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The purpose of this page is to limit confusion of terms


[edit] Army List

A list with details, unit options, rules and points values for building an army. These are typically found in an army book but in the case of Chaos Dwarfs this means the Ravening Hordes list. Not to be confused with an army roster.

Example part of an army list:

 Chaos Dwarf Barbarians....15pts/model
 Barbarian  3 5 3 4 4 1 4 1 8
 May have great weapons (+2pts/model) or halberd (+1pt/model)
 May have heavy armour (+2pts/model) or light armour (+1pt/model)
 One model may be upgraded to a Champion (+10pts)
 Special Rules: Frenzy, Stubborn
 0-1 Hobgoblin Snakers....5pts/model
 Snaker   4 4 3 3 4 1 4 1 7
 May have additional hand weapons (+2pts/model)
 May have light armour (+1pt/model)
 Special Rules: Panic At Everything, Stupidity
 Note: the examples are completely fictional

[edit] Army Roster

A roster specifies all of the units in a particular army. Usually the roster will be for a set limit such as 2000pts but will actually be a few points short. It is considered bad form to go over the limit by even one point. At a minimum, the army roster should contain the unit type, unit size, any options taken, and points value. Some people like to add lots of other useful information like stats, special rules, descriptions, unit names, spells, and so on. Many tournaments require that you submit a roster in advance. Some people refer to their roster as an "army list", but this may cause confusion.

Example Roster:

 1 Lord, heavy armour, Magic Axe of Death (146pts)
 18 Chaos Dwarf Barbarians, heavy armour (306pts)
 12 Chaos Dwarf Barbarians, great weapons, Champion (214pts)
 20 Hobgoblin Snakers, light armour (120pts)
 Total Army = 786pts

[edit] FAQ

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. Games Workshop has released an FAQ for most armies and the rules in general to clear up confusion in the rules, which they place on their website. It is often said that an FAQ would not be needed if the rules were written correctly the first time. Unfortunately, it is a mammoth task to double-check older rules spread over tens of books each time a new rule is written, so it is not easily avoidable. Chaos Dwarfs have had several updates and FAQs since the first publication of the 6th edition list in Ravening Hordes. The current FAQ that apply are listed in Chaos Dwarf Resources.

[edit] Grand Tournament

The official tournaments organised by Games Workshop are known as Grand Tournaments (often shortened to GT). These are held all over the world. The tournament rules and scenarios may vary a little from the established official rules, and even vary from country to country. For example, Chaos Dwarfs have special US-GT rules but are completely excluded from the UK-GT.

[edit] RAW

RAW stands for Rules As Written. This term is used during rules disputes. When you interpret the rules using RAW, you use the literal meaning of rules. It ignores any potential intent, realism, or what seems right, thereby eliminating any bias the players may have. In the case of poorly worded rules or superceded/defunct rules it can lead to multiple contradictory interpretations. It is the preferred method of resolving rules disputes where possible.

[edit] Roll Off

A quick way of resolving a rules dispute. One common method used is that one player rolls a D6: 1-3 his interpretation is used, 4-6 his opponent's interpretation is used.

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