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The Chaos Dwarfs, despite being sorcerers and sporting many mutations from the typical Dwarf stock (including Bull Centaurs, Lammasu, and supposedly the Great Taurus), do not pay homage to the Chaos Gods and were not depicted as interacting much with the Daemons of Chaos.

Over the last few years, however, this has begun to change. While there has always been discussion on the nature and origin of Hashut, the most recent depiction of Chaos Dwarfs shows them applying their sorcery to the binding of daemons within war machines, which is seen as an extension of their already firmly-entrenched penchant for slavery. The main point of contention between Chaos Dwarf fans over daemonic war machines is the apparent retcon involved with making classic war machines like the Earthshaker Cannon and Death Rocket into daemon engines instead of merely extremely powerful, but mundane, artillery pieces.

This new direction of daemon-binding has been accompanied by a striking visual change from previous Chaos Dwarf models, in the the characteristic Big Hats have been replaced with Masks, which is itself a point of contention for many older players.


[edit] Early Chaos Dwarfs

Main article: Early Chaos Dwarfs

The earliest depictions of Chaos Dwarfs have them as little more than Dwarf Mutants and Dwarf Chaos Warriors. As such, using the rules and guidelines given in Realms of Chaos these Chaos Dwarfs could eventually become daemons.

[edit] Hashut

Main article: Hashut

It has often been speculated that Hashut is actually a rogue Daemon of Khorne, though the truth of this is unsure.[5] It is certain that no "Daemons of Hashut" have yet to be released or hinted at, unlike similar gods such as the Horned Rat of the Skaven, whose daemons are known as Verminlords.

[edit] Hellcannon

Main article: Hellcannon

The first of the daemon engines to be attributed to the Chaos Dwarfs, and the beginning of a new direction for Chaos Dwarfs.

[edit] Grudge Bearer

Main article: Grudge Bearer

This novel expands on the Hellcannon as presented in the Storm of Chaos, explicitly presenting Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers binding daemons into all of their great engines of war, including the monstrous Kollossus.[4]

[edit] Daemon's Stump

Main article: Daemon's Stump

The Daemon's Stump is a location in the Dark Lands that from the earliest depiction [1] has generated a great amount of speculation, particularly concerning its connection, if any, with the Chaos Dwarfs. Recently, it was revealed that a powerful daemon, a Bloodthirster of Khorne, is entombed in the stump[3] and the Chaos Dwarfs have a settlement at the location.[2]

[edit] Runic Daemon Binding

In an updated version of WFRP 2nd edition character, Master Lukas, a Dwarf Runesmith fallen to using dark magic, re-discovered a lost method of binding daemons into runes. This may or may not be connected to the lost Master Rune of Dominion that Skalf Ironbrow of Kadrik Kadrin was researching [3] or the daemon engines seen in Grudge Bearer, but it would posit a possible alternative path of development for Chaos Dwarf Magic, focusing on the binding of daemons using runes.

[edit] Warhammer Forge

The latest fluff from Warhammer Forge confirms that Chaos Dwarf Daemonsmiths will continue to be developed and play a larger role in Chaos Dwarf society and armies. The rules for the Iron Daemon model suggest that Chaos Dwarfs field a combination of regular and Hellbound war machines.

[edit] References

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