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[edit] Pre-Legion of Azgorh

Hashut is the God of the Chaos Dwarfs. The first mention of Hashut appears in the seminal article Chaos Dwarfs by Rick Priestley, in White Dwarf #161. Previous to this, the Chaos Dwarfs were mutants, renegades, and champions of the Ruinous Powers, particularly Khorne, as presented in the supplements Slaves to Darkness. Hashut, as imagined and presented by Priestley, proved to be a critical aspect of the re-imagining of the Chaos Dwarfs as their own unique race, army, and model range.

Other than Chaos Dwarfs and the articles that followed it, which were later collected as the army book White Dwarf Presents: Chaos Dwarfs, mentions of Hashut are scarce. The World of Warhammer, a lavishly illustrated “official fluff” book, adds little detail—in the Chaos Dwarf entry it confirms that the Sons of Darkness turned away from the veneration of the Ancestor Gods and that Hashut as a unique deity; in the Chaos entry it suggests that Hashut may be nothing more than an alias for Tzeentch, the Changer of Ways.

Nothing else substantial is mentioned of Hashut for years( the seventh edition of Warhammer rulebook describes Hashut as “bull-headed”) until the Black Library published the first book of the Liber Chaotica, the Liber Khorne by Richard Williams, which raises questions about Hashut’s resemblance to the Juggernauts of Khorne. Most recently, Hashut is mentioned twice in passing in Warriors of Chaos, once as the god of the Chaos Dwarfs and once in a battle site on a map called “The Trails of Hashut.”

Hashut is presented as an evil god, a Chaos god, uniquely associated with the Chaos Dwarfs, who call him the Father of Darkness and themselves the Sons of the Father of Darkness. Hashut is the god of the Zharr-Naggrund, the City of Fire and Desolation, and the pinnacle of the ziggurat-city is the Temple of Hashut, and at the top of the temple is an iron statue of Hashut, its hollow belly a furnace fed by coals until the entire statue is red-hot.

Hashut is described as bull-shaped in, and the creatures of the Chaos Dwarfs reflect this. World of Warhammer tells us that Chaos Dwarfs rarely develop bull-like mutations, including horns, tails and cloven hoofs. During the Time of Chaos when the Chaos Dwarfs were first mutated, some gained the lower torsos of bulls, becoming the Bull Centaurs. These rare creatures are unable to wield magic, but are devoted worshippers of the Father of Darkness and serve as the elite guard of the Temple of Hashut. Other Chaos Dwarfs mutated into the Great Taurus and Lammasu.

[edit] Hashut in Legion of Azgorh

With the release of Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos from Forge World the image and description of Hashut becomes much clearer and substantial. According to the Warhammer cannon scholars of the dark arts describe Hashut as both a Chaos god, an arch-demon or some other unknown evil entity let loose in the world during the Time of Chaos.

The Chaos Dwarfs history with Hashut is shrouded in mystery. But on the ancient temples the history of the race is described, the abandonment of the Ancestor Gods and the salvation bought from Hashut. The God is pictured as a blazing bull, shrouded in smoke and shadows. He demands constant sacrifices, subjugation and worship. In return he has gifted the Chaos Dwarfs with secrets of sorcery and the craft of binding demons with industry.

The unholy pact between Hashut and the Chaos Dwarfs has been growing stronger and deeper over the course of the millennia, to the point where the essence of the Chaos Dwarfs souls has becomes as one with Hashuts dark malevolence.

Another Forge World publication The Monstrous Arcanum has further added to the bull-like form of Hashut. The Bale Taurus is mentioned resembling the image of Hashut, The Father of Darkness, in both physical form and in it's fury. This resemblance is not a coincidence according to the Chaos Dwarfs themselves.

[edit] Unpublished Background Material

Alfred Nuñez Jr. and Anthony Ragan wrote an article entitled Chaos in the Warhammer World, as part of a proposal for Hogshead Publishing (the publishers of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st Edition). Nuñez is notable for writing the WFRP1 sourcebook Dwarfs – Stone & Steel, and likewise developed this theory in his article on Chaos Dwarfs in the WFRP fanmagazine Warpstone #27.

According to this material, Hashut was a Daemon exiled by the Chaos Gods after an incident where he challenged Khorne to single combat so as to overthrow him and to take his place. Hashut lost the battle and fled, pursued by entire legions of daemon princes. Hashut reportedly fled into a deep, obsidian-lined cavern to hide and was sealed inside by the daemons with a huge gate of black iron encrusted with runes. Long later this gate was discovered by the expedition of dwarfs who would become the Dawi'Zharr. The chief runesmith spending hours decoding the runes and was ripped to shreds by dark energy upon reading the runes aloud. Reading the runes released the trapped Hashut and he reportedly slaughtered many dwarfs before eventually making a pact with them and becoming their deity.

This material remains uncanonical, but presents a leading theory as to the origin of Hashut and the Chaos Dwarfs.

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