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  Chaos Dwarf Army Lists created by Fans - Completely Unofficial
Games Workshop has always encouraged fans of its games to create their own rules. The internet now provides a new frontier for fans of Games Workshop to share their creations with the world! A trend promoted by the Specialist Games of Games Workshop, Chaos Dwarfs Online is pleased to present the very hard work of some of Warhammer's most loyal fans. Below you will find completely unofficial army lists and rule sets for Chaos Dwarfs that are in no way endorsed by Games Workshop.

Each list represents the work of dedicated individuals for the love of the game. Chaos Dwarfs Online hosts these documents at the pleasure of those who created them. Chaos Dwarfs Online is not affiliated directly with these lists, but is proud to host them on behalf of the contributors that have crafted them. Check out the Fan Collection of Chaos Dwarf material located on our Issuu page found at!

It is our sincere hope that one day Games Workshop will create an up to date army list for Chaos Dwarfs. Until such a time, it is our hope that we can flesh out the Chaos Dwarf lore and provide inspiration for all those interested in running a Chaos Dwarf army for Warhammer!

Once again, all lists are entirely fan-made and fan-produced. These lists are in no way endorsed by Games Workshop.

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  Unofficial Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Chaos Dwarfs Warscrolls Compendium
Unofficial Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Chaos Dwarfs Warscrolls Compendiumby Thommy H
"While most Duardin fiercely oppose the forces of Chaos who have taken so much from them, there are some of even that resolute race whose souls have been ensnared by the lure of the Dark Gods. But no ordinary followers of Chaos are these, but instead the corrupt Dawi’Zharr." - Thommy H
[ PDF 1.4 MB | Comments ]
Updated by Xander

  Unofficial 8th Edition Warhammer Army Lists
Unofficial Warhammer Armies: Chaos Dwarfs by Thommy H
"The dream of many people here has always been to see a "Chaos Dwarf Armies book", complete in every way possible. I believe that dream has been achieved... This work is a love letter to CDO - a piece of work that, through the influences it wears on its sleeve from the likes of Grimstonefire, Revlid and Cornixt, the artwork it contains from Baggronor, Ishkur, Grupax, Forgefire, Skink and others, the models it features from countless members of the community and all those tiny little contributions and unseen or unremembered sources of inspiration is, I believe, a fitting culmination of what we have all done here over the last few years." - Thommy H
[ PDF 12 MB | Issuu | Comments ]
Updated by Xander

  Unofficial 7th Edition Warhammer Army Lists
Unofficial Warhammer Armies: Dwarfs of Chaos by Kevin Coleman
"[Here] you will find the new Indy GT Dwarfs of Chaos Army Book, a complete, 96-page Army Book in the Games Workshop tradition. The book—professionally written, designed, illustrated, and thoroughly play tested—will be legal for use in participating Independent Grand Tournaments. As of this writing, the Crossroads, Conflict, Colonial, Destruction Derby, NEWCC, and War Camp GTs will allow the book as legal, and we expect the number to grow with the publication of the book." - Matt Bird
[ PDF 46 MB | Issuu | Comments ]
Unofficial Warhammer Armies: Chaos Dwarfs by Grimstonefire
"The list I have worked on is completely different to anything else out there. There are units in it that are unique, fluff that has never been considered before, a direction for them that is far more epic than anything I have ever read. This is why I firmly believe the list I have is more complete than anything else out there." - Grimstonefire
[ PDF 10 MB | Issuu | Comments ]
Unofficial Warhammer Armies: Chaos Dwarfs by Revlid
"The mountain rumbled with sound. Animals had fled from the place, leaving it deserted for miles around. They might not have known the sound of an army on the march, but the smells that followed it were darkly familiar and screamed of danger. The stench of oiled metal, of blood, fear and poisonous smog hung over the steadily moving force." - Revlid
[ PDF 0.2 MB | Issuu | Comments ]
Unofficial Warhammer Armies: Chaos Dwarfs by Slev
"The rank and file of the Chaos dwarves are united in service to their Empire by a combination of fear of what befalls their enemies and their hatred of all other life forms." - Slev
[ PDF 0.3 MB | Issuu | Comments ]
Updated by Xander

  Unofficial Mordheim Warband Rules
Unofficial Warband: The Black Dwarfs by Border Town Burning
"The Black Dwarfs constantly trade armour, weapons and machines forged out of precious metals with their hammers and vile sorcery, for fresh supplies and victims. Those condemned souls are brought back to the Dark Lands. Deep beneath the the ziggurat shaped obsidian tower they are sentenced to toil in the labour pits of Mingol Zharr-Naggrund, the City of Fire and Desolation.." - Border Town Burning
[ PDF 0.7 MB | Issuu | Comments ]
Updated by Xander

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