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Ghazak Khan: The Terror of the East


[edit] History

Ghazak Khan: The Terror of the East, was a Dogs of War special character who could be taken as a general in a Dogs of War army. His rules were published in White Dwarf, appearing alongside the rules for Oglah Khan's Wolfboyz, to which he was related in terms of backstory.

[edit] Background

Ghazak Khan is a member of the nomadic race of hobgoblins that occupy the eastern steppes beyond The Dark Lands. He was sent to the Old World by his master, the great Hobgobla Khan to learn the tactics of the peoples there. Commanding a fierce army of monstrous creatures, Ghazak Khan has built up a fearsome reputation for savagery and brutality in his adopted home of Tilea. He has become one of the most successful mercenary generals of the age, with an army that contains such infamous regiments as Mangler's Mutant Goblins, the Long Knife Orc Warriors and the War Trolls of the Grey Mountains, none of whom baulk at the prospect of slaughtering (and subsequently eating) the populations of entire cities. Ghazak Khan's horde uses black wolves-tails as its standards, and their appearance on the horizon fills all who see them with dread, for Ghazak is nothing if not ruthless, and he has never been defeated in the open field.

Ghazak Khan rides a huge wolf called Whargan and bears a weapon known as the Red Scimitar as well as a helmet that contains the bound essence of a wind daemon.

[edit] Rules

There are no current official rules for Ghazak. He was one of only two Lord-level hobgoblins ever given rules by Games Workshop (the other being Gorduz Backstabber).

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