The Word of Hashut - The Unofficial Fan-Magazine for Chaos Dwarf Generals
Here can be found the culmination of countless hours of toil, all for the greater cause that is Chaos Dwarfs. Download our webzines and take a look. Here you will find articles on Chaos Dwarf tactics, rules, models, battle reports and much more. Each issue is jam-packed so be sure to read them all! Also check out the Webzine at Issuu, located at!

This Webzine is entirely fan-made and fan-produced. We are no way endorsed by Games Workshop.
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  The Word of Hashut - 2009
The Word of Hashut - Issue No. 4 - Spring 2009
"I hope everyone is looking forward to Issue #5; why is this one so important you say? Well take a guess it will be one year since the launch of the Word of Hashut of course! Seems like just yesterday." - Willmark
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