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A Sneaky Git

Sneaky Gits are a tribe of Hobgoblins and a unit type available to Chaos Dwarfs as a Special choice. They differ from ordinary Hobgoblins due to their armament and rules.


[edit] History

In 4th-6th Editions of Warhammer, Sneaky Gits had a special rule that allowed them to use the Lap Around rules (a way of surrounding an enemy unit with your models) after every turn of combat and forbid the enemy unit from using it on them. The Lap Around rule was removed from the game in 7th edition, which means that they can no longer perform those manoeuvres. The US-GT rules went some way to reconcile this, but those rules are only valid in US Grand Tournaments.

In the previous rules, Sneaky Git Champions were unique in that they could be armed with a hand weapon and shield instead of the normal two hand weapons. This was possibly to accommodate the lack of a dedicated Champion model for the unit[1].

In their current usable rules they have two hand weapons and poisonous attacks. They have no armour and no equipment choices[2].

[edit] Background

Hobgoblins are sneaky by nature, but none are so vile as the tribe of the Sneaky Gits who reside in the clefts of Gash Kadrak (also known as the Vale of Woe). Sneaky Gits wear no armour and are armed with two curved blades that are infused with a deadly poison. They rely on envelopment tactics to gain an advantage in combat by surrounding their opponents; preferring to stab their enemy in the back than attacking from the front[3].

Like all Hobgoblins, Sneaky Gits often fight amongst themselves, even during a battle. This can disrupt even a well laid battle plan.

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