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Hobgoblin Chieftain

Gorduz Backstabber: Hobgoblin Chieftain, was a special character who first appeared in White Dwarf Presents: Chaos Dwarfs. He was depicted as one of the only hobgoblin chieftains to have achieved any lasting fame through virtue of being extremely sneaky or lucky.

In a short story below the Sneaky Gits entry in White Dwarf Presents: Chaos Dwarfs, Gorduz is depicted as playing a dice game with another hobgoblin named Tarka who, when it is revealed he has been cheating using loaded dice, is immediatley stabbed by Gorduz. At the end of the story, Gorduz pockets the dice himself and cheerfully invites the other hobgoblins present to join him in another game the following night.

With the exception of the Dogs of War character Ghazak Khan, Gorduz is the only Lord-level hobgoblin character officially created by Games Workshop, though he never had a seperate model produced to represent him.

In game terms, Gorduz was a hobgoblin Lord with a special 4+ unmodified Saving Throw that could only be used when he was reduced to a single Wound. Despite being a Lord character, a Chaos Dwarf army was still unable to use Gorduz as a general, with his rules specifically stating that Gorduz would be "subordinate to the army's General".


"Stick 'em wiv arrers'. Stick 'em with knives 'an swords, and spears. Stick 'em quick and stick 'em where it 'urts. But most of all, stick 'em when they's looking the other way."[1]

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