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Part of geography: Dark Lands


[edit] Official Background

The Plain of Zharr, also called the Plain of Zharrduk, is the great mineral rich meteor crater that is the main population area of the Chaos Dwarfs. It houses their capital city, Zharr-Naggrund and also much of their industrial projects. The Plain is choked with pits of molten tar, rivers of burning oil, massive stockpiles of coal and other effluence of industry, pock-marked with countless pits and mines and home to many thousands of workshops and factories. Nothing is able to grow there, but despite this the Chaos Dwarfs remain in their ruined homeland because of its near-inexhaustible mineral wealth. Only one watercourse passes through the Plain of Zharr, the polluted River Ruin which enters from the mountains to the north and leaves choked with filth and waste.[1][2]

[edit] Fan Written Background

The following entries are fan-based and not based on official fluff, thus it is not necessary to cite sources.

[edit] Plain of Zharr by Thommy H

The heart of the Chaos Dwarfs’ empire is the Plain of Zharr. Thousands of years ago, a meteorite descended from the sky – perhaps it was a chunk of one of the moons that orbit the Warhammer world, or just a nameless lump of space debris – and blasted a vast crater in the earth. It pulverised the very rock, creating in an instant crystals and ores of immense value. They were left lying there, exposed to the uncaring skies for millennia until the ancestors of the Chaos Dwarfs discovered them. Since the coming of the Chaos Dwarfs, the Plain of Zharr has been changed irrevocably.

Now, it is an immense network of factories, mines, smelting plants, workshops and forges. As far as the eye can see, chimneys pump out clouds of multicoloured smog and rivers of tar and ooze snake their way through the maze of stinking industry. Slaves in untold millions must live in this hellish warren, their lungs clogged with foul vapours and their eyes never knowing anything but the pallid sunlight that peers wanly through the smoke and the ruddy infernal light of the soul-forges. [3]

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