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Grudge Bearer
Grudge Bearer

Grudge Bearer is a Black Library novel that was written in 2005 by Gav Thorpe. In its last chapter, it details the events of a great battle between an army of Dwarfs and a Marauder/Chaos Dwarf alliance. The descriptions in this novel give the beginnings of a new direction for the background of the Chaos Dwarfs. It was some of the first original Chaos Dwarf material in years, until the release of Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos in 2011. The fact that the author is the Lead Background Designer for Warhammer gives further credence to the new direction, fluff-wise, of the Chaos Dwarfs. This direction was followed in Tamurkhan. These additions are noted below.

Grudge Bearer has had considerable impact on Chaos Dwarf hobbyists, several of whom have created rules for the new units and even modeled their armies after the Chaos Dwarf army described in the book. It is one of the predominant influences of the Indy GT Dwarfs of Chaos Army Book.


[edit] Daemon Engines

Main article: Daemon Engines

Grudge Bearer introduced several new concepts for Chaos Dwarf war machines. The novel describes massive amounts of slaves pulling the war machines into battle, with Ogres hammering great pitons into the ground securing the machines by chains.[1] Following this, priests robed in scale coats, wearing daemon-faced iron masks, chanted liturgies to Hashut using blood and burning entrails.[2] After these rituals are complete, the daemon engines come to life. All three Chaos Dwarf war machines, the Death Rocket, the Earthshaker, and the Hellcannon are described as being bound with daemons. It is interesting to note however, that both the Death Rocket and the Earthshaker still use ammunition, while the Hellcannon ejects daemonic fire.

[edit] Immortals

Main article: Immortals

The "dreaded Immortals of the High Prophet of Hashut" are described as being the elite warriors of the Chaos Dwarfs.[3] They are described as heavily armoured, wearing black painted steel from head to toe. Their beards are protected by long sheaths of metal and parts of their armour are reinforced by solid plates of marble and granite. They are armed with long-bladed axes, described as being "curved and deadly." In the novel, the Immortals engage a unit of Ironbreakers where "the enchanted gromril of the Ironbreakers" were matched against "the cursed blades of the Immortals."

[edit] Kollossus

Main article: Kollossus

The Kollossus is a "great mechanical giant" powered not only by machinery, but by the daemonic powers of bound-souls, just like the Daemon Engines.[3] It's made up of plated and riveted iron constructed in the shape of a great bull-headed man. On its shoulders are firing platforms where Chaos Dwarfs man flame-throwers which incinerate its enemies.[4] Inside the mouth of its bull-head lies a rapid-firing cannon. The Kollossus also uses its heavy feet to crush its foes.

[edit] Of Slaves and Hobgoblins

Curiously, there is a lack of Hobgoblins in this battle. It has raised questions as to whether or not they will continue to be a part of the Chaos Dwarf army. Additionally, the slaves in this book appeared to do the "heavy lifting," dragging war machines around rather than fighting. The slaves are described as "humans, greenskins, and trolls, and all manner of creatures."[1]

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[edit] References

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