Ravening Hordes

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Ravening Hordes
Ravening Hordes

Ravening Hordes was a booklet of army lists given away with White Dwarf 250, and later available in Games Workshop Stores that updated the existing Warhammer forces for 6th Edition. This was meant as a temporary measure until the races received their respective Army Books, or an updated Warhammer Chronicles list in White Dwarf.

[edit] Chaos Dwarfs

The Chaos Dwarfs never received this attention, and thus still use their Ravening Hordes list. Contrary to some rumours, this is still valid in 8th edition as an army list (although certain tournaments may disallow it). While the original Ravening Hordes booklet is hard to come by, the Chaos Dwarf list appeared the Games Workshop website until 2008/2009 when the Games Workshop websites were one-by-one upgraded with new software. The last remaining Games Workshop site to host the list was the Australian website.

The booklet contained the unit selection tables for use by Chaos Dwarf armies. These tables are the same as the ones in the Orcs and Goblins Army Book. There have been two minor updates/clarifications that affect the Chaos Dwarf list since it has been been published. These are available in Chaos Dwarf Resources

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