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Gav Thorpe
Gav Thorpe

Gav Thorpe is the Lead Background Designer for Warhammer and Warhammer 40k, and is employed by Games Workshop. In 2005, he wrote the book Grudge Bearer wherein a great battle is depicted between Dwarfs and a host of Marauders teamed with Chaos Dwarfs. The fact that Gav is the Lead Background Designer gives credence to the new direction for the Chaos Dwarfs that is outlined in this battle.

[edit] History

Gav was born in Stevenage, a short distance from London. He had a few part-time jobs whilst studying for his A levels and was a young 19 year old when he joined Games Workshop, in 1993.

Originally employed as an Assistant Games Developer, Gav moved over to work on White Dwarf for a couple of years, before returning as a Games Developer once more, and then on to the lofty position of Warhammer Loremaster in 2000. Since that date in 1993, Gav has been involved in millions of projects, far too many to list, in fact, but they have spanned a large chunk of Army Book and Codexes, and every Warhammer game from Warhammer Quest through to the current 7th edition.

He’s possibly most proud of his work on Inquisitor, which was a break from his usual style of work, and gave him the opportunity to work closely with John Blanche and Brian Nelson. As a game and an exploration of the 40k background and imagery, it was a challenging project and a great success.

As far as hobbies go, Gav obviously plays the odd game of Warhammer every now and then, usually with his beloved Dwarf army, but he also has a 40k Eldar army gathering dust on a shelf, and is on the verge of launching himself into Epic with an Imperial Guard army. On top of all this he continue to tirelessly scribe novels and short stories for Inferno and the Black Library.

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