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  Scribe's Contest VII - Voting!
Posted by: Admiral - 04-25-2016 02:27 AM - Replies (10)

Welcome to the voting thread for the 7th Scribe's Contest writing competition - Sports Edition - sponsored by Ravenswood!

"It's a pass!"

How to vote:
Please submit 1 number as a vote by sending a PM to Scribe account (a special account all Staff members can access). We had 5 entries this time, which means each entrant will receive 5 slaves once the winners have been announced. There will be Gold, Silver, and Bronze Scribe's Contest medals to be awarded!

You are not allowed to vote for your own entry.

Voting will close at 11:59 PM April 30h, 2016 EST (Eastern Standard Timezone).   Once the votes are tallied we will post the results.

Subject Matter: Fouls and Fumbles - Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarfs

Entry #1

Zar-Nhaak the Pugilist lived only for the game.

He stood in a red haze of barely-tempered acrimony. Waiting... the promethean effort of his immobile stance visible in the incessant twitch of cheek and brow, and the tense dance of flexing scars etched across corded forearms. Iron shod fingers flexed and curled into white knuckled fists. The skinned ball was hidden, tucked against his body. His focus narrowed onto figures opposite the field in neat formation.

A trumpet blew. Like a spark to kindling, movement arced through his coiled frame; an engine of rage funneled into unstoppable motion. Friend and foe alike were frozen by the fury of his unchecked blitz. In a moment he was among them, clad fists swinging; snapshots of terror; fragments of armor, flesh, blood, and bone yielding in severance as the opposing rank imploded like a pulped Goblin. Ordered lines fell to screaming disarray.  Inertia carried him onward, expanding devastation through the target of his ire.

Anger spent, he slowed and surveyed the field; empty but for the moans and gurgled breath of trampled soldiers. He blinked. Bent swords, broken spears, armor, limbs, and broken banners lay strewn in haphazard piles of twitching rubble. Panicked State Troops fled toward every point of the compass. No ball. No game. No cheering crowd or trophy stand. No nubile cheerleaders, or frothing uber-fans.

The lines of the Dawi Zharr never moved from their battle line; now fell about themselves in evil mirth and laughter.

The red fog descended again.

Entry #2

Estelle Silverleaf laughed in delight as she pirouetted past her marker. He swung a clumsy fist at her face. The punch carried power, but to Estelle it seemed as slow as tree growth. She turned her head slightly, allowing the fist to glide past her cheek rather than flatten her nose; it felt anything but pleasant, but she imagined the impotent fury of the creature that had swung for her, and laughed aloud again.

Her marker - a stunted, twisted thing; brutish and repulsive, with tusks protruding from its bearded face - hurried and hobbled as he tried to keep up. She was too swift for him. Before her, the pitch - black granite, the lines marked by lava - opened up.

Estelle glanced up and back; there, just as she knew it would, the ball flew on a perfect trajectory. Her teammate, Jaden Eagle-eye, never missed. All she had to do was reach out; the ball landed gently in her hands, and she ran. Five paces, ten, and she was in the End Zone. Touchdown!

The crowd roared, and Estelle rejoiced in their adulation. Then she looked back.

Jaden’s broken body was a red smear on the granite. He was not the only one. Everywhere Estelle looked, her teammates - all but a lucky few - were down.

Her eyes locked with the marker she had escaped with such apparent ease. The glint of evil in his glare was unmistakable. With a sudden chill, Estelle realised that the game was not won yet.

Entry #3

Players of Renown

Igniz Stone-Cursed

Race: Chaos Dwarf
Position(s): Blitzer
Team(s): Gundrok’s Stinkers (2500-2504), The Mad Hatters (2504), Hashut’s Fists (2505- )
Status: Active

Igniz Stone-Cursed was a renowned sorcerer who turned to the noble sport of Bloodbowl in 2500, becoming a formidable blitzer for Gundrok’s Stinkers for four seasons. He was instrumental in the Stinkers’ victory against the Moot Shields, notably his brutal dismemberment of Halfling captain Fil Little; earning Igniz the 2503 award for Hashut TV’s Best Kill of the Year. He later joined the Mad Hatters until majority of the team were wiped out by the great mercury sabotage of 2504. Finally he joined the infamous Hashut’s Fists as a star player. During this time he won the Beard Lovers award for Best Beard on Pitch from 2505 to 2509, accrued a new record kill count for the Fists, and played an important part in the team’s victory in the Magma Cup in 2506. Unfortunately, the stone curse that had long dogged Igniz finally caught up in 2508, turning him fully to stone. However, he remains an active part of the team, often used as a battering ram and continues to add to his number of fatalities.

Uzkul Cup Best Newcomer: 2500
Splat Magazine’s Top Twenty Best Noses: (17) 2501, (14) 2502, (15) 2503, (10) 2504-2506, (11) 2507-2508
Hashut TV Best Kill of the Year: 2503
Beard Lovers Best Beard on Pitch: 2505-2509
Magma Cup Most Valuable Player: 2506, 2508
Hashut TV Most Stoic Player: 2509

Entry #4

In the Stadium Box overlooking the team’s field.

“Hey coach. What’s that green stuff they’z playing on down there? And those prissy white lines around da edges?”

“That son is what they play on these days. They calls it ‘Turf’. It’s soft and smooth they say.”

“Ahh sheet. Back in my day we all’uz played on flagstones with only the try-lines. They wuz just the blood of a goblin we’d dragged across the field.”

“Son, you know, when I started it was on lava fields we played and the markings was just a line of rocks on the ground.”

“I remember coach. You alluz took me there an’ trained me on ‘dem old grounds. I can still find the scars.”

“Son. I done teach you all I know’d about playing back in the day. I raised you from a snot-nosed blocker up to the champeen blitzer you become. But this ‘ere game they play now, it be all about looking purty an’ money an’ stuff. Not the thrill of the game.”

The Beardling servant left the two old Dawi Zharrs in the secluded stadium box. He didn’t know who they thought they were, criticizing the great game every time they came here. But his orders were to give them anything they wanted.  

Above him, the old portraits above the bar could hardly be seen, shrouded all in gloom and lamp smoke as they were. Behind him, watching the game in sad silence sat Coach Boot-Face and the Star Player Four-Ears.

Entry #5

The footprints told it all, like a replay. The pitch had been soaking wet from long rains when the match started, and the surviving grass tufts were now even more rare on the mudfield, emptied now where havoc had reigned scant minutes before. Marks of running feet crisscrossed the mud, detailing the game, in between beer cans and bones. The footprints were smudged over in large, gory craters were Bull Centaurs had fallen and Hobgoblins had been nailed hard under layers of diving opponents. Some had even survived.

The referee had survived, too. Unprotected, exposed, a lone voice of order among chaos upon the arena of death, dodging lethal projectiles and aggressive thugs while the roaring spectators had you completely surrounded in their thousands, each one of them a raving madman with throbbing veins on his forehead. At best. The fans' surging enthusiasm and wroth depths of dismay were a monster with a life of its own, howling and frothing in bloodthirst. No wonder an honest guy took some tips from wherever he could find them. Extra cash was always welcome, especially if it could pay you to get away from the hellhole that was a Blood Bowl stadium. The referee wondered whether he'd survive the losing team's wrath. Well, a smart guy didn't shy away from taking bribes from both directions...

He could still see the half-buried remains of his predecessor in a corner, exposed by a mob brawl. The referee nodded sagely. Aye, the footprints told it all.

Remember, the Gold winner's prize will be one unpainted miniature of Bezhukk the Immortal:

While the Silver winner's prize will be this original drawing by Hunter:

Great job folks and good luck!

The Staff

  Scribe's Contest VII
Posted by: Admiral - 04-11-2016 03:59 AM - Replies (14)

Chaos Dwarfs Online Presents: The 7th Scribe's Contest writing competition on Chaos Dwarfs Online - Sports Edition!

This Scribe's Contest has been sponsored by Ravenswood. There will be one prize of this unpainted Bezhukk the Immortal miniature for the Gold winner:

Hunter has kindly donated the original drawing of Balhutti-Zhurekar the Decrepit as he emerges from the Bubbling Pits wreathed in flame. An amazing piece of art for the lucky silver winner!

"Goooaaal! It's a GOAL! A bloody, magnificient unparallelled goal! G-o-a-l-err-h! Did you see that, Ham?"
"Sure did, Krogg. Straight out of textbook."
"Cheatnote, rather, by the look of those fans. They're all jumping onto the pitch!"
"Hahaha, now look at that Hobgoblin run! Silly stuff. Ouch! One moment scoring, the next dead."
"Well, so is Blood Bowl, Ham."
"Indeed, Krogg! The fans have both teams surrounded, but why are the mobs attacking their own teams...?"
"Duck! Now they're throwing Gnoblars!"
"There went the cheerleaders! Yuck!"
"It's doom on the pitch today. Havoc! Bloody mayhem!"
"Sure is, Krogg."
"Now the referee's gone. In four different directions at once. Oooh, pretty nice quartering there by those Amazon fans!"
"For sure! An' do you know what those curses and obscenities are? Those vomited from tusked mouths, like that sod's blood 'n' guts spewed all over his curlybeard? D'you know what them acid words are, Krogg?"
"No, tell me, Ham!"
"Those are the last words of the players..."

Subject Matter: Fouls and Fumbles - Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarfs
The theme for this writing competition is Chaos Dwarfs in Blood Bowl. This is an open format theme, meaning that almost any type of background text and fiction about Chaos Dwarfs, Hobgoblins and bloodsoaked fantasy football will be accepted, within the rules detailed below.

Your entry could consist of a novel-style story of pitch brawl; or a description of a team's bloodsoaked career through a cup; or a veteran pitch survivor or fan retelling an exciting match; or the frenetic ramblings of match commentators; the apothecary's butcher bill through a league with added notes; reporters interviewing hooligans for supporter's quotes; or even an Old World/Age of Sigmar vision of an incomprehensible bloodsport glimpsed through feverish nightmares granted by Daemons in spite; or something else entirely. Give us your vision of some Chaos Dwarfs in Blood Bowl!

Writing Rules
The word limit for each entry is 30-250 words in total. Inventive ways to write entries are encouraged. Your entry may be split into several parts (e.g. two first-person perspective stories, or one gory match description, a coach quote and an apothecary's bill).

All entries are to be written "in-universe", meaning no lines about D6s or green stuff are allowed. See the General Rules.

You are encouraged to ask Admiral about whether your entry meet the requirements or not, should you be unsure.

Please spellcheck your entry before submission. Even so, to help even the field for the non-native English speakers, Admiral may correct grammar and spelling mistakes within the limits of his grasp of the English language.

Inspiration Sources
Anything can be your inspiration, including your latest Blood Bowl game. Also, see the Guidelines, and Chaos Dwarf Stories & Background Section. (You are not allowed to copy someone else's work!)

Please read the full rules and guidelines that apply to the Scribe's Contest competition before submitting your entry!

Deadline: 11:59 PM 24h of April 2016 EST (Eastern Standard Timezone)
Submit your entry by PM to the Scribe account before the deadline. Entries will not be accepted after that date and time regardless of how cool your submission is. (You have about 2 weeks to complete your entry.)

If for some reason you are having trouble with your submission, contact one of the Staff before the deadline. In order to avoid problems, we strongly advise entrants not to wait until the very last minute to submit their entries... As things can and do go wrong at the last minute. Please do not send entries to individual Admin or Staff members to submit on your behalf as they may not check their PMs!

How to Enter
Write something regarding Chaos Dwarfs or Hobgoblins in Blood Bowl, invented by you, and send a PM to Scribe (a special user that all Staff have access to) containing the entry. The moderator organizing the contest will then check the inbox one or a few days before deadline and verify to each entrant that their submission was received.

If you win
- Take your place in the upcoming Scribe's Contest Hall of Fame (to be created), where your glory will be remembered for years to come.
- Receive the Scribe's Contest medal for your online persona:
- Everyone who enters gets a number of slaves equal to the number of entries. If 40 people enter we award 40 slaves to each person who entered.
- If you win Gold, you'll win a model prize, courtesy of Ravenswood.
- If you win Silver, you'll win an original drawing, courtesy of Hunter.

Entries will count towards a participation medal, which is the simpler Scribe's Contest equivalent of Artisan's Contest and Golden Hat veteran medals.

As usual once all entries are received a voting thread will be created. If there are any questions please PM me, another Staff member or post them here.

Subject Matter: Fouls and Fumbles - Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarfs
Deadline: 11:59 PM 24h of April 2016 EST (Eastern Standard Timezone)

If any forum members would like to aid Scribe's Contest by donating models or other materials as prizes for future competitions, feel free to contact myself or one of the Staff to help sort out details.

Now, carve your tablet and open your ale. Load up the shout-voice and curl hands into fists. Sharpen your pen and dip it in player's blood fresh off the pitch, for Hashut demands slogans and swearwords galore!

The Staff

  Golden Hat XXIV - Winners!
Posted by: Admiral - 04-08-2016 11:56 PM - Replies (19)

Titan Wargames Presents: The Winners of the 24th Golden Hat competition!

"For thrice shall madness rule, and thrice shall it burn, and thrice shall it fall."
- Liber Infernalis

We had a wonderful turnout of entries, with submissions spanning from stout regiments and monsters, through naval vessels in various scales, to bound Daemons and characters. It was fantastic to see all the great results churned out by the Dawi Zharr hellforges! Takes Hat off

And the winners are:

    <1        <2        <3

1st Place - Golden Hat Winner: Entry #11 - Loidrial
2nd Place - Silver Hat Winner: Entry #3 - Jackswift
3rd Place - Bronze Hat Winner: Entry #6 - Fuggit Khan

The entry key!
You can share your love for each entry by donating slaves to the owners of the entries!

02 - Pyro Stick
03 - Jackswift
04 - Bloodbeard
05 - Willmark
06 - Fuggit Khan
07 - Zanko
08 - Hill_Billy_Bub
09 - Aron
10 - Darkmeer
11 - Loidrial
12 - Helblindi
13 - TheHoodedMan
14 - Abecedar
15 - Grimbold Blackhammer
16 - Kamphre
17 - Malorndk

Slaves and medals are coming! Should you have earned a new Veteran's Medal (gained at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 main contests entered), please contact us and link us all your entries in all previous Golden Hat and Artisan's Contest competitions (note: Scribe's Contest does not count towards this purpose, but have an own Veteran Scribe's Medal).

And now for the prizes!

Congratulations to Loidrial, who wins a squad of Dwarf Dragoons led by Grulka from Titan Wargames!

Congratulations to Jackswift, who wins a squad of Russian Alternative Harquebusiers with command group from Roark!

And congratulations to Fuggit Khan, who wins a squadron of Evil Dwarf Escort Vessels from Admiral!

A big "thanks" to everyone who participated and voted, as well as a big thanks to Titan Wargames and our other givers for their prize donations!

And that's it for this round of Golden Hat. Now let's see the participants' entries in the blogs. Wink

The Staff

  Golden Hat XXIV: Winner Tiebreak Vote
Posted by: Bloodbeard - 04-06-2016 03:13 AM - Replies (6)

Titan Wargames Presents: The tiebreak voting thread for the 24th Golden Hat competition!

"And their might and cruelty will crush all underhoof."
-Liber Infernalis

We have a tie ladies and gentle dwarfs! Two entries have the exact same number of votes - and they are competing for the main prize!

Since the prizes are so insane this time around, a tiebreak vote is needed. Anything else would be unfair.

Tied for the first place is:
Entry number 3

Entry number 11

How to vote:
Please submit 1 vote by sending a PM to the Golden Hat account (a special account all Staff members can access).

And to the two nearly winners remember: You are not allowed to vote for yourself. (And none of the potential medal takers have done so).

Voting will close at 11:59 PM April 8th, 2016 CEST (Central European Summer Time).   Once the votes are tallied we will post the results. This is a quick three day vote - so make sure to do yours!

Remember, the Gold winner will win 14 Titan Wargames Dragoons led by Grulka. Silver winner will win 10 Russian Alternative Harqebusiers with 3 command miniatures, BUT will have to wait for a while before the prize can be shipped.

The bad news - a disqualification
It's part of our competitions that entries cannot be shown off in a finished state before the voting threads. We want people to work for their entries and the time pressure is part of the fun.

Entry number 1 has been disqualified from Golden Hat 24 for breaking this rule, as it was uploaded in complete form to another miniature website on February 7th, 2016.

A lot of you have voted for entry number 1. Unfortunately we weren't made aware of the problem before last night, so all most all votes had already been cast.

Rest easy knowing, that the two entries up for tiebreak had a very clear lead in votes (and many voting for entry 1 also voted for entry 3 and 11).

We've decided not to redo the entire voting process for this reason.

The user behind entry 1 has been informed, will not have his name made public, and will not be mentioned in the entry key.

Good luck!
The Staff

  Golden Hat XXIV - Voting!
Posted by: Admiral - 03-29-2016 07:47 AM - Replies (40)

Titan Wargames Presents: The voting thread for the 24th Golden Hat competition!

"And their might and cruelty will crush all underhoof."
-Liber Infernalis

How to vote:
Please submit 3 numbers as votes by sending a PM to the Golden Hat account (a special account all Staff members can access). We had 17 entries this time, which means each entrant will receive 17 slaves once the winners have been announced.

Each (more or less) anonymous entry is numbered ranging from 1 to 17. There is no need to specify which one you think is 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Simply list the three that you like and we will do the rest. You are not allowed to vote for yourself.

Voting will close at 11:59 PM April 5th, 2016 CEST (Central European Summer Time).   Once the votes are tallied we will post the results.

    <1     <2     <3     <4     <5
    <6     <7     <8     <9     <10
    <11     <12     <13     <14     <15     <16     <17

Remember, the Gold winner will win 14 Titan Wargames Dragoons led by Grulka. Silver winner will win 10 Russian Alternative Harqebusiers with 3 command miniatures, BUT will have to wait for a while before the prize can be shipped. Bronze winner will win five boats.

Great job everyone and good luck!
The Staff

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