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Astragoth: High Priest of Hashut


[edit] History

Astragoth: High Priest of Hashut, was a special character that first appeared in White Dwarf Presents: Chaos Dwarfs. He was depicted as the oldest, but not the most powerful, living Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer and the High Priest of Hashut, an indication that Chaos Dwarfs share the same respect for age as their western kin.

[edit] Background

Astragoth is the oldest living Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer. When he was at the height of his powers he was the most potent sorcerer to walk the Plain of Zharr in a thousand years. Now his powers have begun to wane, his body is slowly succumbing to petrification. He constructed a mechanical device by which he is transported from place to place. His legs have long ceased to work and even his hands have now turned to stone. To an extent these have been replaced by the machinery grafted to his body. This engine was constructed by his slaves to plans created by Astragoth himself, and combines the undoubted skills of the Chaos Dwarf race with twisted dark science[1].

[edit] Rules

There are no current official rules for Astragoth. He was a 4th Level Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer with a unusually high Movement characteristic of 6, thanks to his mechanical body. However, he was unable to march or charge futher than his basic Move, meaning the only circumtances in which he could move more than 6" per turn were when fleeing or pursuing, or through magical means. Astragoth was also able to use a special "Death Blow" attack, with which he was able to make all his close combat Attacks again if they all hit the first time - an ability that would be somewhat less impressive in the current rules, now that wizards of all races have been considerably toned down from their earlier incarnations. His mechanical body gave him an Armour save of 3+, but rendered him unable to ride any kind of creature.

[edit] Quotes

"I stand here, atop the Ziggurat of Zharr-Naggrund, the Place of Fire and Desolation. From where I stand, I can gaze across the plains of Zharrduk, and what I see is pleasing to my eyes.

It is forever Dark under the sun here in the heart of the world. The smell of sulphur and of burning oil fills the air. The cracking of whips and the wailing of slaves drowns out the clatter of machinery.

This is the future. One day Hashut, the Father of Darkness, shall rise from his slumber, and trample the world beneath his brazen hooves. The dead shall outnumber the living, and those that remain shall be dragged in chains to the pits of Zharr to toil for the greater glory of Hashut.

And all will be blessed Darkness."

-From the prophesies of Astragoth, the High Priest of Hashut-[2]

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