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A hobgoblin warrior.
Hobgoblins are a greenskin troop type most often found as slaves belonging to Chaos Dwarfs. They may be taken as a Core unit by Chaos Dwarf armies, but they do not count towards the minimum requirement of Core troops thanks to their lowly status. In addition, hobgoblins make use of a war machine called the Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower which is a potent addition to the Chaos Dwarf army. Hobgoblins are a source of cheap infantry, and may also be used mounted on wolves to provide a highly mobile cavalry regiment that contrasts with the slow-moving Dwarf units.

Hobgoblins are also found in their own realm to the east, and these are represented in the game by a Regiment of Renown called Oglah Khan's Wolfboyz.


[edit] History

A unit of Hobgoblin Warriors
Hobgoblins have been a part of the Warhammer game since its 2nd Edition, when they were an army in their own right, albeit it with a fairly small range of miniatures (which didn't make them much different from any other army at that stage). In this incarnation, they were the eastern hobgoblins and their imagery reflected historic Mongol culture. Hobgoblins were noted for being accompanied by "hobhounds", a sort of savage hunting dog.
Oglah Khan's Wolfboyz
Oglah Khan's Wolfboyz

As the imagery of the Warhammer armies became more focused and coherent, the hobgoblins were largely phased out in favour of Orcs and Goblins. They made a return, however, as the slaves of Chaos Dwarfs for 4th Edition, highlighting the new army's predilection for enslaving greenskins of all types. Now the hobgoblins became re-imagined as a goblinoid people so known for their sneakiness and turncoat ways that even other greenskins despised them. A new variety of hobgoblin was also created that exemplified this trait - the hated Sneaky Gits, who carried a set of poisoned blades and whose special rules allowed them to literally backstab their foes.

With the Chaos Dwarfs going largely unsupported after their initial release, hobgoblins likewise received little attention going into 5th Edition, with the exception of the reappearance of the steppe-dwelling wolf riders in the form of Oglah Khan's Wolfboyz and Ghazak Khan for the Dogs of War army.

[edit] Background

A hobgoblin of the Mornguld.
A hobgoblin of the Mornguld.

Hobgoblins are a race of greenskins native to the eastern Warhammer world, specifically The Dark Lands and the vast steppes beyond the Mountains of Mourn. Physically, they resemble goblins, with large pointed ears, hooked noses and sharp, needle-like teeth, but they are larger and stronger, though nowhere near as burly as an orc[1].

In line with their physical appearance, the whole hobgoblin race is characterised by their unscrupulous attitude and untrustworthy nature. This is most obviously evinced by the large hump on the backs of most hobgoblins; an evolutionary measure that makes them more resistant to being stabbed in the back by their fellows[2].

Hobgoblins, like all greenskins in the Dark Lands, are enslaved by Chaos Dwarfs, but they enjoy higher status than most slaves thanks to their history of turning on their own kind to halt rebellions and so are not forced to work in the mines and workshops, instead serving either as overseers or warriors in the slaving bands of their masters. The most famous example of the hobgoblins treachery was when the newly created Black Orcs led a rebellion that nearly destroyed Zharr-Naggrund. It was only the hobgoblins switching sides at the last moment that saved the Chaos Dwarfs, earning them both the favour of their masters and the eternal enmity of all other greenskins[1].

Hobgoblin Warriors form the main part of Hobgoblin armies used by the Chaos Dwarfs. Hobgoblin Archers also form part of the battle line, though like the rest of the Greenskin race their accuracy leaves a lot to be desired. Hobgoblin Wolf Riders are used as a much needed cavalry, whilst the Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower provides the Chaos Dwarfs with a numerous (and occasionally effective) artillery.

The other concentration of hobgoblins is found throughout the eastern steppes, where vast tribes of wolf-riding hobgoblins scour the plains for plunder and slaves. They are an ever-present threat to the inhabitants of Cathay and other eastern lands[3].

Hobgoblins are sneaky by nature, but none are so vile as the tribe of the Sneaky Gits. Sneaky Gits fight with two long curving blades, ideally suited for stabbing the backs of their enemies.

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