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  Chaos Dwarf Hobby Guides
Currently, Chaos Dwarfs have no official miniature range. It is therefore up to the Chaos Dwarf community to band together and share ideas about how best to model and convert their own Chaos Dwarfs. Below you will find various hobby guides that will help you build your Chaos Dwarf army.
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  Video Guide to Converting BFSP Chaos Dwarfs
With the release of the Battle for Skull Pass boxed game, the Chaos Dwarf community set out to find the best method to convert the contents into a Chaos Dwarf army. This series of 4 videos details how to change BFSP Dwarf Warriors into Chaos Dwarfs! Comments about this guide can be left on the forum, here.
This conversion was originally inspired by Exquisate Evil. He made a great Chaos Dwarf using the Battle for Skull Pass Dwarf Warriors. Knowing how cheap these figures are, I thought this was a great idea and attempted it myself using a free miniature I received with an issue of White Dwarf magazine. I was happy with the results and soon began making an entire unit of them. Pleased with what I had made I decided to make a series of videos that would show how I made mine. Having no previous green stuff experience, I felt I could help out others who have yet to take the leap into adding green stuff to their miniatures. Below are my results.

Step #1
Step 1 shows the removal of unwanted plastic from the Dwarf model.
Step #2
Step 2 shows the addition of Blue/Yellow Kneadite (Green Stuff) for making Scale Armour.
Step #3
Step 3 shows the addition of a Chaos Dwarf beard and mask.
Step #4
The final step shows the addition of arms and weaponry.
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