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This is a list of nearly all Chaos Dwarf rules and articles printed in Games Workshop literature. It also includes smaller references to Chaos Dwarfs and Hobgoblins, usually in descriptions or fluff. Some references are not strictly Chaos Dwarf related but are close enough to be of interest, particularly Norse Dwarfs, Hobgoblins, etc.

Repetitions of material is noted where it is known. It was common for book articles to be published in White Dwarf around the time of release, and for White Dwarf articles to be collected into White Dwarf Presents compendiums. All articles/books are listed in the chronological order of release. Some books/articles were valid for more than one edition, usually the end of one edition and the beginning of another. Where this occurs the article is listed in the edition it was first released under - there are always some overlaps between editions.

Entries include a full reference which may be copied and pasted when updating pages on the wiki.


[edit] Warhammer Fantasy Battle

These are the "official" books that provide the setting and background information for the Warhammer Fantasy Battle game in its various editions and incarnations; see Editions of Warhammer and Early Chaos Dwarfs for more details.

[edit] Second Edition

Battle Bestiary

One volume from three book ruleset (2nd edition), detailing the various races of the game, including Dwarfs.

  • Priestley, Rick. Battle Bestiary, (Games Workshop Ltd., 1984).

Ravening Hordes

A book of army lists.

37-39: Rules for Chaos Dwarfs and Chaos Dwarf underlings in Chaos Army list.

  • Richard Halliwell and Bryan Ansell. Ravening Hordes, (Games Workshop Ltd., 1987) 37-39.

[edit] Third Edition

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Rulebook

Principal sourcebook for 3rd edition.

XXX: Bestiary, Dwarfs - Dwarfs, Norse Dwarfs & Chaos Dwarfs. Fluff and stats for all Dwarf Warriors including heroes and magic users.

110: Two Man Mortar

114: Portable Weapons, Two Man Rocket Launcher, Bazooka

117: Sky Rockets

  • Priestly, Rick et al. Warhammer Fantasy Battle Rulebook, (Games Workshop Ltd., 1987).

Warhammer Armies

Book of army lists for 3rd edition.

22: Boar Centaurs Rules, new Warmachines rules for Tenderizers and Whirlwinds; reprinted from White Dwarf 103.

128: Chaos Ally Contingent: Chaos Dwarf units - Chaos Dwarfs, Berserkers, Bazookas, Tenderizer, Whirlwind, Mortars

159: Norse Mercenaries: Norse Dwarfs, Norse Dwarf Berserkers, Norse Dwarf Troll Slayers

155: Hobgoblins - Contingent Standard Bearer, Mourngul Renegades, Hobyars, Hobhound Handlers

  • Priestly, Rick and John Blanche. Warhammer Armies, (Games Workshop Ltd., 1988).

Realms of Chaos: Slaves To Darkness

Main article: Slaves To Darkness

First of a two-part sourcebook for Warhammer 3rd edition and Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader, covering the armies of Khorne and Slaanesh.

17: Description of Khorne, Chaos Dwarfs said to worship him.

40: Starting Profiles for Chaos Dwarfs.

60-61: Chaos Dwarfs in illustration at the top of the page. Chaos Champion's Retinue Table includes Chaos Dwarfs and Hobgoblins.

152: The Skullrippers (example warband); includes rules for the Chaos Dwarf Renegades models.

154: Photo of the Chaos Dwarf Renegades models.

201-204: Armies of Khorne includes Chaos Dwarf units: Chaos Dwarfs, Berserkers, Beastmasters, Tenderiser, Whirlwind, Mortars, and Bazukas.

233-237: Warhammer 40K Renegade Followers, includes Chaos Squats and Chaos Dwarfs.

  • Ansell, Bryan; Mike Bruton and Simon Forrest. Realms of Chaos Slaves to Darkness. (Games Workshop Ltd., 1989). ISBN 1-869893-51-4.

Realms of Chaos: The Lost and the Damned

Main article: The Lost and the Damned

Second of a two-part sourcebook for Warhammer 3rd edition and Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader, covering the armies of Nurgle and Tzeentch

56: Story about Gotrek and Felix fighting Chaos Dwarfs, and describes Chaos Dwarf origins.

74: Rules for Dwarfs building prosthetic/mechanical limbs.

76-79: Chaos Dwarfs building Chaos Monoliths; Dwarfs and Hobgoblins in Monolith inscriptions.

112-113: Photos of Chaos Dwarfs.

117: Photos of Chaos Squats

119-120: Photos of the Warband of Lothar Bubonicus, includes Chaos Dwarfs.

209-211: Champions of Nurgle, includes Dwarfs

234-235: Champions of Tzeentch, includes Dwarfs

265: Chaos Squats (Nurgle), fluff and rules.

277: Chaos Squats (Tzeentch), fluff and rules. The entries on p.265 and 277 are practically identical.

280: Chaos Dwarf rules summary and picture.

290: Dwarfs in Retinue Table as part of a Chaos Warband

294: Universal Creatures Table - includes Dwarfs, Hobgoblins, Black Orcs, Orcs, and Goblins

  • Priestley, Rick and Bryan Ansell. Realms of Chaos The Lost and The Damned. (Games Workshop Ltd., 1990). ISBN 1-869893-52-2.

[edit] Fourth Edition

Warhammer Rulebook

The principal ruleset for 4th edition.

28-29 & 37 Chaos Dwarf artwork, reprinted from White Dwarf.

Warhammer Battle Bestiary

From the 4th edition boxed set.

21 & 25: Chaos Dwarf Mage references.

  • Priestley, Rick and Andy Chambers. Warhammer Battle Bestiary. (Games Workshop Ltd., 1992).

White Dwarf Presents: Chaos Dwarfs

Main article: White Dwarf Presents: Chaos Dwarfs

The Chaos Dwarf army book; the book is principally a compilation of White Dwarf articles with a small amount of additional material. The White Dwarf articles included are from WD161, WD162, WD163, WD164, WD165, and WD170. The additional material covered Chaos Dwarf banners and special characters: Gorduz Backstabber, Zhatan The Black, and Astragoth.

  • Priestley, Rick. White Dwarf Presents: Chaos Dwarfs. (Games Workshop Ltd., 1994). ISBN 1-872372-80-5

Warhammer Armies: Undead

Undead armybook for 4th/5th edition.

10: Descriptions of Chaos Dwarf Empire, including Plain of Bones, Tower of Gorgoth, Desolation of Azgorh

  • Johnson, Jervis and Bill King. Warhammer Armies: Undead. (Games Workshop Ltd., 1994). ISBN 1-841541-16-8

White Dwarf Presents: Chronicles of War

Main article: White Dwarf Presents: Chronicles of War

A compilation of White Dwarf Battle Reports and tactics articles.

72-95: The Gathering of Might, Battle Report from WD181.

123-141: Death in Drakenmoor, Battle Report from WD186

  • Priestley, Rick, Jervis Johnson, et al. White Dwarf Presents: Chronicles of War. (Games Workshop Ltd., 1995). ISBN 1-872372-91-0

[edit] Fifth Edition

Warhammer Battle Book Part of the 5th edition boxed set.

112-117: Chaos Dwarfs - Pictures, unit rundown, special rules and map.

The World of Warhammer

An "official" fluff book, lavishly illustrated and providing an excellent survey of the 4th/5th edition Warhammer armies and the world they live in.

101:' Speculation that Hashut might be an aspect of Tzeentch.

117-123: Chapter on the Chaos Dwarfs.

128: Reference to Chaos Dwarf sorcery being an offshoot of Dark Magic.

148-149: Chapter on the Greenskins, including the Hobgoblins, Black Orcs and their servitude to the Chaos Dwarfs.

166-169: Timeline includes major events for Chaos Dwarfs and Greenskins

180-185: Heroes and Villains includes Chaos Dwarf characters like Astragoth and Zhatan the Black.

  • Gallard, Richard Wolfrik. The World of Warhammer. London: Carlton Books, 1998. ISBN 1-85868-488-9.

Warhammer: Siege

An expansion pack for Warhammer 5th edition, containing the rules for playing siege battles. Including rules for castles, siege towers, rams etc.

page unkown: Description of Chaos Dwarf Forts.

[edit] Sixth Edition

Warhammer Rulebook

Principal ruleset for the 6th edition.

XX: Chaos Dwarf Army Siege Equipment

  • Priestley, Rick and Tuomas Pirinen. Warhammer. (Games Workshop Ltd., 2002). ISBN 1-84154-051-X.

Ravening Hordes

Main article: Ravening Hordes

A booklet given out in WD250 updating existing armies, including the Chaos Dwarfs, to 6th edition.

  • Ravening Hordes (Games Workshop Ltd., 2002).

Warhammer Chronicles 2003

A compilation of White Dwarf articles from 2003, including two Regiments of Renown of interests: Ghazak Khan, Terror of the East, whose background includes mention of the Great Hobgobla Khan and how they sell slaves to Chaos Dwarfs, and Ruglud's Armoured Orcs.

Warhammer Chronicles 2004

A compilation of White Dwarf articles from 2004, including Oglah Khan's Wolfboyz.

Warhammer: Storms of Chaos

Main article: Storms of Chaos

The accompanying book for the 2004 summer campaign, including rules for the Chaos Dwarf-forged and -crewed Hellcannon.

Ogre Kingdoms

Main article: Ogre Kingdoms

Army book detailing the Ogre Kingdoms armies for 6th edition.

15: Reference to Chaos Dwarf raiders enslaving Gnoblars.

32: Chaos Dwarf involvement with making Leadbelcher cannons.

52: References to Dark Lands andHobgoblins.

54: Reference to Chaos Dwarfs and Hobgoblins attacking Cathay trade route.

56: Reference to the Ironskin Tribe, which is noted as having ties to Zharr-Naggrund.

62: Magic Item: Mastodon Armour, a suit of plate mail traded for human and gnoblar slaves.

75: Braugh Slavelord said to have dealings with Chaos Dwarfs.

  • Kelly, Phil. Warhammer Armies: Ogre Kingdoms. (Games Workshop Ltd., 2005) ISBN 1-841545-31-7

[edit] Seventh Edition


Principal ruleset for 7th edition.

202: Chaos Dwarf history and culture, Chaos Dwarf sketch


Army book for Dwarfs in 7th edition.

6-7: Dwarf History - Section about Chaos Dwarfs.

Orcs and Goblins

Army book for Orcs & Goblins in 7th edition.

20: Reference to Black Orcs being bred by Chaos Dwarfs.

21: Reference to Chaos Dwarfs teaching Orcs metalworking.

44: Magic Item "Ironback Boar" - Mechanical boar engineered by Chaos Dwarfs.

Daemons of Chaos

Army book for Daemons of Chaos army in 7th edition.

27: The origin of Daemon's Stump.

29: The vampire Mangari the Old uncovers a magical crown in the Mountains of Mourn that allows him to commune with Tzeentch, and for the next century hordes of Daemons and the Undead assail the Chaos Dwarfs and Ogres.

Warriors of Chaos

Army book for Warriors of Chaos army in 7th edition.

9: The Trails of Hashut is a battle marked on the map of the Darklands (plus other possible Chaos Dwarf battlesites)

38: The Rise of Chaos - creation of the Hashut-worshipping Chaos Dwarfs

40: The Rise of Chaos - Banner of the Gods is forged in Zharr Naggrund

40: The Rise of Chaos - Volcano's Heart: a legendary forge, searched for in the Dark Lands

46: Chaos Armour - made by Chaos Dwarfs who are described as master Daemonsmiths, and details of Chaos Dwarfs trading with Chaos armies.

61: Ogres - Chaos Dwarfs sometimes make armour for them

66: Hellcannon - made and crewed by Chaos Dwarfs.

76: Scyla Anfingrimm - character with description of how he has slaughtered Chaos Dwarf traders.

98: Hellcannon picture.

112: Magic Item - Chaos Runesword made by a Chaos-worshipping Dwarf, Grungni Ironheart.

113: Magic Item - Chaos Runeshield made by Chaos Dwarfs for defence against Dwarfs.

115: Magic Item - Banner of the Gods is forged in Zharr Naggrund.

126: Army list - Hellcannon

128: Reference - Hellcannon

Vampire Counts

Army book for Vampire Counts army in 7th edition.

55: The Plain of Bones is a ancient Dragons burial grounds; The Desolation of Azgorh contains Chaos Dwarf factories and furnaces.


Army book for Skaven army in 7th edition.

12: Map of Skaven strongholds, including some in the Dark Lands: Seep-Gore, Mount Silverspear, Fire Mountain, and Crookback Mountain.

15: Lair-Nests of the Dark Lands

69: Ikit Claw, Chief Warlock of Clan Skyre, has studied under the cruel Forgemasters of Zharr Naggrund.

  • Vetock, Jeremy. Skaven. (Games Workshop Ltd., 2009). ISBN 978-1-8415-4943

[edit] Eighth Edition


Principal ruleset for 8th edition.

161: Hellcannons and their Chaos Dwarf crew are listed among the Warriors of Chaos in the Bestiary.

426: Doom Engines are massive steamd driven siege towers used by Warriors of Chaos in many different conflicts.

455: Hothgar a renegade forge-sorcerer who served Chaos Lord Mortkin.

Warhammer: Glotkin

Second expansion book in the Warhammer: The End Times series.

112: Talabheim has once been attacked by the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer Korakagrakk and his Magma Beasts.


Orcs & Goblins

Army book for Orcs & Goblins for 8th edition.

10: Description of Black Orcs, mention of their origin in the Dark Lands.

13: Map of Greenskin tribes in the Old World, including the western edges of the Dark Lands with sites such as Howling Rock, the Wolf Lands, Crookback Mountain, the Ash Ridge Mountains, the Plain of Bone, Mount Grey Hag, and with a pointer toward the Plain of Zharr.

14: Description of the Dark Lands, with mention of the Chaos Dwarfs, Hobgoblins (including the Great Hobgobbla Khan!), and the origins of the Black Orcs.

39: Description of Black Orcs, including rumors of their origin by the Chaos Dwarfs.

40: Assertion that Orc slaves that escaped from the Chaos Dwarfs brought knowledge of metal working to the Greenskin tribes.

71: Stats and description of Grimgor Ironhide and Da Immortulz. His axe Gitsnik was forged in Zharr-Nagrond.

Daemons of Chaos

Army book for Daemons for 8th edition.

page unknown: The daemons timelime makes an mention of Daemon's Stump and the battle that toke place there.

The Empire

Army book for The Empire for 8th edition.

16: Timeline 2511. Mention of the war against Tamurkhan the Maggot Lord. Being from Forge World material, and describes as having Chaos Dwarf allies, it's an official mention by proxy.

Forge World

Numerous mentions in Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos, especially the armylist Legion of Azgorh.

Storm of Magic

128: New rules and fluff for the Great Taurus

129: New rules and fluff for the Lammasu

  • Storm of Magic. (Games Workshop Ltd., 2011)

[edit] White Dwarf

Main article: White Dwarf

Issues are addresses chronologically and use the UK numbering unless stated otherwise (US numbering is UK - 1, for reference). References should include the author of the articles, the name of the article, the issue number (typically abbreviated as "WDXXX" format), and the page number. 'Eavy Metal articles are pictures of the studio's painted miniatures.

White Dwarf 68

17: Regiments of Renown 18 - Eeza Ugezod's Mother Crushers. Early reference to Black Orcs.

  • Regiments of Renown 18 - Eeza Ugezod's Mother Crushers 17. WD68

White Dwarf 78

XX: Citadel Miniatures: Chaos Dwarfs

  • Citadel Miniatures: Chaos Dwarfs WD78

White Dwarf 79

50: Rogue ogre Skrag the Slaughterer forced Chaos Dwarfs to forge his Chaos Armour and then slaughtered them.

  • Skrag the Slaughterer 50. WD79

White Dwarf 83

30-35: The Crude, the Mad and the Rusty - Pull-out game pitting Skrag the Slaughterer against his Chaos Dwarf foe Harvey-Wotan, his Tin Man construct, and a pair of Goblin Fanatics.

  • The Crude, the Mad and the Rusty 30-35. WD83

White Dwarf 95

Main article: Ruglud's Armoured Orcs, Karak Ungor

Inside cover: Prince Ulther's Imperial Dwarfs - The Dragon Company - A Regiment of Renown dedicated to exterminating Chaos Dwarfs.

7: Ruglud's Armored Orcs - the Spike-Can Commandos - The first version of this Regiment of Renown, whose armour was prized from dead Dwarfs and Chaos Dwarfs (reading between the lines a little).

  • Prince Ulther's Imperial Dwarfs - The Dragon Company Inside cover. WD95
  • Ruglud's Armored Orcs - the Spike-Can Commandos 7. WD95

White Dwarf 103

50-53: Crush Crumble and Chop: Chaos Dwarf War Machines & Crew - Whirlwind, Tenderiser, Boar Centaurs

  • Crush Crumble and Chop: Chaos Dwarf War Machines & Crew 50-53. WD103

White Dwarf 105

57-67: Chaos on the Pitch - Chaos Dwarf Teams for Blood Bowl

  • Chaos on the Pitch 57-67. WD105

White Dwarf 108

12-14: Chaos Dwarf Ballistics - Chaos Dwarf Crossbows, Chaos Dwarf Swivel Gun

  • Chaos Dwarf Ballistics WD105

White Dwarf 111

27-49: Squats. History of Squats, including Chaos Squats.

  • Squates 27-49. WD111

White Dwarf 152

51-67: The Dwarf Realms: History and Culture; includes "Other Dwarf Enclaves": Black Mountains and the Grey Mountains, The Vaults, Norse Dwarfs, Chaos Dwarfs, and Expatriate Dwarfs.

  • The Dwarf Realms: History and Culture WD152

White Dwarf 161

These articles were incorporated in White Dwarf Presents: Chaos Dwarfs.

11-21: Chaos Dwarfs - Background, Map, Chaos Dwarfs Bestiary (Chaos Dwarfs, Bull Centaurs, Great Taurus, Lammasu, Hobgoblins) `Eavy Metal: Chaos Dwarfs, Great Taurus, and Bull Centaurs

  • Chaos Dwarfs 11-21. WD161

White Dwarf 162

These articles were incorporated in White Dwarf Presents: Chaos Dwarfs.

55-67: Chaos Dwarf Army List - The Army, Characters, Troops, War Machines, Monsters

  • Chaos Dwarf Army List 55-67. WD162

White Dwarf 163

The Warhammer Fantasy Battle articles were incorporated in White Dwarf Presents: Chaos Dwarfs.

9-10: Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss - Rules for using blunderbusses.

13-17: Chaos Dwarf Magic Cards - Spells: (Doomroar, Shadows of Hashut, Magma Pool, Eruption, Flaming Hide, Ash Cloud, Sorcerer's Curse, Flames of Azgorh, Lava Storm, Fist of Fire)

14: 'Eavy Metal - (Chaos Dwarf) Hobgoblins

61-67: Plague Fleet: Fleet Backgrounds. Rules for fielding Chaos Dwarf fleets in Man O' War.

  • Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss 9-10. WD163
  • Chaos Dwarf Magic Cards 13-17. WD163
  • 'Eavy Metal - (Chaos Dwarf) Hobgoblins 14. WD163
  • Plague Fleet: Fleet Backgrounds 61-67. WD163

White Dwarf 164

These articles were incorporated in White Dwarf Presents: Chaos Dwarfs.

40-41: 'Eavy Metal - (Chaos Dwarf) Hobgoblin Wolf Riders

42-61: The Battle of Anurell's Tomb: Battle Report - Chaos Dwarfs vs High Elves

  • 'Eavy Metal - (Chaos Dwarf) Hobgoblin Wolf Riders 40-41. WD164
  • The Battle of Anurell's Tomb 42-61. WD164

White Dwarf 165

These photos were incorporated in White Dwarf Presents: Chaos Dwarfs.

60: 'Eavy Metal: Chaos Dwarf Heroes. Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer, Hero, and Lord.

  • 'Eavy Metal: Chaos Dwarf Heroes 60. WD165

White Dwarf 167

19: 'Eavy Metal: Hobgoblin Archers

  • 'Eavy Metal: Hobgoblin Archers 19. WD167

White Dwarf 170

Hobgoblin Sneaky Gits: Chaos Dwarfs was incorporated in White Dwarf Presents: Chaos Dwarfs.

31-33: Hobgoblin Sneaky Gits

50-69: The Battle of Skull River: Battle Report - Chaos Dwarfs vs. Wood Elves

  • Hobgoblin Sneaky Gits 31-33. WD170
  • The Battle of Skull River 50-69. WD170

White Dwarf 171

20: 'Eavy Metal - Hobgoblin Chieftan

  • 'Eavy Metal - Hobgoblin Chieftan 20. WD171

White Dwarf 172

20-21: Dieter Helsnicht: Doom Lord of Middenheim. Has a Magic Weapon made by a 'Dark' Dwarf.

  • Dieter Helsnicht: Doom Lord of Middenheim 20-21. WD172

White Dwarf 175

31: 'Eavy Metal: Chaos Dwarf Battlefleet. For Man O' War, includes Hellfire Battlebarge, Great Leveller Battlebarge, Thunder Rollers, Hull Destroyer, and Great Taurus.

  • 'Eavy Metal: Chaos Dwarf Battlefleet 31. WD175

White Dwarf 181

This battle report was incorporated in White Dwarf Presents: Chronicles of War.

44-69: A Gathering of Might: 25,000 Point Battle Report - Orc & Goblin and Chaos Dwarf Host vs. Empire and Wood Elf Alliance

  • A Gathering of Might 44-69. WD181

White Dwarf 183

30: 'Eavy Metal: Zharr-Naggrund Ziggurats. Blood Bowl minatures.

  • 'Eavy Metal: Zharr-Naggrund Ziggurats 30. WD183

White Dwarf 185

32-34: Astragoth, High Priest Of Hashut: Chaos Dwarfs. Includes 'Eavy Metal page. Originally printed in White Dwarf Presents: Chaos Dwarfs.

  • Astragoth, High Priest of Hashut 32-24. WD185

White Dwarf 186

This battle report was incorporated in White Dwarf Presents: Chronicles of War.

45-65: Death in Drakenmoor: Battle Report - Empire vs. Chaos Dwarfs

  • Death in Drakenmoor 45-65. WD186

White Dwarf 191

59-64: Tales of Victory: '95 Best Painted Army - Gareth Hamilton's Chaos Dwarfs

  • Tales of Victory: '95 Best Painted Army - Gareth Hamilton's Chaos Dwarfs 59-64. WD191

White Dwarf 200

63-70: Assault on Black Skull Mountain (scenario) - Dwarfs with White Dwarf vs. Chaos Dwarfs

White Dwarf 201

92-107: Furnace of Hashut: Battle Report - Dwarfs vs. Chaos Dwarfs. This is the battle report of the scenario Assault on Black Skull Mountain.

  • Furnace of Hashut 92-107. WD201

White Dwarf 203

69-74: Fists of Hashut: Chaos Dwarf Tactics

  • Fists of Hashut: Chaos Dwarf Tactics 69-74. WD203

White Dwarf 221

44: Miniatures: Zharr-Naggrund Ziggurats. Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl team.

  • Miniatures: Zharr-Naggrund Ziggurats 44. WD221

White Dwarf 231

Main articles: Oglah Khan's Wolfboyz, Ghazak Khan

8, 10-11: A Hobgoblin character and Regiment of Renown for Dogs of War.

  • Ghazak Khan: Terror of the East 8. WD231
  • Oglah Khan's Wolfboyz 10-11. WD231

White Dwarf 267

Main article: Ruglud's Armoured Orcs

90: A Chaos Dwarf army destroyed Ruglud's horde by massed crossbow firepower. Later on he came apon a battlesite containing the same Chaos Dwarfs, all dead, killed by something or someone unknown. His remaining force took the armour from the Chaos Dwarfs, and became Ruglud's Armoured Orcs.

  • Ruglud's Armoured Orcs 90. WD267

White Dwarf 302

14-18: The Ivory Road. An Empire map maker charts his quest in the company of Ogres. Mentionned are the Black Fortress, the Howling Wastes, and 'flesh-eating Dwarf slavers who wear masks of iron and take their blacksmith's tools to their captives in brutal and length displays of torture'.

  • The Ivory Road 14-18. WD302

White Dwarf 342

68-75: Chosen of Chaos. A Warriors of Chaos army list to get players by until their army book is released. The Hellcannon, crewed by Chaos Dwarfs, is included.

  • Chosen of Chaos 68-75. WD342

[edit] The Citadel Journal

The Citadel Journal issues are addresses chronologically. References should include the author of the articles, the name of the article, the issue number (typically abbreviated as "CJXX" format), and the page number.

The Citadel Journal 3

22: Love They Neighbor: Expanded Racial Rules. For Mighty Empires, includes Chaos Dwarfs.

  • Love They Neighbor: Expanded Racial Rules 22. CJ3

The Citadel Journal 4

38-41: Blimey! Who put that there? For Mighty Empires, includes passing mention of Chaos Dwarfs.

  • Blimey! Who put that there? 38-41. CJ4

The Citadel Journal 7

18-31: Warhammer Armies: Norse Army List. Includes Norse Dwarfs and Norse Dwarf Mammoths.

  • Warhammer Armies: Norse Army List 18-32. CJ7

The Citadel Journal 9

40-43: New Star Players. Blood Bowl article, includes Zorn Uzkrag, a Chaos Dwarf.

  • New Start Players 40-43. CJ9

The Citadel Journal 13

9-15: Big Guys. Blood Bowl article, adds Bull Centaurs to Chaos Dwarf team.

  • Big Guys 9-15. CJ13

The Citadel Journal 20

66-75: Cunning Stunties: Tactics for Dwarfs and Chaos Dwarfs

  • Cunning Stunties: Tactics for Dwarfs and Chaos Dwarfs 66-75. CJ20

The Citadel Journal 24

6-12: Fear of the Dark. Chaos Dwarfs have night vision.

26-28: Blood Bowl Stadiums II. Rules for Chaos Dwarf stadiums in Blood Bowl.

  • Fear of the Dark 6-12. CJ24
  • Blood Bowl Stadiums II 26-28. CJ24

The Citadel Journal 25

66: Out of Retirement. Blood Bowl Star Player update; Geargrinder the Cyborc is a Chaos Dwarf option.

  • Out of Retirement 61-68. CJ25

The Citadel Journal 35

64-65: Giddy-Up. Chaos Dwarfs tactics for Blood Bowl.

  • Giddy-Up 64-65. CJ35

[edit] Other Games Workshop Periodicals

[edit] Inferno!

Inferno! was a monthly collection of short and serial fiction, comics, and illustrations set in the Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K universes. Issues are denoted by "I!" and the issue number.

Inferno! 35

XX: Meat Wagon by C.L. Werner; "Hashut's bald beard!" is an epithet uttered by Dwarf engineer Fergrim Ironsharp when set upon by ghouls.

  • Meat Wagon. I!35

[edit] Warhammer Monthly

Warhammer Monthly was a monthly British comic featuring stories set in the Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K universes. Issues are denoted by "WHM" and the issue number.

Warhammer Monthly 8

Main article: Dwarflords

4-11: Dwarflords. The Dwarflords are transported to the Mountains of Mourn.

  • Dwarflords 4-11. WHM8

Warhammer Monthly 9

Main article: Dwarflords

8-14: Dwarflords. The Dwarflords are trapped in the Mountains of Mourn.

  • Dwarflords 4-14. WHM9

Warhammer Monthly 10

Main article: Dwarflords

4-11: Dwarflords. The Dwarflords are captured by Hobgoblins and Chaos Dwarfs in the Mountains of Mourn, and taken as slaves to Zharr-Naggrund, where they became embroiled in a pit fight and managed to escape on a bull centaur.

  • Dwarflords 4-11. WHM10

[edit] Other Games Workshop Games Publications

The Warhammer Fantasy universe has been shared, at least to some degree, with other games published by Games Workshop and licensed companies. While not always "canon," these are a good source of fluff.

[edit] Blood Bowl

Main article: Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl Handbook

XX: Chaos Dwarf team history and rules for the 3rd edition.

  • Johnson, Jervis. Blood Bowl Handbook, (Games Workshop Ltd., 1994).

The Citadel Journal Blood Bowl Compendium

An annual collection of Blood Bowl articles from The Citadel Journal.

XX: Big Guys - Bull Centaurs. From CJ13

XX: New Players - Hobgoblin Sneaky Gits

XX: Blood Bowl Wizards - Chaos Dwarf Wizard

  • Johnson, Jervis et al. The Citadel Journal Blood Bowl Compendium, (Games Workshop Ltd., 1995).

Blood Bowl Compendium 2

XX: New Star Players - Zorn 'Sabre Tooth' Uzkrag, Chaos Dwarf Blocker

XX: Past Masters - Dodgee Gitface, Hobgoblin

  • Johnson, Jervis et al. The Citadel Journal Blood Bowl Compendium 2, (Games Workshop Ltd., 1996).

Blood Bowl Compendium 3

XX: Pom Poms Out for the Lads - Hobgoblin Cheerleaders

  • Hambrook, Steve et al. The Citadel Journal Blood Bowl Compendium 3, (Games Workshop Ltd., 1997).

Blood Bowl Handbook

XX: Chaos Dwarf team history and rules for the 4th edition of the game.

Blood Bowl Magazine

A Fanatics Games publication to provide further material for Blood Bowl enthusiasts. References should include the author of the articles, the name of the article, the issue number (typically abbreviated as "BBXX" format), and the page number.

Blood Bowl Magazine Issue 6

31: Rumour Control: Hthark the Unstoppable allegedly signed a one year deal to endorse Orcidas athletic hoofwear.

  • Rumour Control 31. BB6

Blood Bowl Magazine Issue 7

6-12: The Chaos Dwarf Playbook

  • The Chaos Dwarf Playbook 6-12. BB7

[edit] Man O' War

Main article: Man O' War

Plague Fleet

A boxed-set game supplement for Man O' War.

17, 19, 25: The story of Abnagg Hellbeard, Chaos Dwarf Admiral.

40-48: Rules and background material for Chaos Dwarf fleets.

  • Jones, Andy. Plague Fleet, (Games Workshop Ltd., 1993).

Sea of Blood

A boxed-set game supplement for Man O' War.

19: Rules for the Chaos Dwarf Great Taurus; this is the only known instance of a Great Taurus rider wielding a blunderbuss!

31: Rules for the Chaos Dwarf Rocket Battery.

  • Jones, Andy and Bill King. Sea of Blood, (Games Workshop Ltd., 1994).

[edit] Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Main article: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Dwarfs - Stone and Steel

A sourcebook on Dwarfs.

25: "The Dwarfs reserve a particular loathing for the corrupted Chaos Dwarfs, whom they call the Tainted (Khazalid: Frurndar). Their existence is seen as a disgrace to the entire Dwarf race, and one which can only be expunged by the total extinction of the Chaos Dwarfs. The savagery of the battles between the two races nearly reaches that of the Dwarf-Orc conflicts. The few Chaos Dwarfs who survive long enough to be captured can only look forward to a lengthy interrogation before they are also killed."

60: "Some say that [Grimmaz] has been seen in the possession of a marauding band of Tainted Dwarfs found near the High (Beleyevorota) Pass, northwest of Kislev."

61: "Over a century ago, Kislevite trappers in the nearby World's Edge Mountains encountered a band of Tainted Dwarfs whose leader was carrying an ornate warhammer. One survivor of the onslaught, Ivan Keanovich, reported that this magical hammer was able to shoot lightning bolts at will. Through some research in the Great Library in Marienburg, the Imperial explorer Tomas Ostermann determined that the little information provided by Keanovich was enough to convince him that the magical hammer was indeed Gnoldron. Ostermann mounted an expedition in 2430 I.C. to recover the hammer, but never returned."

  • Nunez Jr., Alfred. Dwarfs - Stone and Steel. (Hogshead Publishing Limited, under license from Games Workshop, 2002) ISBN 1-899749-28-4

Old World Bestiary

A collection of treatises on monsters and non-human races.

17-19 Summary of the Chaos Dwarfs, as seen from the "Common View", "Scholar's Eye" and "Our Own Words"

25-26 Summary of the Hobgoblins, as seen from the "Common View", "Scholar's Eye" and "Our Own Words"

58-59 Giant Wolf fluff

85-86 Chaos Dwarf and Bull Centaur rules, with some fluff

95-96 Giant Wolf rules, with some fluff about Hobgoblins

99-100 Hobgoblin rules, with some fluff

  • Luikart, T.S. and Ian Sturrock. Old World Bestiary. (Black Industries, 2005). ISBN 1-844162-26-5

Tome of Corruption

A sourcebook on Chaos.

157-160: Summary of the Chaos Dwarfs, as seen from the "Common View", "Scholar's Eye" and "Our Own Words" as well as rules and careers for playing Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers and Chaos Engineers.

Night's Dark Masters

A sourcebook on vampires.

82: Mannfred von Carstein is said to have travelled to Zharr-Naggrund, where his magical sword Timor Noctis was forged.

  • Darlington, Steven and Jody Macgregor. Night's Dark Masters. (Black Industries, 2006). ISBN 1-844163-13-X

[edit] Black Library Books and Novels

The Black Library is the publishing arm of Games Workshop, providing novels set in the various game worlds and fluff books to detail the history of the settings.

[edit] Novels & Anthologies

Ignorant Armies

One of the original Warhammer Fantasy anthologies, the relevant story is The Laughter of Dark Gods by William King.

231-247: A group of Chaos Dwarfs dedicated to Khorne, including a Bazooka, join the warband of the Chaos Champion Kurt von Diehl, becoming gradually more mutated as time goes on.

  • Pringle, David - Editor. Ignorant Armies. (GW Books, 1989) iSBN 1-855150-02-6

Red Thirst

One of the original Warhammer Fantasy anthologies, the relevant section is in the story The Light of Transfiguration by Brian Craig, part of his Orfeo tales.

155: "[...]made alliance with a tribe of dwarfs who had forsaken the worship of Grungni in order that another god might teach them the secret arts of crystal-making."

164-165: One of the dwarfs in question makes a brief appearance to hand over the missing pieces of a magical (and daemonic) window.


The short story of interest was originally printed as Geheimnisnacht in the Warhammer Fantasy anthology Ignorant Armies. The Gotrek and Felix short stories were collected and published in Trollslayer in 1999, which was reprinted in 2003, and included in Gotrek & Felix: The First Omnibus in 2006.

21: An interesting and relevant exchange:

"I have heard tales of whole armies of dwarfs dedicated to the Ruinous Powers". - Felix Jaeger

"We do not talk lightly about such things. We have vowed eternal war against the abominations you mention and their dark masters." - Gotrek Gurnisson


257: The ziggurats of the Old Ones remind Gotrek Gurnisson of the ziggurats of the Chaos Dwarfs.


153:Exchange between Hamnir, Gorril & Felix:

"Are there not dwarfs that worship the Chaos gods?" asked Felix. "From what I have seen of them, they would not scruple to use any weapon." "Aye," said Hamnir, "but their realm is far from here, beyond the Worlds Edge Mountains, and north. It would be extremely strange to find them so far south." "They have been known to enslave grobi," added Gorril, "but this is done with the whip and the club. Left alone, the greenskins rebel and do what they will. If the grobi we encountered had been slaves, there would have been Dawi Zharr overseers with them, driving them into battle."


360: Referring to dwarfen cannons daemonbound by Tzeentch sorcerers:

"Makin' instruments o' Chaos out o' the purr wee things! The villians! I'll no hae it! It's as bad as the Dawi Zharr and yon daemon gun!" - Malakai Makaisson

Grudge Bearer

Main article: Grudge Bearer

213: Reference to Zharr Naggrund and the Zharri-dum, an alternative name for the Chaos Dwarfs.

239-240, 245-246: The Chaos Dwarfs sent forces with the army of Vardek Crom, herald of Archaon, to break through Peak Pass. The Chaos Dwarfs and Marauders were opposed by the forces of Karak Kadrin and Zhufbar; and when their mortal Chaos allies were defeated the Chaos Dwarfs drew back. Descriptions of Chaos Dwarf army units including sorcerers and daemonic war machines, including the Hellcannon and the Kollossus.

Palace of the Plague Lord

Main article: Zhardrach

146-339: One of the supporting characters in the novel is Zhardrach, a renegade Chaos Dwarf ("Fire Dwarf of the Great Skull Land") who escaped from Uzkulak, where he claimed they wished to feed him to daemons, to a Norscan encampment on the edge of the Chaos Wastes, where he was a forgemaster at a Norscan star-metal mine, enslaving the chaos ogre Thogmathog with the use of a magical bronze ring set with angular runes. The Chaos Dwarf had tiny skull-shaped black beads woven into his beard, each one marked with one of the runes on the slave ring (presumably this is how Zhardrach controlled the ogre), as well as gold rings piercing his brow and gold studs set in his nose. Zhardrach worshiped Hashut (called 'Dark Father' by the Norscans) and forged a sword for Einarr, the novel's protagonist, from a shattered steel sword and an ithilmar dagger; there is no indication he was learnt in sorcery. Zhardrach accompanied Einarr and his warband into the Chaos Wastes. He spent the majority of the novel chained to a two-headed Chaos Ogre and planning to betray and kill the warband, but was finally slain by the Chaos Dragon Bubos.


400: Referring to the weapon of the Black Orc warlord Urgluk Bloodfang at the Battle of Black Fire Pass:

"Green fire rippled around the warlord's axe, a weapon of immense poer and evil. The blade was smooth obsidian and no orc craft had fashioned so deadly a weapon. Twisted variants of the runes that blazed on Ghal-maraz were worked along the length of its haft, and Sigmar felt their evil clawing at his soul."

Mathias Thulmann: Witch Hunter

The short story of interest Meat Wagon was originally published in Inferno! 35 (2003)

46: "Hashut's bald beard!" is an epithet uttered by Dwarf engineer Fergrim Ironsharp when set upon by ghouls.

Knight of the Realm

Main article: Zumarah

9, 92-95, 157-160, 162, 165, 216-217, 257-260, 272, 274-283, 358-361: One of the supporting characters in this novel is Zumarah, a Chaos Dwarf slavemaster and forgemaster, who has lent his services and those of his Hellcannon Erishkagal-Namtar and its supporting retinue of Chaos Dwarfs and Black Orcs to the Skaeling Jarl in exchange for the promise of many slaves. The hellcannon proves a decisive weapon against the Brettonians until it is destroyed during the siege of Lyonnesse, the twin-daemons within it freed and its crew slaughtered. Zumarah himself challenges the Jarl for breaking his oath to pay the Chaos Dwarf his promised quota of slaves, and dies at the Skaeling's axe. Zumarah had a dark, ruddy complexion like granite, prominent tusks, and knobs under his forehead that were either mutations or implants of some sort; his beard was long and black, and bound with rings of meteoric iron. HIs personal weapon was a magical greataxe with a head of enchanted obsidian.

Death & Dishonour The short story Red Sand by Nathan Long features Gotrek & Felix in the Dark Lands, guarding a caravan from Pig Barter. Reveals some interesting details of the Dark Lands, but mentions nothing of the Chaos Dwarfs.

  • Kyme, Nick, Alex Davis, and Lindsey Priestley, editors. Death & Dishonour. (Black Library, 2010) ISBN 1-844168-07-7

[edit] Other Publications

Liber Chaotica (Book 1: Liber Khorne)

The five Liber Chaotica were also bundled into a complete edition. (2006)

70-71: Commentary on the origin of Juggernauts of Khorne as creations of the Chaos Dwarfs and questions regarding the nature of Hashut.

Darkness Rising

50-51: Description of Hellcannons.

72: Reference to Chaos Dwarfs manning Hellcannons during the Storm of Chaos.

74: Valten struck by a Hellcannon salvo during the siege of Middenheim, but survived due to the runic gromril armor gifted to him by the Dwarfs.

  • Kelly, Phil and Anthony Reynolds. Darkness Rising. (Black Library, 2005) ISBN 1-844162-10-9


90-91: Map with portions of the Dark Lands, including the Plain of Zharr and a pointer to Zharr Naggrund

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