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Lord Zarkov has been an avid Warhammer player since late 2000. Although starting with Wood Elves, he started on Chaos Dwarfs shortly after the Albion campaign after being enticed by the background paragraph in Ravening Hordes. Although he has started small projects on other armies from time to time, he has always come back to Chaos Dwarfs, which remain his main army and of which he has in excess of 10,000 points!

Lord Zarkov frequents many forums online, including Chaos Dwarfs Online (on which he is a mod); Hand of Hashut; and Warseer. He is also a member on many others and was an admin on The Grand Alliance before its death in early 2007.

Lord Zarkov has also participated in many campagins as a Chaos Dwarf General including Storm of Chaos and the Fantasy Intersite Campaign in 2006 in which he was one of the two commanders for the Chaos Dwarf forces along with The Flying Beaver. He is also participating in the Nemesis Crown Campaign in which he is one of the major Chaos Dwarf generals and one of the three representatives on the Warvault Nemesis Council.

His great interest in armies is nearly allways in the background and this has lead him to making such wierd and wonderful armies as a Genestealer Cult for 40K, a Malal worshiping Chaos horde, and of course the Chaos Dwarfs.

[edit] Games and Armies

He currently possesses the following armies:

Warhammer Fantasy:

Warhammer 40K

  • Eldar
  • Thousand Sons of Tzeentch
  • Genstealer Cult
  • Imperial Guard


  • Witch Hunters


  • Van Saar

He also plays Inquisitor

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