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This page contains Ogre conversions, made by various members of Chaos Dwarfs Online.


[edit] Exquisite Evil

Exquisite Evil has included a mercenary Ogre in his Chaos Dwarf unit as a unit filler. Such dealings with Ogres are outlined in some of the more recent Warhammer canon which can be found in the Kingdoms army book. More pictures of Exquisite Evil's work can be found here.

[edit] bas_2312

bas_2312 has created a very unique army of Chaos Dwarven Ogres. Here are a few examples of his conversions. More can be found here.

[edit] Revlid

Revlid initially modelled his Ogre Kingdoms army as being part of the Ironskin Tribe, a tribe allied to the Chaos Dwarfs, as noted in the entries above. He has since scrapped them and remade his army as a Voodoo-themed one, but still has the pictures.

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