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Thommy H says: A general thought on the wiki: unlike wikipedia, where there can be assumed to be a page on almost everything, obviously we only have limited scope. Would it perhaps be helpful to have some sort of easily-accesible index page which tells everyone what pages there actually are? That way, someone making a new article or adding to one can be aware there's a page on slaves or daemons which they could be linking to.

Also, I think categories might be helpful, if that's possible?

Cornixt says: The 'special pages' have all kinds of useful sections:

There are loads more useful pages, the link is in the side bar at the bottom.

Thommy H says: Quick thing: on wikipedia and most other wikis I've seen with a similar format, the first mention of the article's subject in the text is formatted in bold. I think this looks pretty good so I'm going to go through and do it on as many articles as possible.

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