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This article is fan-based and not based on official fluff, thus it is not necessary to cite sources.

The main principle I wanted to convey was to try and direct all the fluff into one all encompassing focus for the whole race. In the old (current) fluff this was not really clear and a lot has changed since then anyway. So here is where the idea for a tear into the Realm of Chaos located at Daemons Stump comes in. For those who don't know much about the geography of the Dark Lands this is south east of Zharr Naggrund. I’ve also given it a CD name; Zharrakhaos (incase you read this and get confused).

This tear is like a weeping wound into the world beyond. Left alone it would eventually open up into a third chaos gate. It is located miles underground in a vast chamber and basically the Chaos Dwarfs have to guard this against any daemon armies that try to come through.

The Role of Hashut

With a focus like this it would be all too easy to sideline Hashut in the fluff. Not so however.

To start with, Hashut appears right at the beginnings of their origins, and at other important moments in the development of the race. I wanted to not make it definitive, but suggest basically that Hashut created the Chaos Dwarfs in the first place, and by the pressure he places upon them develop them into the perfect followers for what he needs.

Hashut exists within the Realm of Chaos and is actively 'protecting' the Chaos dwarfs from his side. So imagine if he stops 99.99% of the daemons trying to come through there would still be enough for a daemonic legion every now and then no matter how hard Hashut tries. Then of course Hashut has the opportunity to let through a daemonic legion every now and then just to keep the Chaos Dwarfs strong, and to remind them of their duty.

For the eternal struggle Hashut requires spiritual energy, namely the powerful emotions of the oppressed and so that is mainly why our Chaos Dwarfs go to war; to get slaves. They sacrifice them and slowly the tear might close over hundreds of years, or grow rapidly when the polar ones do. Here there is a slight conflict as the CD are very greedy and so keep many slaves for their own uses. Sacrificing them all to try and close the tear might not achieve anything, and they have tried this many times in the past.

So Hashut is their divine protector, and as such religion is very important for the race as a whole. I also wanted to portray Hashut as a ‘God of Greed’ generally so that he has a larger powerbase, and would fit in more readily with the accepted background materials for gods in other Warhammer armies.

So that is basically the main driving force for them as a race. In an odd sort of way it portrays them as neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’ guys. They are saving the world, but for their own selfish reasons. Sacrificing slaves in their hundreds though means they are just plain evil though at the end of the day. It also keeps Hashut right at the centre of everything (exactly where it/he should be), instead of some side-line god.

This tear can be used as a portal through which to travel around the Warhammer world, though to voluntarily enter the realm of chaos to do so is insanity. Given the desperation of the CD to save themselves it is sometimes seen as necessary, and it also fits into the rules of the army nicely.

The Main Themes

In the origins and other fluff you will see that the main themes summed up in 3 words are Doom, Greed and Fear. These 3 epitomise everything my CD are; from the moment they first wandered into the dark lands, to how their society functions and what their future is (past, present and future). These 3 themes are interwoven and reinforced continually throughout all the fluff so they are perfectly clear.

The Epic of Gilgamaz reinforces these themes even further back, long before the Chaos Dwarfs even existed in fact, and raises many questions about their past present and future. Basically the idea that its their destiny to be doomed.

To summarise all this:

Slaves to Darkness

Since the dawn of their creation, the Chaos Dwarfs have had to keep all knowledge of the tear in the material realm under Zharrakhaos a secret to be defended at any cost. If the forces of the dark powers were ever to learn of its existence, they would certainly seek to destroy them in a tide of destruction.

Yet the barbarian followers of chaos have a unique part to play in the Chaos Dwarfs never ending struggle for survival. Through their unceasing efforts to overthrow the world, they weaken many nations sufficiently for the slave raider armies to obtain what they need. Without the numbers or strength to do this themselves directly on the same scale, they are content to allow the dark powers wreak wanton devastation if ultimately they will help the race of the Dawi Zharr to survive.

This use of the dark power of chaos is also shown in their binding of daemonic power into horrific machines of war. When the first dark energy spilled forth from the tear, the only solution was to attempt to bind the raw energy into inanimate objects or face inevitable destruction. Not being able to manipulate such power themselves at the time, they were content for many hundreds of years simply to place these large iron monoliths around their empire to cause fear and repel any would-be attackers. In recent centuries as their enemies grew ever stronger, the declining race of Chaos Dwarfs took the momentous decision to use this immense power to save themselves from annihilation.

Thus it is that the unique relationship with Chaos exists, it could destroy them or ultimately save them. They are the masters of the Lesser Races beneath them but are ultimately slaves to fate themselves. The true Slaves to Darkness.

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