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Episode #9 of Chaos Dwarf Radio
Author MessageEpisode #9 of Chaos Dwarf Radio
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Episode #9 of Chaos Dwarf RadioHashut's Blessing 09-27-2010

Chaos Dwarf Radio #9
September, 2010
Special Guest: Xander
[ MP3 70.11 MB | Show Notes & Comments ]

Well, here we are at last! For once, this isn’t my fault for being so late: it seems that our fearless leader, Xander (a.k.a. my co-host this month), is unable to read messages and the like at weekends, so we were delayed by that, followed by his girlfriend stealing him away, who then tried to steal his laptop the next night – we managed to do the podcast with him using Skype on his phone, eventually. On that note, I had to use some new recording software and it seems to have randomly cut out a few words of Xander’s in the process, so if it sounds a little “off”, then that’s why. Lastly, I had real-life commitments this weekend (photoshoot, script-reading, travelling to Manchester and back, etc...), but have been editing this non-stop since we recorded it, excepting those days. So, without further ado, let’s get on with it Big Grin

Today's hosts are Hashut's Blessing and Xander.

Show Links:
-Island of Blood released – Excellent models with tiny book.
-Island of Blood reference sheet –Useful addition that should be in the box.
-Prince Althran & Warlord Spinetail – Additions to IoB.
-Dragon Princes –Shiny and fire-proof!
-Phoenix Guard –Awesomely cool, but expensive.
-White Lions –Big axes with dancing elves.
-High Elf Magic cards – Useful and cool.
-Lothern Sea Guard re-released –The big reveal
-Classic Lothern Sea Guard Command – They need leaders!
-Classic Lothern Sea Guard – As well as the core of the unit.
-Lothern Sea Guard Shields - Great for themes or expansions.
-Maulerblades – First of three Rat Ogres.
-Ironclaws – Hurt, but good to go!
-Stitch Spikegouger – It’s in the name.
-Skaven Slings Bitz pack – Stone slingers.
-LotR Cave Drake – Very sweet piece.
-LotR King’s Champion – Questionable set-up.
-LotR Floi Stonehand – Bald and bookish.
-LotR Gundabad Blackshields Command – Head of the elites.
-LotR Gundabad Blackshields – The aforementioned elites.
-Dark Eldar release/cardboard watch tower – Good stuff all around.
-Artisan’s Contest #8 winner – Entrants revealed.
-Golden Hat 13 theme – Like you didn’t already know.
-GD Baltimore – The event and the interview.
-Greenskin book – Like another is needed.
-August TotM – Proxying.
-Mechanical Hamster – Kolossal appearance.

As an aside, I’d like people to start nominating themselves to co-host the podcast with me early on after the previous podcast. I’d also like to ask that if you do so, please be around at the due date of the next podcast because it sucks to have an AWOLer because it delays everything. If you need incentive, you get a medal out of it too!

Topic of September/October:
Fanlists again!
This time around, there’s a plan for the discussion of all fan-made materials again, looking at them in the new light of 8th edition, with new examples out (including the recent CDO FAQ/errata and Thommy H’s new list) and how to bring them up to speed, as well as their merits and such like.

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WarplockMonkey Wrote:
After years of rigerous scientific reasearch, it has now been proven that there is a 50% chance that HB is 'in your fridge, eatin your cakez'.

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