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[edit] Summary

The Chaos Dwarf Timeline was a list of events and dates that appeared in White Dwarf Presents: Chaos Dwarfs detailing the history of the Chaos Dwarf race. It has since been supplemented by some information from the Warriors of Chaos Warhammer Armies book.

[edit] Timeline

Imperial Year


  • The time of the Ancestor Gods. No written records of these times survive although legend tells of the gradual colonisation of the Worlds Edge Mountains by Dwarfs.


  • The most adventurous Dwarfs journey across the barren upland regions north of the Worlds Edge Mountains which they name "Zorn Uzkul" (or the Great Skull Land) in the Plain of Zharr. It is named after the massed skeletons of the beasts that go there to die - the plains are carpeted with ivory and towering mounds of bone.[1]



  • Abandoned by their gods, Dwarfs of the Dark Lands turn to the worship of the evil god Hashut, the Father of Darkness.





  • The Black Orcs prove unruly and difficult to control. After leading an armed revolt that ravages the lower levels of Zharr-Naggrund they are purged from the ziggurat. Fleeing Black Orcs escape to the Worlds Edge Mountains and the Mountains of Mourn.


  • Rich volcanic deposits first mined at Gorgoth.


  • To fuel the every increasing demand for slaves the Chaos Dwarf fleet cruises the River Ruin and Sea of Dread enslaving those unfortunate enough to cross its path. A great sea canal is constructed liking the Falls of Doom with the Sea of Chaos giving the fleet an exit in the north.


  • The BANNER OF THE GODS is forged from daemonbone in the sulphur-choked depths of Zharr-Naggrund.[2]


  • Aekold Hellbrass, Champion of Tzeentch, seeks out the legendary forge known as the Volcano's Heart. His path across the blackened wasteland of the Dark Lands is to this day marked by the trail of unnatural vegetation that sprung up in his wake.[2]


c. 2511

  • Drazhoath the Ashen and the Legion of Azgorh first battle and later joins Tamurkhan the Maggot Lord. Subsequently invading the Empire as part of the Great Host of Chaos. Finally defeated at the gates of Nuln, the Chaos Dwarfs abandon the host.[3]

[edit] History

Obviously, this timeline is somewhat sparse compared to some of the other timelines featured before and since in Warhammer Armies Books, demonstrating at a glance the lack of concrete Chaos Dwarf background. However, the timeline does provide the first canon example of the full title "Mingol Zharr-Naggrund" for the Chaos Dwarf capital, as well as an indication that Uzkulak is a staging point for the Chaos Dwarf navy. The final entry in the timeline - a fairly insignificant battle - seems incongruous, but this battle appeared as a Battle Report in White Dwarf early in the life of the Chaos Dwarf army, and was reprinted in White Dwarf Presents: Chaos Dwarfs alongside the timeline. Note that there is a small error in the timeline: Zorn Uzkul is not "in the Plain of Zharr" - they are two distinct locations which do not overlap.

With the release of the 7th Edition Warriors of Chaos book, this timeline has been supplemented by a number of new entries and details from occasions when the Warriors of Chaos have dealt with the Chaos Dwarfs.

While Legion of Azgorh in Tamurkhan: Throne of Chaos do mention some of the above historical situations, it doesn't include any specific dates. The Empire armybook (8th eedition) puts the events into the imperial year 2511. The book also refer to the Chaos Dwarg capitol as "Mingol Zharr-Naggrund", underlining this as the correct name.

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