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Ghark Ironskin, the Tyrant of the Ironskin tribe, is a powerful Ogre warlord. He has a passion for metal that has spread to his whole tribe, hence their namesake. It is a mark of status for an Ironskin Ogre to cover himself with iron rather than trinkets such as gold. Ghark's tribe boasts many Rhinox, which make them very famous amoungst Ogres.

[edit] Chaos Dwarf Alliance

Ghark has a long standing alliance with the Chaos Dwarfs. In trade, Ghark has provided many hundreds of Gnoblar slaves in exchange for metalwork. After Ghark's personal Rhinox was slain by Grail Knights, the Chaos Dwarfs fashioned him a mechanical monstrosity of hissing pistons and rune-etched chains, a Daemon-fueled engine of destruction that obeys Ghark alone. It is named the Iron Rhinox and, for old times' sake, he bashes its head every now and then.

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