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A picture of a Chaos Dwarf slaver from the 7th edition rulebook.
A picture of a Chaos Dwarf slaver from the 7th edition rulebook.
Physically, the Chaos Dwarfs resemble other Dwarfs, for Dwarfs themselves are very resistant to the influence of magic. The power of Chaos has warped their appearance only slightly, usually only giving them tusk-like teeth. On rare occasions, some Chaos Dwarfs develop bull-like features, cloven hooves, and even horns. The Chaos Dwarfs have long, black beards that they curl in exotic styles. Sometimes, these have a blue sheen to them, similar to oil on water. Bull Centaurs, dwarf-bull centaur creatures, are revered in Chaos Dwarf culture because they are thought to be blessed by the bull-god Hashut.


[edit] History

While the exact origins of the Chaos Dwarfs are unknown, they are the descendants of Dwarf explorers who moved north, then south-east across the Dark Lands to the Mountains of Mourn. After the influx of Chaos, they were separated from their Dwarfen kindred. The powers of Chaos worked a terrible change on the Dwarfs, not just physically, but also mentally. They became evil, self-centered creatures, caring nothing for the lives of others.

[edit] Culture

The Chaos Dwarfs are an industrial people, focusing all of their efforts on the construction of their great city, the Tower of Zharr-Naggrund, and hording the wealth amassed from precious minerals dug up from the ground. Bull Centaurs guard the Temple of Hashut at the pinnacle of Zharr-Naggrund, a monument to the dark god of the Chaos Dwarfs, Hashut. Chaos Dwarfs scour the Dark Lands and beyond for slaves to work in their pits, mines, and workshops. Chaos Dwarfs will send raiding parties to Orc and Goblin tribes in an attempt to capture as many slaves as possible. The success of the raid is determined by the number of slaves collected. They also raid to the North but the tribes of Norsemen are usually too quick to capture. On the plus side, the Norsemen have a heavy reliance on mounted attacks, which means that they're rarely bold enough to strike out at one of the Dawi-Zharr forts. The largest Chaos Dwarf army sighted in the Old World was seen in Farside, a forested area of Kislev. Smaller Chaos Dwarf armies have advanced as far as Death Pass. The slave trade has led to positive trading relations with the Ogres of the Mountains of Mourn, who will often trade Gnoblar slaves in exchange for the powerful war machines of the Chaos Dwarfs. Such machines include Leadbelcher cannons and even a mechanical Rhinox which was made for the Ogre general Ghark Ironskin. Chaos Dwarfs may still speak Khazalid, the Language of the Dwarfs, as evidence by various place names. However, it is never explicitly stated in any official work.

"The Chaos Dwarfs belong to one of the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers; they are his subjects and his knismen, bonded by ties of blood-loyalty which Chaos Dwarfs deem unbreakable. Each Sorcerer commands his own armies, but ultimately they owe their fealty to the oldest of their number, the ancient High Priest Astragoth, for Chaos Dwarfs revere age and wisdom as keenly as other Dwarfs."[1]

[edit] Sorcerers

Unlike their Dwarfen brethren, the Chaos Dwarfs have embraced magic, and have become extremely adept in its arts. The Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers are the masters of their race, directing the labours of their slaves and the conquests of the armies. They are also the High Priests of Hashut, their evil bull-shaped god. The Sorcerers are devoted to their deep and ancient lore, combining the study of machines and magic to produce arcane engines of power and destruction. Unfortunately, this use of magic slowly returns them to their original form. For Dwarfs are the people of the earth and so as a Sorcerer uses more magic, he gradually turns to stone, from the feet up. The stone Sorcerers are often used as statues and many line the roads leading to Zharr-Naggrund. There is no formal hierarchy amongst Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers. Instead, the strongest voice goes to those Sorcerers who are the most powerful and respected. Age and knowledge are respected highly, just as with the other Dwarfs.

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[edit] References

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