Chaos Dwarfs!
Awarded to: Bloodbeard

Congratulations to all the receivers - medals are inbound.

And a big thanks from me personally to all the people who nominated and voted for me. Thank you very much.

Golden Hat XXII
Remember that GHXXII has been launched. The theme is Chaos Dwarfs in The End Times. Make sure to check it out, deadline for entries is on 27th of march.

On behalf of all the CDO Staff

// Bloodbeard

  Golden Hat XXII
Posted by: Admiral - 02-17-2015 04:37 PM - Replies (150)

Titan Wargames Presents: The 22nd Golden Hat competition!

We are pleased to announce that this round of Golden Hat has been sponsored by Titan Wargames and Baggronor, as well as by Dark Art Studios!

The gold winner of the contest will receive one unpainted Dwarf House, courtesy of Titan Wargames!

The silver winner of the contest will receive one unpainted Goretrek miniature, courtesy of Dark Art Studios!

Painted Goretrek picture courtesy of Herby

The bronze winner of the contest will receive one unpainted Hazzad Flamebeard miniature, courtesy of Titan Wargames!

"... and the heavens shall be swathed in darkness and lit by lightning and balefire; and the ground shall crack and quake and roar to let forth the flaming bowels of the earth; and those mighty turned to stone shall wake to walk again; and the slave shall turn upon the master, and the dead shall turn upon the living; and everywhere order shall turn into Chaos; and crops shall fail and plague shall reign; and works shall be shattered and lands shall die; and the lords of the world shall clash, and gods and mortals alike shall slay each other, and horrible wars shall rage and even titans shall fall. These shall be the signs of final doom, and by them, all shall know that the End Times are come..."
- Excerpt from a forbidden stele locked away in secret chambers beneath Mingol Zharr-Naggrund

Subject Matter: Chaos Dwarf of the End Times
For this Golden Hat contest we want you to make a single Chaos Dwarf End Times-styled miniature! A character on a titanic mount (in true End Times fashion) will count as a single model. The rule here is one model on one base. Extra miniatures on that single base, such as fleeing or trampled enemies, swirling fire Daemons or Daemonforged familiars, are allowed, though they shall not overwhelm your entry and steal too much attention.

Let your imagination run wild within the above limits! The End Times supplements have introduced new units, new or updated monsters, and new or updated special characters, most mounted on big monsters. The scope is big and the aim is epic. To help inspire ideas, here's a list of but a few of the possible creations that could be entered into the competition:

Examples Wrote:
A revived petrified Sorcerer-Prophet. A monstrous infantry or monster-sized stone, obsidian or mechanical idol Colossus. A Chaos Dwarf Loremaster of Undeath on a mechanically bound Zombie Dragon. Astrogoth or a Chaos Dwarf monstrous infantry model in a steam-driven megasuit of armour. A Daemon Prince of Hashut. An Undead Lamassu with rider. A character shooting Warpstone metorites.

Korakagrakk, mounted atop a lava beast. A lone Sorcerer-Prophet riding a platform for sorceries and sacrifice, built upon a giant Iron Daemon. A Chaos Dwarf character mounted on a titanic K'daai Destroyer, full of flames. A giant bull of molten metal. A Sorcerer-Prophet busy casting spells, standing atop a giant pillar carved with fresques and runes. A sorcerer surfing on a possessed lava wave. A Bull Centaur temple guard leader with ensorcelled equipment.

Feel free to make something which will work as a unit from Legion of Azgorh in your army, example given: Astrogoth on a mechanical Bale Taurus, counting as a K'daai Destroyer.

If you are unsure if your entry will fit the subject matter, please contact Admiral or Bloodbeard and they'll sort it out with the rest of the Staff.

Basing is up to your discretion with the following exception: Display bases and plinths are not allowed, though diorama style bases are. Also, models must be based on a square base of appropriate size already used in Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

Subject: Single Chaos Dwarf End Times miniature, mounted or not.
Bases: One base only, otherwise up to your discretion. Must be based on an appropriate sized square base already used in Warhammer. Diorama style bases are allowed! Large models mounted on e.g. 100mm by 150mm bases have a lot of base to work with and ought to be an army's centerpiece. No display bases or plinths, though, please.
The Due Date: 11:59 PM Mars 27th, 2015 EST (Eastern Standard Timezone)

Please read the full rules that apply to the Golden Hat competition before submitting your entry.

All entries must be sent to the Golden Hat account no later than the due date. Entries will not be accepted after this. (Entrants have approximately 6 weeks to complete entries). If for some reason you are having trouble with your submission, contact one of the Staff. In order to avoid problems, entrants should not wait until the last minute to submit their entries.

How to Enter
Upload up to 4 photos of your entries to the Internet. Photos may not have additional text or items/models unrelated to your entry. Please crop your pictures, cut away empty space. Please make sure your 4 pictures are roughly equal in size. Next, send a PM to Golden Hat (a special user that all Staff have access to) containing the links where the pictures can be found. (Note: This is the same as previous Golden Hats).

If you win:
- Walk across the backs of the cowed masses you have scorned and pushed aside, in order to take your place in the vaunted Golden Hat Hall of Fame.
- Receive the Golden Hat medal for your online persona. Silver and bronze Golden Hat medals will be awarded as well.
- Everyone who enters gets a number of slaves equal to the number of entries. If 20 people enter we award 20 slaves to each person who entered. Entries will count towards a veteran medal.
- Win a house or character models! See above for details.

Once all entries are received a thread will be created for voting and determining the winners!

If there are any questions it is best post them here so that everyone can benefit from any details or clarifications that may arise.

Gold winner will win a Dwarf House, silver winner will win a Goretrek miniature, bronze winner will win a Pyromancer miniature (see above for details).

Should you wish to donate a prize to the contest, please PM Admiral or Bloodbeard and they will sort it out with you and the Staff.

Good luck everyone!

Other News on CDO:
Community Award Voting - voting deadline 24th of February!


  Scribe's Contest II - Winners!
Posted by: Admiral - 02-16-2015 04:36 AM - Replies (17)

Scribe's Contest II - Hobgoblins, the Middleman Slave Caste Theme

Just like the last round, we had an amazing turn out of entries, with submissions spanning a large spectrum of Hobgoblin life and death. The second Scribe's Contest had it all, from humour and cruelty to ambition and glimpses of Hobgoblin domestic life. It was great to see such excellent work written upon Dawi Zharr parchment! No doubt they were all written in slave blood upon Hobgoblin parchment or carved into desecrated Elven Waystones. Takes Hat off

The voting was quite even, with votes distributed to each and every entry, which is not surprising given the quality of them all.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the winners!

Entry #1: Bloodbeard (1st)


Normally he was sneaky, always walking silently. Today there was no time for that, he was running quickly through the narrow streets of lower Zharr-Naggrund. Despite being in a hurry, he had remembered to clean his dagger. Otherwise the blood would quickly soak his sash, and the curved blade would not be secret then. Always keep some secret daggers – and dice!

The large tower city of the Dawi Zharr was always loud, filled with sounds of slaves in pain, hammers at work, a symphony of infernal industry. But this evening the noise was different, the sound of battle – screams of agony, pain and death. He had done his job well, as had all his fellow gits on this treacherous night. It was now just at matter of time before the last of the big dark skinned orcs would be slaughtered. The rewards in sight made the betrayal well worth it – they had all agreed.

Three gits had they been, three gits tasked with murdering a particularly large black orc slave boss. One git had never made it, he had chosen to run and hide in shadows, more likely he was a bloody red pulp on a black obsidian wall. That's the fate of the coward – not running fast and far enough.

Two gits remained. They had murdered together before, they knew the dance. Many a dice game had been settled with many a hidden dagger and they would split the winnings – almost equally. From the shadows they fell on the back of the big dark greenskin leader. Stabbing, slashing, slicing. Knees, armpit, groin, ribs. Soon the angry brute was spilling his black blood and stinking guts – getting weaker, getting taken by death.

Their job had been done, and very well indeed. Their little part in a much larger treason – their part in becoming the highest ranking greenskins of the Darklands. The Masters would be content, a position as overseer would be achievable.  But there could be only one. A friendship ended by pointy daggers, a single git remained.

Running quickly through polluted lower Zharr-Naggrund, running towards the prize and safety of his Master. The git had always been sneaking, skulking, stalking – no git should ever change...

The cut came quickly and the blade was sharp and hard, his achilles tendons soft and naked. The git fell hard – face first on the soot coated pavement.

A git had hid, avoided both battle and avoided becoming a bloody red pulp. A git had hid and made a plan. The dagger hit like a red hot punch between his shoulder blades, his breath was forced from his lungs as they collapsed. There could be only one indeed, and it wasn't him, he realized, as his warm blood washed over the dirty ground.

For such is the nature of the hobgoblins – there will always be a sneaker git and most daggers fit perfectly into the back of a traitor.

Entry #6: MadHatter (2nd Tie)

Ghazag was a lousy git. He served the Masters of Zharr-Naggrund as turnkey of the wretched slave-pens, this position had made him grow fat and lazy. He flayed slaves and kin alike, sometimes out of pure malice but more often to cover-up his own mistakes and neglects. This time was different, however, and there was no one else to put the blame on. The sound of the Chaos Dwarf Overseer's steel-clad boots echoed through the torch-lit corridors, firm and fast approaching.

Ghazag barely had time to stutter his attempt of an apology until a steel-clad fist sent him crashing into a tunnel-wall, teeth flying. The Hobgoblin tried to roll away from what he knew was coming but the narrow corridor didn't allow such maneuvers and he felt a sharp pain as his ribs cracked from the weight behind the Overseer's kick. Before he had time to open his eyes again, he felt a hard pressure around his throat as he was hoisted into the air, choking against the Chaos Dwarf's steel-gauntlet. With fire in his eyes and a frothing mouth framed by sharp tusks and a braided beard the Overseer bellowed:


Ghazag, his characteristic cloth-cap displaced by the thrashing so that its left ear-flap now covered half his face, tried to speak, but only a cough, followed by a mouthful of blood that trickled along his pointed tongue down the Overseer's gauntlet, came out of him. Again he was sent flying towards the granite wall but this time he was heads first and as the back of his skull smashed forcefully into the solid rock the greenskin blacked out.

He regained consciousness feeling terribly ill. Vomiting, he regained clarity and found he was dragged face-down deeper into the tunnel at a relentless pace, his right foot in the Chaos Dwarf's steel-tight grip. The Overseer's grand adorned hat cast a long shadow and in this dampened torchlight the broken Hobgoblin reached with his still functional right hand into his tattered cloak and grasped a small dagger.

At the end of the tunnel was a thick and terrible smell which Ghazag recognized as the stench of sweat, feces and rot emerging from the deep, unlit darkness of the hand-dug ravine that was the wretched slave-pens. Without a word, the Overseer changed his grip, and with one armored gauntlet under each of the greenskin's arms he was about to drag Ghazag over the edge. A fitting punishment for the fat git to be eaten by the wretched slaves, as it was his appetite for slave flesh that made him overstep his boundaries, the Chaos Dwarf thought to himself.

Suddenly, in a last ditch effort to save himself, Ghazag spun around, dagger flashing. The cut was aimed at the Overseer's throat but the Chaos Dwarf quickly lowered his chin and parried the blade with a yellowed tusk then threw the screaming greenskin into the darkness below. Ghazag was a lousy git, he thought to himself.

Entry #7: Fuggit Khan (2nd tie)

Slowly, the Elf opened his eyes. The air was heavy with sulfur and ash. He tried to wipe his eyes, but then realized his hands were bound… what had happened? His ship from Eataine had run across a violent storm for three relentless days and nights… was it all a dream? Glancing about, he saw that he and one of his crew were in a wagon pulled by an Ogre… which had a copper dagger stuck cruelly in its neck. Alongside were Hobgoblin wolf riders…

"Scum!" the Elf muttered in his native Asur tongue.

Immediately there was yelling in the dialect of Ringkul, and the wagon stopped. The biggest of the Hobgoblins dismounted from his wolf and glared at the Elf, almost studying him. Then the Boss spoke in the dark tongue: "Lagg, go’s fetch my dagger."

The Hobgoblin named Lagg grinned wickedly while slowly twisting the dagger out of the Ogre's neck, and then handed it to his Boss. Lagg gave an evil glance, watching as the Hobgoblin Boss sheathed the dagger and then smiled.

Cautiously, the Elf asked, "Who are you?"

Squinting his eyes, as if in deep thought… and speaking fluent Asur, the Boss replied, "Khan of the Harghazhakh."

A Khan? The Elf had heard stories of them, but never thought he’d see one.

"You speak Asur?" the Elf asked.

"A depraved dialect, but one that my Master finds useful that I can speak," replied the Khan.

Confused, the Elf turned to his crewmate, and then realized that his companion was nearly dead, sitting in a pool of blood, with both ears cut off.

"He didn’t listen so well," said the Khan with a cruel grin.

Lagg smiled again… his red eyes looking intently at the ears of the Elf.

Looking back to the Khan, the Elf asked, "Who is your Master?"

Lagg stopped smiling as the Khan angrily snarled, "You are not worthy to speak HIS name!"

Scared, the Elf sat quietly, not daring to look the Khan in the eye.

After a few moments of silence, the Khan spoke again, calmly.

"This land bleeds lava, breathes ash, a heart that throbs to infernal machinery… it is His land.

His breath blackens the sky… we go to see Him… would you like to know how you’ll die?"

Nervously the Elf glanced up.

"My Master is here now, His Eye is upon us."

There was a sound from the sky above, looking up the Elf saw a fiery, brazen red bull flying overhead, wicked wings beating upon the ashen air and breathing flames.

Calmly, the Khan pulled out his copper dagger and spoke again:

"You are not worthy to speak His name… what makes you think you are worthy to look at Him?"

As the Khan gouged out the eyes of the screaming Elf, Lagg and the other Hobgoblins smiled… all the while keeping their eyes looking to the ground.

Entry #10: Admiral (3rd)

Twelve Little Hobgoblins

Twelve little Hobgoblins saw a comet in heaven,
one of them got flattened and then there were eleven.

Eleven little Hobgoblins shared on a hen,
one swallowed his knife and then there were ten.

Ten little Hobgoblins started to whine,
master dropped one in furnace and then there were nine.

Nine little Hobgoblins formed their own state,
there was a coup in the palace and then there were eight.

Eight little Hobgoblins diced at eleven,
one choked on the dice and then there were seven.

Seven little Hobgoblins found a pile of bricks,
they stoned one to death and then there were six.

Six little Hobgoblins started to connive,
one didn't watch his back and then there were five.

Five little Hobgoblins walked at the shore,
one pulled a dagger and then there were four.

Four little Hobgoblins splashed in the sea,
up came a Merwyrm and then there were three.

Three little Hobgoblins went to a loo,
one drowned another and then there were two.

Two little Hobgoblins sat in the sun,
down came an eagle and then there were one.

One little Hobgoblin juggled knife all alone,
it cut his own throat and then there were none.

- Chaos Dwarf children rhyme song

1st Place - Gold Scribe Winner: Entry #1 - Bloodbeard
2nd Place - Silver Scribe Winner: Entry #6 - MadHatter
2nd Place - Siver Scribe Winner: Entry #7 - Fuggit Khan
3rd Place - Bronze Scribe Winner: Entry #10 - Admiral

And an honourable mention to each of Entries #3 - DAGabriel - and #8 - TheHoodedMan! (Who both trailed Bronze by one vote.)

The Entry Key!
You can share your love for each entry (found here) by donating slaves to the owners of the entries!

01 - Bloodbeard
02 - Herby
03 - DAGabriel
04 - torn
05 - Abecedar
06 - MadHatter
07 - Fuggit Khan
08 - TheHoodedMan
09 - lustig1977
10 - Admiral

Slaves and medals are incoming! If you wonder how many votes your entry received, PM me.

And now for the Gold prize, sponsored by Zanko:

The winner will be contacted shortly via PM or E-mail.

A big "thanks" to everyone who participated and voted, as well as a big thanks to Zanko for providing the prize!

Can't wait to see the entries in the blogs of everyone who entered. Also, please post them as new threads in the Stories and Background section of the CDO Forums. Wink

That concludes the second instalment of Scribe's Contest. It is a valuable addition to the growing mass of Chaos Dwarf and Hobgoblin culture texts accumulated on CDO. Well done, everyone!

Be sure to vote for the 2014 Community Awards! Also, stay tuned for a big Golden Hat contest around the corner.

The Staff

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