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Uzkul Werit first started playing Chaos Dwarfs two weeks before Storm of Chaos, as normal Dwarfs were just 'a little boring'. He started wargaming in the summer of 2001 when a friend of his at primary school showed him a few copies of White Dwarf. Even at this early stage, the seeds of a Chaos Dwarf army were implanted into his brain. Uzkul was told about them and thought "Cool." His class had been reading 'The Hobbit' in school at the time and he thought what could be better than a bunch of evil dwarfs? Much to his dismay he was informed they were no longer seen as a real army. For two years Uzkul went from Tyranids to LOTR Goblins before finally settling on WFB Dwarfs.

He had just finished 2000pts of Dwarfs when the Beastmen came out. They didn't really hold his interest for long. However, SOC was just weeks away and (for some reason or other) Uzkul just didn't want to be stuck on the Good Side. It was then the seeds bloomed and he remembered: why not Chaos Dwarfs? To thank for this, he had the Chaos Dwarf ambassador from HOH to the Beastmen forum, The Herdstone. Just seeing that small, little forum made Uzkul hunger for Earthshakers and silly hats. Nobody else played them and they'd be easy enough to convert using the Dwarfs. Excellent. A weeks worth of converting later and he had a small army ready for war. The army hasn't changed too much over these past two years but models of Uzkul himself have changed twice and the big dirty unit of Black Orcs have been traded in for some Wolfriders. The Bull Centaurs have also been replaced by another Earthshaker. Uzkul also did well in the Nemesis Crown campaign, ranking as the most successful Chaos Dwarf general in the Barren Hills.

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