Oglah Khan's Wolfboyz

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Oglah Kahn's Wolfboyz
Oglah Kahn's Wolfboyz

Oglah Khan's Wolfboyz were a Dogs of War Regiment of Renown, consisting of a unit of hobgoblin wolf riders. Unlike all previous depictions of hobgoblins, these were not allied with the Chaos Dwarfs, but came from further east, being associated with a nation of nomadic hobgoblin tribes.

According to the background given in the unit's rules that appeared in White Dwarf, Oglah Khan defected from his own army during a battle against enemies from Cathay, only for the hobgoblins to be reinforced by the hordes of Hobgobla Khan a short time later, leading to a crushing victory for the greenskins. Fearing the wrath of his master, Oglah Khan and his retinue fled the steppes, finding employment as mercenaries in the Old World.

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