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Part of geography: Dark Lands

[edit] Fan Written Background

The following entries are fan-based and not based on official fluff, thus it is not necessary to cite sources.

Hundreds of leagues from the Plain of Zharr lays the infernal fortress known as the Gates of Zharr. Here the stronghold‘s massive iron gates act as a checkpoint and outpost for caravans of slaves making the long trek from the Plain of Zharr to the Tower of Gorgoth in the south. The Gates of Zharr lay at the center of what is known as Slaver‘s Way, a paved road of thick tar that stretches from the Plain of Zharr all the way to the gates of Gorgoth.

Here the Chaos Dwarf Slavers rest and refresh themselves as the rabble is goaded into the lower levels of the fortress. Here the huddled masses are expected to recuperate and gain strength for the completion of their journey to the Tower of Gorgoth. In truth, rest for the rabble never comes. These slave-chambers are filthy beyond belief and packed so tight with slaves that there is barely room to stand, let alone sit or lay down. Hundreds of thralls are found dead in the morning, but these lives are meaningless to the thousand others that will make the journey to Gorgoth intact.

The structure is simply a large archway flanked by several towers of black grey basalt. The Gates mark the southern boundary of the Chaos Dwarf Empire proper. Beyond it lies the frontier, where the Chaos Dwarfs' control is continually contested by the wild Orc and Goblin tribes. These giant archway-towers reach over a hundred feet in the air, constructed by endless toiling of slave labour, the Dawi-Zharr continuously edging them.

These dread gates were then consecrated with the sacrifice of those very slaves who constructed it. Their skulls were then dipped in iron and incorporated into the archway by Dawi-Zharr artisans. It stands as a testimony to the power and cruelty of the Dawi-Zharr Empire.

Most of the Chaos Dwarfs and Hobgoblins stationed at this outpost reside in underground chambers; only their superiors lodge above ground. General Dariek is the commander of the outpost, and is assisted by Montaz, the sorcerous liaison to Zharr-Naggrund. Patrols of Chaos Dwarfs and Hobgoblins sweep the Blasted Wastes to the west and the highway to the south for raiding bands of greenskins, and for any other potential slaves.

The Gates of Zharr have no mines, forges or furnaces, and as a consequence the area is less polluted than any other Chaos Dwarf settlement. Still, this region of the Dark Lands is relatively uninhabitable for all but the most determined and thorny plants. Periodic windstorms blow clouds of dust and pollutants from the north, leaving the region desolate. Food and drink is brought from the Chaos Dwarf capital, or obtained through trade with a few allied Orc and Goblin tribes.[1]

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