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The General's Compendium (2003) is an officially unofficial promotional supplement that provides material for using Warhammer to play campaigns and in other situations that are not covered in the normal rules, such as in hostile terrain, with allies, sieges and raids against cities, with boats, in competitive games (moreso than normal), and more. It also provides a number of scenarios with detailed set-up and objectives to highlight these unusual conditions. Some reference is made to Warhammer Skirmish.

Chaos Dwarfs are not ignored in the text, and guidelines are given for Chaos Dwarf players along with other races. The exact references and their implications are given in this article.


[edit] Linked Campaigns

Many Chaos Dwarf players will be familiar with the concept of linked campaign - a series of battles where the outcome of one determines the conditions for the next - through White Dwarf, which published several of them including the infamous The Gathering of Might and its subsequent battles. None of the material in this chapter specifically mentions Chaos Dwarfs, but can easily be used to craft your own linked campaign.

[edit] Map-based Campaigns

Similar to the Linked Campaign in being a series of battles connected by a common theme, the map-based campaign adds a new level of complexity in the form of a hex-based map that represents the territory being battled over, with the different terrain providing different advantages and disadvantages and the movement of armies represented by "banner" units. Each Warhammer army has specific rules that apply during map-based campaigns, including Chaos Dwarfs.

[edit] Army Specific Rules

Chaos Dwarf armies in map-based campaigns, like Dwarf armies, do not have trouble moving into mountainous terrain.

[edit] Campaigning In the Land of the Border Princes

The Border Princes is a war-torn land divided between many warbands, lonely forts, ruins, and small settlements, populated by and fought over by many of the races in the Warhammer world, and a sample setting provided for map-based campaigns. Chaos Dwarfs covet the mineral wealth of the region, which they use to create high-quality weapons, armour, and artillery. Army-specific rules are given that apply in Border Princes campaigns.

[edit] Army Specific Rules

Chaos Dwarf banners in Fortified sections of the map may add an additional number of points to reflect the ready availability of quality arms and armor.

[edit] Games Mastered Campaigns

Essentially narrative campaigns which can feature special units and new rules based on the needs and whims of the players and the games master, who arbitrates. This section is based heavily on Mighty Empires and also draws on the preceding chapters. Economics, baggage trains, landmarks, movement penalties due to weather and terrain and other factors are considered.

[edit] Army Specific Rules and Glorious Tidings

Chaos Dwarfs are more successful at traveling through mountainous terrain and suffer only weather penalties to movement when doing so. For Glorious Tidings (a random event), Chaos Dwarf slaves discover a rich vein of ore.

[edit] Competitive Gaming

This section provides guidelines for the Deathmatch Challenge, a set of graded games for determining without bias who the better general is. Players who feel the Deathmatch insufficient can try their hand at the Grudgematch, which is a longer and more grueling variant of the Deathmatch. It also provides a brief introduction to the tournament scene.

[edit] Hostile Terrain

This chapter, as the title suggests, is all about types of different (and dangerous) terrain that you can play on. Many types of terrain suitable to the Darklands are included here, from the Dry Desert of the south to the Volcanic Region near the Mountains of Mourn, and the Frozen Regions and Chaotic Landscapes of the Chaos Wastes to the north.

[edit] Allies & Multiplayer Games

Again hearkening back to The Gathering of Might, this chapter provides guidelines for multiplayer games where each player brings their own army - or where a single player controls two or more allied armies. Special scenarios and rules are presented for the Marshal (the leader of the alliance) and mini-maxing alliances to take advantage of the strengths of both armies.

[edit] Chaos Dwarf Allies

On the chart given, Chaos Dwarf armies may ally with Chaos (all types), Chaos Dwarfs, Dogs of War, Orcs and Goblins, Skaven, Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts armies, and do not suffer Enmity with any of them. An example is given of a map-based campaign where an army of Chaos Dwarfs, Orcs and Goblins, and Skaven ally together.

[edit] Boats in Warhammer

This chapter is not really an update to Man O'War, though there are some similarities, but generally addresses naval combat using standard Warhammer rules and models.

[edit] Chaos Dwarf Ships

It is noted that Chaos Dwarfs "inevitably use slaves chained to propel such vessels" but steamships are also available.

[edit] Sieges, Raids & City Sacking

One of the Warhammer appendices covers siege in the game, and Warhammer Skirmish scaling walls, so this section can expand on those sources somewhat with scenarios and special rules, including additional options for castles, towers, and other fortresses by race.

[edit] Chaos Dwarf Castles

If your opponent agrees, Chaos Dwarfs under siege may take the Ironclad enhancement, using iron plates to reinforce walls, towers, or even an entire fortress.

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