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hashut(?) in midrash as a dark master
Author Messagehashut(?) in midrash as a dark master

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hashut(?) in midrash as a dark masterkhidr 11-08-2019

Hello. im one of chaos dwarfs fan live and born in south korea.
And this is my first thread on foreign site.
So, sometimes(or many times) i writing in wrong grammar or word, please understand in a tolerant way. thanks.

Anyway, as i write, some entity called <master of darkness> in midrash and other jewish scripture.
Midrash is the bundle of old jewish scripture related with bible.
This story is from scripture called pesikta rabbati, and midrash tanhuma. Actually i read this text from these two books;

Above the zodiac: astrology in jewish thought
tree of souls: the mythology of judaism

according to this texts, story begins when god want to create world from light.

"When god decided to create the universe, he told the master of darkness, 'Depart from me, for i wish to create universe in light(light as aries, sheep).
whereupon the master of darkness(whose sign is taurus, the bull, who is black in color)
'And after light, what will create?'
'darkness(the sign of the taurus).'
'after that?'
'Gemini as form of man.
After that, I will create sign of crab, for man,
when he rises from his toil and reaps from it.
And  sign of leo,  they will strengthened like a lion.
And sign of virgo, because man will be happy likea virgin at her nupitals.
And I will make scales as libra, man's deeds will be measured as on scales.
Afterwords I will make scorpio as sign of judgement in purgatory,
but man will sprung from punishment as arrow from bow(sagittarius).
Then i will  make capricorn the goat, for man ascends like moutain goat.
After I will make dipper(aquarius) for cleanse human soul.
And last, I will create pisces the fishes, as evil eye can't effect on water, mans will rise from mundane world and protected from stars.'
But end of the days, master of darkness said, 'I am who made darkness and pit of hell!' And he opposed to god with his angels.
But finally, hell will punishes his arrogance.

This is the story shortened. conclusionally, this bull-like dark master is lord of hell and darkness before creation.
Hashut is just fictional god, but it really similar in appearance and title(master of darkness and father of darkness), isn't it?
This is the end of this thread. thank you for reading.

11-08-2019 05:48 AM
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RE: hashut(?) in midrash as a dark masterAdmiral 11-08-2019

Welcome aboard, and neat find! I wouldn't be at all surprised if Rick Priestley and the rest of the gang of the Games Workshop studio were aware of this, and consciously gave Hashut the Father of Darkness title as a reference. The Games Workshop studio was filled to the brim with learned people back in the day (and they may still be, not in the know there). At one point in the 1980s they spoke 8 languages between them (including Farsi, Persian), and sported a great number of archaeology degrees. Truly the best heirs of Tolkien.

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11-08-2019 08:49 AM
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RE: hashut(?) in midrash as a dark mastercornixt 11-08-2019

I think someone may have taken a few liberties with the text in order to insert the zodiac into it. This is not a well known part of a huge volume of old texts, and half of the signs don't really make sense. I can't even find the text online to confirm it. While the zodiac was around at the time the torah and related texts were written, there aren't any cross references between the two that couldn't also be down to common themes of the time (like the number 12).

I'm going to say it is more likely coincidence, although an interesting one at that.

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11-08-2019 04:00 PM
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