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[edit] Traditional Slavery

Chaos Dwarf society would not exist without slaves. Unlike their western kin, who can trade with the inhabitants of fertile lands, and who have the benefit of frequent precipitation near their mountain homes, the Chaos Dwarfs inhabit a barren wasteland and their lust for mineral wealth has choked what few natural resources remain in the efluence of industry. For this reason, Chaos Dwarfs depend on vast numbers of slaves to toil for them in order to sustain their industry and run their vast empire.

Chaos Dwarfs use all races as slaves, but they most commonly capture greenskins as these are the most numerous inhabitants of The Dark Lands. Slaves are used for mining, toiling in workshops, working in refineries and many other tasks that Chaos Dwarfs themselves find distasteful, but they are also a feature of their armies, being driven against their foes in great herds - ironically for the purpose of obtaining even more slaves.

Slaves also play a role in the religious rites of Chaos Dwarfs. It is very common for captured creatures to be sacrificed in the Temple of Hashut, frequently through such means as being thrown into vats of molten lead or gold - use of an execution method similar to the real-life brazen bull of ancient Greece would certainly seem appropriate too, but has not thus far been mentioned in any Chaos Dwarf background material. Bull Centaurs are said to take part in these bloodthirsty ceremonies, taking great delight in the suffering of slaves as they are horribly murdered. It also appears that, like other Chaos forces, Chaos Dwarfs make special sacrifices of large numbers of slaves to Hashut to ensure success in battle.

The only race that recieves any preferential treatment from Chaos Dwarfs are the hobgoblins, who turned against the other greenskins when the Black Orcs rebelled against their masters. As a reward for this loyalty, hobgoblins don't have to work like other slaves, but instead serve as overseers and warriors. The Chaos Dwarfs even allow the hobgoblins to maintain their own culture and tribes, giving them a peculiar kind of freedom. Hobgoblins and Chaos Dwarfs still despise one another, but their symbiotic relationship has proved beneficial for both parties - the hobgoblins require the protection of the Chaos Dwarfs to survive, and the Chaos Dwarfs need the hobgoblins to control their slaves and make up numbers in battles.

[edit] Modern Developments

In more recent incarnations of the Chaos Dwarfs (such as the Hellcannon and their depiction in Grudge Bearer) the slavery aspect of their culture has been developed to encompass the enslavement of daemons in their war machines and weaponry. This would certainly fit with the ethos of their society as a whole, and with their independant nature in regards to the other forces of Chaos.

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