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There are many other armies in Warhammer, here they are in brief:


[edit] Chaos

The forces of Chaos are a mixture of human barbarians, supernatural daemons and mutated beastmen who serve the Chaos Gods, malevolent extra-dimensional entities who exist for the sole aim of plunging the world into eternal anarchy. The forces of Chaos live in a state of perpetual warfare at the north pole of the world, an area known as the Realm Of Chaos, where the real world and the alternate dimension of the Warp intertwine - it is from this region that the Winds of Magic, the source of power for all wizards, blows.

Chaos armies of all types tend to be composed of elite close combat troops, with their only war machines being the Hellcannon crewed by Chaos Dwarfs.

Wikipedia entry for Chaos

[edit] Ogre Kingdoms

The Ogre Kingdoms are the newest addition to Warhammer, an army of extremely tough, elite troops who hail from the Mountains of Mourn. They are aided in battle by a slave race of greenskins called gnoblars and use their own form of shamanic magic that derives from their monstrous god, the Great Maw. Ogre society and culture is based entirely around eating, and their stomachs are considered sacred - for this reason they protect this part of their body with armoured domes known as "gut plates".

Ogres are said to trade with Chaos Dwarfs (who live close to their homeland), but they are also affected by wanderlust, which causes them to travel all over the world, hiring themselves as mercenaries for other armies. For this reason, most Ogre units can be hired as Dogs of War in other armies.

Wikipedia entry for Ogre Kingdoms

[edit] Orcs & Goblins

Orcs and Goblins, a catch-all term for greenskins, are an ever-present threat throughout the Warhammer world. Loosely based on celtic tribes and other ancient barbarian cultures, Orcs and Goblins have no interests outside of war and destruction. They attack in unruly mobs of creatures (famously suffering from 'Animosity' - a rule which means they might squabble with one another instead of doing what the player wishes) and their principle tactic is to charge as soon as possible and do as much damage with their heavy 'choppa' weapons.

Goblins are generally a slave race to Orcs, but they do form their own societies - particularly in the case of Night Goblins. Goblins are sneaky and evil, possessed of a low cunning that can make them more dangerous than their larger cousins in some circumstances. On the whole though, greenskins primitive concept of leadership only extends to 'might makes right', so they tend to be (literally) downtrodden by Orcs.

The largest breed of greenskins are Black Orcs, who were first bred by the Chaos Dwarfs as a superior form of slave. Unlike other greenskins, however, Black Orcs do not suffer from the trademark infighting, and so were able to coordinate a rebellion that nearly destroyed Zharr-Naggrund.

Orcs and Goblins, unlike all other races, generate their own unique form of magic rather than tapping into the natural magic of the Warhammer world. This is known as "Waaagh Magic" and is immensely crude and destructive - much like the creatures that use it.

Orc and Goblin armies are characterised by being extremely numerous and featuring unusual troop types such as trolls, squig herders, snotling pump wagons and giants.

Wikipedia entry for Orcs & Goblins

[edit] Skaven

Skaven are a monstrous race of rat-men who evolved from rats that ate warpstone, a mineral residue that forms from raw Chaos magic. The Skaven combine the worst traits of men and vermin, and live in a vast "Under-Empire" below the surface of the world where they plot the downfall of all other races. Skaven are divided into clans and their whole society is based on selfishness and greed, with all Skaven enslaving anything weaker than them, be it human, Dwarf, Goblin, Elf or even other Skaven.

The Skaven are ruled over by their wizards, the Grey Seers, and the Council of Thirteen, the leaders of the thirteen most powerful clans in the Under-Empire. These clans include Clan Skyre (responsible for the creation of arcane war machines), Clan Pestilens (who spread plague and disease), Clan Moulder (who specialise in breeding mutant monstrosities such as Rat Ogres) and Clan Eshin (assassins and spies). Skaven worship their own Chaos God, The Horned Rat.

Skaven armies are very numerous, containing masses of expendable troops (indeed, Skaven are the only army allowed to shoot into close combat, as they have no compunctions about hitting their own troops) backed up by bizarre machines that combine twisted technology and dark magic, such as the Doomwheel, the Screaming Bell and the Warp Lightning Cannon.

Wikipedia entry for Skaven

[edit] Vampire Counts

Vampire Counts are one type of undead army, based around gothic imagery and the mythology of vampires. They are the branch of the undead native to the Old World and divided into several 'bloodlines' that represent different aspects of the vampiric archetype. Vampires began as the rulers of the city of Lhamia in what is now the Land of the Dead, and they dabbled in the magic of Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead in order to discover the secret of immortality. Their plan worked (after a fashion) but their eternal life has a terrible price: they must feed on the blood of men, and hide themselves from the sunlight that Nagash's curse made harmful to them.

Vampires are mighty necromancers and command armies of zombies, skeletons and ghouls as well as vampire bats and dire wolves. Their armies are characterised by many cheap troops supported by the terrifying combat prowess of vampires and the dark magics of their necromancer servants.

Wikipedia entry for Vampire Counts

[edit] Tomb Kings

Tomb Kings are the reanimated enemies of Nagash, Lord of the Undead, who still live in their ancient desert home of Khemri after the great necromancer cursed them to live eternally as undead. Their ancient mummification rites have preserved their bodies and their magical abilities, but they are jealous of all the creatures that still live and despise intruders into their realms who wish to plunder their tombs.

Tomb King armies are led by powerful magic users, but are mostly made up of slow moving skeletons. This is balanced by the Tomb Kings' unique form of magic which does not depend on the fickle Winds of Magic, and can reliably move their troops across the battlefield or ressurect them in great numbers.

Wikipedia entry for Tomb Kings

[edit] Lizardmen

The Lizardmen are descendants of the servants of the Old Ones, the ancient primogenitor race that created all life and civilisation in the Warhammer world. They are an army of humanoid lizards, divided into the small, intelligent skinks, the larger, slow-witted saurus warriors and the positively dim-witted but immensely large and strong kroxigors. Lizardmen armies also feature large reptillian bests such as the stegadon, salamanders and the feared carnosaur. The leaders of the Lizardmen are Slann Mage Priests; huge, bloated toad-like creatures that have an unmatched mastery of magic.

Most Lizardmen live in the jungle continent of Lustria, but they have enclaves all over the world. They alone still carry out the ancient plans of the Old Ones, working across the aeons to thwart the plans of Chaos and manipulating the lesser races to carry out their unknowable bidding. They live in great temple cities shaped like ziggurats, a design copied by the priests of Khemri who lived near the Lizardmen's Southlands strongholds and then by the Chaos Dwarfs in their mighty city of Zharr-Naggrund.

Wikipedia entry for Lizardmen

[edit] Dark Elves

Dark Elves are an evil offshoot of the High Elves, formed during a bitter civil war thousands of years ago. They occupy the bleak, barren continent of Naggaroth, living in huge spired citadels that preside over brooding mountains and lifeless tundra. Dark Elves make use of millions of slaves, which they capture from other races in raids by sea and are an ever-present threat to the entire Warhammer world.

The Dark Elves worship Khaine, thought by many to be a variant of Khorne, but there is also a secretive cult within their society devoted to the worship of Slaanesh, historically the arch-enemy of all Elves.

Like all Elven races, the Dark Elves make use of powerful magic and elite units who fight using unique styles of combat that give them an inherent advantage over human troops. They are more fragile than other armies, but very fast moving and able to command monstrous allies such as hydrae and harpies.

Wikipedia entry for Dark Elves

[edit] High Elves

High Elves live on the mystical island of Ulthuan in the Great Ocean. They are mighty wizards and a noble, refined people. They once had colonies throughout the Old World, but war with the Dwarfs led to their retreat back to their island home. Of all the races in the Warhammer world, High Elves have the greatest command of the sea, plying the waves with great fleets of beautiful ships.

Despite their nobility and their opposition to Chaos, High Elves often clash with other races because of their extreme arrogance and disregard for what they see as lesser peoples. They consider humans and dwarfs extremely crude and unlovely and always attempt to manipulate them for their own ends - a sign of the political maneuvering that defines their society.

High Elf armies are fast and fragile, supported by powerful magic and mighty creatures such as the noble dragons with which the people of Ulthuan have a special relationship.

Wikipedia entry for High Elves

[edit] Wood Elves

The Wood Elves are an enclave of High Elves that remained in the Old World after their kin fought with the Dwarfs and then retreated. They formed a symbiotic relationship with the ancient forest of Athel Loren, becoming something different from other Elves and gaining a capricious, survivalist mentality that makes them an extremely dangerous force, but fortunatley only to intruders into their woodland home. Wood Elves have little interest in the world beyond their borders, save where it concerns Beastmen, their arch-enemies.

Wood Elf armies contain creatures called forest spirits - dryads, treemen and spites which are even more closely related to Athel Loren than the Wood Elves themselves and with whom relations are not always cordial. Wood Elves have unequaled command over their forest homes, and their magic relflects that, being most useful in wooded terrain - they are as magical as other Elves, but their peculiar focus on Athel Loren means that their magic is more restricted than that of their kin.

Wood Elf armies are as fast and fragile as other Elves, but they make far less use of armour, making them even more vulnerable unless they attack wisely and on their own terms. This is balanced by their ability to call on the forest spirits which are far more tough and dangerous than Elves, though fewer in number. The most powerful allies of the Wood Elves are the forest dragons and their fey king, Orion, an aspect of the elven god Kuornos, Lord of the Hunt.

Wikipedia entry for Wood Elves

[edit] Empire

The Empire is a vast human realm in the centre of the Old World, largely based on the Holy Roman Empire with Renaissance trimmings. The Empire is culturally diverse, a patchwork of Provinces allied to one another, rather than a single unified nation. The Empire was founded by Sigmar, an ancient warlord who unitied the human tribes of the region and led wars against greenskins, the Undead and Chaos. After his death, he was diefied by his succesors and has since become the parton god of The Empire.

The Empire is the main human army in Warhammer and the most balanced force. The army features blocks of well-equipped troops, mighty knights, great cannons and other engines of destruction as well as wizards that are trained in the Colleges of Magic, allowing them to specialise in any Lore of Magic they wish.

Wikipedia entry for Empire

[edit] Bretonnia

Bretonnia is the second most powerful human realm, a nation of castles, vinyards and huge swathes of fertile farmland. Bretonnia is ruled over by a warrior caste of knights who ride warhorses and wear plate armour. Knights begin as impetuous youths called Knights Errant and, once they prove themselves in battle, are given lands of their own at which point they become Knights of the Realm, bound to serve their Duke when called upon to fight. Some knights feel the need to undertake the Grail Quest, and they become Questing Knights, seeking out the goddess of the Bretonnians, the Lady of the Lake. Upon following visions of her and completing some great deed, they may sip from the Grail and become the greatest warriors of all, the Grail Knights.

However, this image of chivalry and courage hides a dark side, for the peasantry of Bretonnia are little more than slaves, heavily taxed by their masters and forced to live in perpetual squalor and misery. In times of war, the knights sometimes call upon peasants to form ad hoc units of bowmen, and their own soldiers - known as men at arms - also make up much of the fighting forces of the Bretonnians.

Bretonnian armies are defined by their mighty units of knights which are unmatched in the Old World. They have their own formation which makes them even more deadly, and these shock troops are backed up not only by masses of cheap peasants, but also elite formations like the feared pegasus knights and trebuchets.

Wikipedia entry for Bretonnia

[edit] Dogs of War

Dogs of War are an army of mercenaries that can be hired by other races or used as an army in their own right. They contain some of the most basic troops in the game, but also make sole use of the pike, an especially long type of spear. Most Dogs of War hail from Tilea (know as "the home of the mercenary"), a peninsula in the southern Old World which is composed of many warring city states.

Also included in the Dogs of War are a number of special units known as "Regiments of Renown" (such as Oglah Khan's Wolfboyz) that can also be hired by other armies and bring unique abilities to an allied force.

Wikipedia entry for Dogs of War

[edit] Kislev

Kislev is a realm to the north of The Empire, and one which is closely allied with their southern neighbours. The land of Kislev is mostly cold tundra and their people are hardy and brave, using their own form of shamanic ice magic, which is also utilised by their rulers, mages known as Tzars (or Tzarinas). Kislev is not a wholly unified country and their population is made up of several racial groups: the Ungols, the Gospodars, the Norse and the Ropsmenn. Despite this, they remain stalwart allies of the southern realms and the first line of defence against Chaos incursions.

Kislev is not represented by a full army, instead appearing as an allied contingent for other armies made up of their elite Winged Lancers and horse archers.

Wikipedia entry for Kislev

[edit] Dwarfs

Dwarfs are a stubborn race of short humanoids with long beards and longer memories. They live in strongholds in the World's Edge Mountains and are fierce enemies of Orcs and Goblins, as well as Skaven, Elves and anyone else who they feel has wronged them.

Dwarfs are great miners and craftsmen, and it was they who taught the secrets of metal working to men in ancient times. They respect age and wisdom above everything else and place great stock in traditional values like courage, honour and frugaility - indeed, Dwarfs love gold and mineral wealth more than anything, and it is their insatiable lust for such things that has led them to dig so far and encounter the monstrous Skaven. It was also this greed that led them to the east where, during the Time of Chaos, some of their number were transformed into Chaos Dwarfs.

Dwarfs have a peculiar sense of honour which means they can earn lasting disgarce due to even the smallest slight. It is this attitude which has led to the creation of the Slayer Cult, a subculture of Dwarf society composed of berserkers who seek death in battle to atone for their wrongs.

One thing that Dwarfs do not have mastery over is magic, which they have a natural resistance to. The only exception is runic magic, which allows Dwarfs to create extremely powerful magic weapons and armour, as well as make their war machines more deadly or reliable.

Dwarf armies are composed of solid, dependable troops who can be relied upon to always stand their ground. They are supported by the most powerful war machines in the Warhammer world, such as the fearsome Organ Gun and the erratic Gyrocopter.

Wikipedia entry for Dwarfs

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