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Bull Centaur
Bull Centaur

Bull Centaurs are an iconic troop type belonging to the Chaos Dwarfs, usually considered a trademark unit and representative of the race as a whole. In the current Ravening Hordes list, they are a Rare unit choice, and Bull Centaur Heroes and Lords may also be taken.


[edit] History

In the 3rd Edition Chaos Dwarf model range (when they were simply a subset of the Chaos army), the war machines of the Chaos Dwarfs were operated by so-called "boar centaurs". At the time, Chaos armies were also able to field ordinary (i.e. equine) centaurs as units.

4th Edition Bull Centaurs
With the reimagining of the Chaos Dwarfs for 4th Edition and the creation of their bull-headed god Hashut, the centaurs associated with the army became true Bull Centaurs, an elite unit of quasi-shock cavalry weilding two-handed axes. The range stretched to a mere seven models, one of which was a standard bearer. The only significant addition to the ranks of the Bull Centaur models came in the form of a Blood Bowl star player, Hthark the Unstoppable.
Hthark the Unstoppable

Since these models, there have be no additons to the Bull Centaur range.

[edit] Background

When the Chaos Dwarfs were first corrupted by Chaos, some were mutated into Bull Centaurs. Bull Centaurs have the torso of a Chaos Dwarf, and the body of a bull. They are regarded as the chosen of the Hashut, and the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers trust them completely, often giving them complex or dangerous tasks to perform. Outside of battle they serve as the guardians of the Temple of Hashut, wherein they perform bloodthirsty sacrifices to Hashut, the Father of Darkness. Though they are mighty warriors and even leaders, there are no sorcerers in their number[1]. They are said to be extremely arrogant and cruel, as well as totally devoted to the worship of Hashut[2]

In the Tome of Corruption, it is theorized that Bull Centaurs are one step in a series of mutations that takes Chaos Dwarfs ever closer to their perfect form. Following on from them are the Great Taurus and the Lammasu.

[edit] Availability

Of all the models in the Chaos Dwarf range, Bull Centaurs are often the most coveted by collectors - a testament to their iconic status as part of the Chaos Dwarf army. While Bull Centaurs are frequently available on auction websites, their alleged status as "rare" or "out of production" (both of which are true, but only to an extent) mean that they tend to sell for extremely high prices. Until 2008, almost the entire Bull Centaur range was available from Games Workshop's online store. Sadly, since the reorganisation of the components' service, this in no longer the case.

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