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Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer riding a Lammasu

Whilst the Great Taurus is undoubtedly the king of the Plains of Zharr, it only reigns because the Lammasu is content to let it. Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers have used Lammasu as steeds for thousands of years, but who's to say whether it's mount or rider that commands the partnership?[1]

The Lammasu is a rare mutation of the Great Taurus, a creature that the Chaos Dwarfs believe was created from their ancestors warped by the power of Chaos in ancient times. The Lammasu's leering, deformed face is seen as strong evidence for this theory.

Just like the Great Taurus, the Lammasu is a bull-like monster with leathery wings, but unlike its brethren, it has immense claws on its forelegs and a mace-like tail. Lammasu do not burn with the same intensity as a Great Tauruses, instead their power manifests as a sorcerous exhalation which protects the Lammasu and anyone riding it from harmful spells, and are minor sorcerers in their own right. Canny and wary of open battle, the wild Lammasu use their intelligence, charisma, and magical ability to manipulate Pegasi, Great Tauruses, Wyverns, Griffons, and other beasts to fight their battles for them.

Lammasu are intelligent creatures, which makes them ideal mounts for Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers. Only the most powerful of their number have the honour of riding such beasts into battle and, when they do, they make fearsome foes.

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