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Orcs and Goblins is the collective term in the Warhammer Fantasy setting for the hordes of greenskins and the title of the Warhammer army of the same name in the game. The army includes all types of greenskins except for Hobgoblins. It also includes non-greenskins like Trolls and Giants. Chaos Dwarf armies make extensive use of greenskin slaves, and can use several units from the Orcs and Goblins army book. These are Orcs, Goblins and Black Orcs. See the Chaos Dwarf army list and FAQ for details.


[edit] Army Creatures

[edit] Orcs

Orcs are large, stooped creatures with long arms and short legs, like gorillas. Huge slabs of muscle move under tough green skin and their jaws are lined with vicious fangs that jut out from their underbite. They have beady red eyes, a generally foul demeanour and are usually bald. Normally six feet tall, they are up to seven feet tall when stretched out of their characteristic stoop. They respect power and strength and naturally tend towards becoming bigger and stronger as they rise through their society. Intelligence, however, is clearly not valued too much, as even the smartest Orcs are almost guaranteed to be quite stupid.

[edit] Black Orcs

Black Orcs were originally created by the Chaos Dwarfs to use as slaves, but have since rebelled and found a place in regular Orc armies. They are naturally even bigger, stronger and meaner than regular orcs and so tend towards command roles. They also form their own units; they are, if not smarter, more well-organised and they are immune to the effects of animosity (although if another orc unit attacks them, they will definitely fight back). Being the largest of Orcs and having an air of authority, they procure large amounts of the heaviest armour from the camp and march to battle carrying a variety of "Choppas" and heavy, two-handed blades.

[edit] Savage Orcs

Savage Orcs are a different culture of Orcs; their tribes have a stone-age level of development and are even more shamanistic and savage than their regular Orc cousins. They are most well known for riding giant boars into combat and paint their bodies with magical tribal designs which provide them with some level of supernatural protection. In game, this gives them a Ward save.

[edit] Goblins

Goblins are much smaller and skinnier than the Orcs, their pointed noses are another distinctive factor. They are only a few feet high, seldom reaching the height of a man. They are more common and smarter than Orcs (although "smarter than Orcs" isn't really saying much) and prefer stabbing their opponents in the back, shooting them from out of the enemy's reach or just attacking in massive numbers. They are afraid of Elves because they "stink funny." Goblins tend to be bossed around by Orcs because they are smaller and weaker, but the Goblins outsmart them when trading scavenged goods. The term 'Goblin' can be used to refer to all types of Goblinoid, but it is also used to refer to the Common Goblin. Common Goblins are, like the plain Orcs, the most numerous of their type.

[edit] Night Goblins

Originating from a tribe of Goblins who took to living in the caves beneath the World's Edge Mountains, Night Goblins have now become distinct enough in type to be classed as a separate unit to regular Goblins.

The animosity felt between night Goblins and Dwarfs is far greater than that of their kin. Night Goblins often take over abandoned underground Dwarf strongholds, and much of the ancient Dwarf empire is infested by them. As a result of this, the two races have often fought each other over many years, creating an ancient enmity. Dwarfs and Night Goblins will often fight to the death rather than give an inch of ground to their foes. Due to the long time they have spent underground, Night Goblins have become accustomed to the dark and now wear cloaks, caps and hooded cloaks to protect themselves from the sun. Their skin is often represented as paler than that of regular goblins as well.

Skarsnik, Warlord of the Eight Peaks, is the most famous Night Goblin of all time, sneakily ties enemies up in deployment with tricks and traps, and is always accompanied by his pet cave squig, Gobbla.

[edit] Forest Goblins

Forest Goblins are a goblinoid group at a primitive level. They use weapons made from bone and wood, and often ride into battle on giant spiders.

[edit] Snotlings

Snotlings are smaller and weaker than Goblins; about half their height. They are far less intelligent than Goblins and can do little, except in imitation of others. They congregate on the edges of greenskin villages, hunting (and being hunted by) squigs. In battle, they usually gather in large swarms that are too stupid to know when they're beaten. Sometimes they manage to cobble together examples of the infamous snotling pump wagon; a gigantic, uncontrollable wrecking machine. It is difficult to tell the difference between a large snotling and a small Goblin, but to Orcs, this doesn't matter; they're all just weedy little things to be bossed around.

[edit] Biology

Little is known about how Orcs and Goblins reproduce. No females are mentioned in the main orc background texts; though this is not uncommon across the armies described in Warhammer, there are no female Orc models in the current range of miniatures. In the Blood Bowl game, Orc cheerleaders appear to be female, but Blood Bowl's style is largely tongue-in-cheek and the game is considered non-canonical.

One possibility is that the Orcs and Goblins reproduce in the same way as the Orks in Warhammer 40,000- this hypothesis is supported by the description in the Warhammer Rulebook of the Orcs and Goblins coming to the Warhammer World by means of their "insidious spores". However, since they only inhabit certain regions of the Warhammer Fantasy world and they lack the inherited memory that Orks have, the spore theory is lacking.

Games Workshop has refused to comment on any speculation about similarities between Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000. The ambiguity surrounding greenskin reproduction can therefore be considered the "official" position and any speculation remains simply that.

[edit] Relevant History

Ogres used to be a regularly used unit and were a proper part of the Orcs and Goblins army before 6th edition Warhammer. They have been removed but are still available as a Dogs of War choice. Also, some units in the Ogre Kingdoms army book are also available to be taken.

Orcs & Goblins were one of the two armies that could ally with Chaos Dwarfs in 4th/5th edition Warhammer (the other being Chaos). The allies system ceased being a part of the army composition rules in 6th edition but a similar, although more restricted, system is used by allowing armies to take certain units from Dogs of War and the Regiments of Reknown.

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