Hobgoblin Wolf Riders

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Hobgoblin Wolf Rider

Hobgoblin Wolf Riders are a unit available to Chaos Dwarf armies, currently represented by the all-encompassing Hobgoblin entry in the Ravening Hordes list as a Core choice, although they cannot be taken as a compulsory Core unit.


[edit] History

Hobgoblin Wolf Riders

Wolf Riders were a separate unit choice in the previous army list[1], but are now merely an upgrade for Hobgoblins. They were also able to Skirmish in the previous list.

Although they do not have access to spears, and have a minimum unit size of 10, Hobgoblin Wolf Riders have significant advantages over their ordinary goblin equivalent: they have access to bows rather than shortbows, higher Weapon Skill and remain Fast Cavalry even with light armour and shields[2]. Despite these advantages, they actually work out cheaper than Goblin Wolf Riders armed almost identically, making them one of the most economic units in the game.

[edit] Background

Main article: Hobgoblins

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