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  The Word of Hashut - The Unofficial Fan-Magazine for Chaos Dwarf Generals
Here can be found the culmination of countless hours of toil, all for the greater cause that is Chaos Dwarfs. Download our webzines and take a look. Here you will find articles on Chaos Dwarf tactics, rules, models, battle reports and much more. Each issue is jam-packed so be sure to read them all! Also check out the Webzine at Issuu, located at!

This Webzine is entirely fan-made and fan-produced. We are no way endorsed by Games Workshop.
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  The Word of Hashut - 2009
The Word of Hashut - Issue No. 3 - Winter 2009
"CountArach of the Herdstone forum wrote: 'I have to commend you guys for your work. You have no army and no institutional support from GW and yet you consistently prove to be one of the most active and dedicated forums out there'. 2 simple sentences packing in so much of what makes us unique." - Willmark
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