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A Chaos Dwarf Hero
A Chaos Dwarf Hero

Chaos Dwarf Heroes are characters available to Chaos Dwarf armies either as Lord or Hero choices. Accordingly, they are known as either a "Chaos Dwarf Lord" or a "Chaos Dwarf Hero". Although they are different choices in the army list, in background terms the two ranks fulfil the same role: both are servants of the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers and they differ only in terms of ability rather than rank.


[edit] History

Chaos Dwarf Lord riding a Great Taurus
Chaos Dwarf Lords and Heroes are separate choices in the Ravening Hordes list[1] as they were in the White Dwarf Presents: Chaos Dwarfs list[2]. In the latter list, both character types were able to ride a Great Taurus or Lammasu, but now only Lords may ride a Taurus, and Lammasu may only be ridden by Sorcerers.

Although Chaos Dwarf Heroes are theoretically equivalent to Dwarf Thanes, their profiles are rather different, an artefact of the older Ravening Hordes rules (Dwarf Thanes in the Ravening Hordes list have the same characteristics as Chaos Dwarf Heroes). As it stands, Chaos Dwarf Heroes are one of the very few Hero-level characters in the Warhammer game that have Ld 10[1].

[edit] Background

Chaos Dwarf Heroes are the captains of the armies of Zharr-Naggrund, the most trusted servants of the Sorcerers to whom they and their warriors owe their fealty - bonds of fellowship that all Chaos Dwarfs deem unbreakable[3]. The most senior Heroes are known as Chaos Dwarf Lords, who may have the supreme honour of riding a mighty Great Taurus. One of the most famous Chaos Dwarf Lords is Zhatan the Black, the most senior servant of the greatest living Sorcerer, Ghorth the Cruel[4] and one of the most famous Chaos Dwarf Heroes is Rykarth the Unbreakable, viewed as a paragon of Chaos Dwarf toughness and courage.[5]

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