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The Dwarfs venerate their ancestors, particularly those earliest ancestors whose deeds are the stuff of myth and legend: the Ancestor Gods Grungni, Valaya, and Grimnir. It was the Ancestor Gods who taught the Dwarfs to build their holds within the mountains as protection against the mutating effects of Chaos, and it is said that part of the reason the Chaos Dwarfs came to be is that they had no Ancestor Gods to teach them[1], and so fell to the worship of Hashut. Like their untainted kin, however, the Chaos Dwarfs still respect age, and the eldest among them are venerated.[2]

While the three primary Ancestor Gods are referenced in every product, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay expands the pantheon of Ancestor Gods to include Thungni, Morgrim, Gazul, and Smednir.


[edit] Grungni

Grungni is the chief of the Ancestor Gods, the patron of the forge and mining, and husband of Valaya. He was the wisest of the ancestors, and a mighty runesmith. The Dwarfs say Grungni taught them the mining of ores and making iron and steel.

[edit] Valaya

Valaya was one of the Ancestor Gods, patron of runesmiths, goddess of hearth and home, and wife of Grungni. She is said to have founded the ancient Dwarf hold of Karaz-a-Karak.

[edit] Grimnir

Grimnir was one of the Ancestor Gods, a great warrior who fought against the first invasion of Chaos. After a meeting with the High Elves where he learned about the Chaos gate at the north pole, he left into the Chaos Wastes to close it, and was never seen again. The Cult of Slayers among the Dwarfs is dedicated to Grimnir. He possessed two runeaxes of terrible power forged by Grungni; one of these is wielded by High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer, the other is rumored to be the ax of the slayer Gotrek Gurnisson.

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