Oglah Khan's Wolfboyz

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Oglah Kahn's Wolfboyz
Oglah Kahn's Wolfboyz

Oglah Khan's Wolfboyz were a Dogs of War Regiment of Renown, consisting of a unit of hobgoblin wolf riders. Unlike all previous depictions of hobgoblins, these were not allied with the Chaos Dwarfs, but came from further east, being associated with a nation of nomadic hobgoblin tribes.

According to the background given in the unit's rules that appeared in White Dwarf, Oglah Khan was once a great warlord in the army of the great Hobgobla Khan, able to raise six-hundred spears to follow him in wars. He defected from his own army during the battle of Xen-Tu against enemies from Cathay after the hobgoblin commander, Hablo Khan was killed, only for the hobgoblins to be reinforced by the hordes of Hobgobla Khan a short time later, leading to a crushing victory for the greenskins. Fearing the wrath of his master, Oglah Khan and his retinue fled the steppes, finding employment as mercenaries in the Old World. Their first employer was the Black Orc warlord Godrug Smasher who wished to invade Tilea, but was resoundingly defeated when the Wolfboyz switched sides as a crucial moment during the Battle of Long Knives. Since that time, Oglah Khan and his followers have served a series of employers, their skills as scouts and skirmishers being much in demand, but have acquired an (entirely justified) reputation for treachery and untrustworthiness.

As one of the few hobgoblin units still reasonably easy to obtain, Oglah and his wolfboyz have found their way into many modern Chaos Dwarf armies, despite their armament of spears not being available in the Ravening Hordes army list.

[edit] Quotes

"You payz, we slayz!" - motto of the Wolfboyz

"Hiiyaaarrghh!!!!" - battle-cry of the Wolfboyz

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