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[edit] Summary

The Gathering of Might was a Battle Report that appeared in White Dwarf 181 and was reprinted in White Dwarf Presents: Chronicles of War. It was fought by two teams - Jervis Johnson (The Big Boss), Ian Pickstock (The Orc Boss), Gav Thorpe (The Goblin Boss), and Nigel Stillman (The Chaos Dwarf General) on one team, and Robin Dews (Supreme Commander), Jake Thornton (Empire center), Adrian Wood (Empire Left Flank), and Mike McVey (Wood Elf Allies) on the other team. The exact point involved are unclear, but are estimated as about 25,000 points all together. The Gathering of Might was the forerunner of other large and complex battles involving teams played out in White Dwarf, and began a short narrative campaign played out over subsequent issues.

[edit] Background

The scenario is based on a grand alliance of Orcs, Goblins, and Chaos Dwarfs invading Talabecland in the Empire, and being opposed by a coalition of Empire armies under the leadership of the Emperor Karl Franz and some Wood Elf allies.

[edit] Scenario

Because of the massive forces involved in this battle, several special rules governed the scenario. A Supreme Commander or Big Boss was elected for each side who governed overall strategy but could not move models, and each player on the team was equivalent to an army general and was represented by a character on the board - these characters could not communicate except by note unless their respective models were in base-to-base contact. The Warhammer 4th Edition magic system was also modified somewhat to account for the large number of Wizards on the board. Finally, a "Reserves" rule was invented that allowed either side to field additional units from the table edge to supplement their armies. The battle was fought to a time limit rather than a turn limit, and took two days and four turns to play.

[edit] Result

The Orc, Goblin, and Chaos Dwarf host managed an impressive victory (84 Victory Points) over the Empire and Wood Elf alliance (34 Victory Points).

[edit] History

A forerunner to latter-day megabattles and future scenarios, The Gathering of Might essentially emptied the studio cabinets, allowing them to showcase many rare units and providing the start for many later battles and rules that showed up in The General's Compendium.

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[edit] References

White Dwarf Presents: Chronicles of War Games Workshop 72-95.

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