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1 Votes - 5 Average   AoS Dawi Zharr & Twisted Duardin Mega-Thread
Author MessageAoS Dawi Zharr & Twisted Duardin Mega-Thread
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RE: AoS Dawi Zharr & Twisted Duardin Mega-Threadtjub 02-13-2020

@FFJump: Oh, great finds! Thanks for sharing... Hopefully it will be our time soon!

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02-13-2020 11:43 AM
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RE: AoS Dawi Zharr & Twisted Duardin Mega-ThreadHashut's Blessing 02-14-2020

FFJump Wrote:
*snipped by HB for brevity*

Very interesting how many references we got in a short period of time to be honest!

Amazing finds there. I noticed the comment in White Dwarf about the father of darkness in duardin runes.

It's a shame the Chaos Dwarfs or infernal duardin are constantly mentioned as being bested in the Ossiarch Bonereapers' battletome, but at least we're mentioned and present! That said, a couple of the snippets appear to be mentioning the same ones, residing in Strangler's Peaks. (By the by, anyone know who Strangler is? Since the peaks are his/hers. Also, are they in Shyish then? Additionally, if they are in the Realm of Death, is there a significance to the two most prominently identifiable geographical locations of Chaos Dwarf/infernal duardin strongholds/settlements being in Shyish? Despite our connection to the Realm of Fire and a vague mention of some ephemeral links to our presence in Aqshy, that is.)

It's nice to see comments about lava magic, as well as our staple artillery. We make be the daemonsmiths and blacksmiths of Chaos, but we're being mentioned as more than that and forces of our own to boot, which is encouraging. That said, several armies have had no such seeding/hints prior to their release - or rather, more vague, such as Idoneth Deepkin and Lumineth Realmlords.

One of the bits that is of most note to me and intrigues me the most is actually in that first excerpt - the Furnace Kings of Azgorh. It's much more grandiose sounding than the Legion of Azgorh: maybe the Legion is just the penal legions or the warrior-caste or what-have-you and the Furnace Kings are simply kings of their forges and fires, but it sounds like some sort of ownership and ruling type deal, with a hopeful inference that the Furnace Kings are actually like the sorcerer caste of yore or maybe a wider look at infernal duardin as a race in Age of Sigmar (maybe all are descendant from the Legion of Azgorh, only existing due to Azgorh's extreme efforts or happenstance, all other branches of the Chaos Dwarfs having died with the World That Was). A lot to think about from a simple phrase, in honesty. Equally, I'm likely reading too much into it...

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WarplockMonkey Wrote:
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02-14-2020 11:04 PM
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