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Norsca is one of the northernmost human lands, inhabited primarily by the Norse people. The country is highly mountainous, with a heavily indented coast that provides many harbors. It is bounded on the south by the Sea of Claws, to the north by the Chaos Wastes, and to the south-east the Troll County of Kislev.

[edit] The Norse

The Norse are a tall, lanky people, given to raiding and sometimes the worship of the Ruinous Powers under the guise of local gods and spirits. They are great fighters and sailors, sometimes being used as mercenaries by the Empire and others. Some Norse tribes harbor mutants, particularly the weres or ulfsarks, who transform into berserk half-man, half-animal forms during combat. The Norse are sometimes said to be among the most prominent of the Chaos Marauder tribes; others attribute this to a different group, the Norsii.

[edit] Norse Dwarfs

Norsca is also home to the Norse Dwarfs, the most northerly branch of that race now remaining, who speak a slightly accented version of Khazalid; their greatest hold is Kraka Drak, the Dragon Hold. The Norse Dwarfs are, unlike other Dwarfs, great seafarers who have built and maintain colonies in Lustria.

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