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Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos ISBN 978-1-907964-65-7
Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos ISBN 978-1-907964-65-7

Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos (also sometimes referred to simply as the Tamurkhan book or ToC) was released from Warhammer Forge/Forge World, a subsidary of Games Workshop, in 2011, and marked the company's first forray into the Warhammer fantasy setting. The book contains rules for various Warriors of Chaos, Empire and Chaos Dwarf units. This was the first real update to the Chaos Dwarf army in just over a decade (since the Ravening Hordes update to the Chaos Dwarf army in 2000). The book also contains significant background material, maps, a six part campaign, as well as rules for The Great Hosts of Chaos - harkening back to past Warhammer Fantasy gaming history where great Chaos armies could be massed and include the now-separate armies of Warriors of Chaos, Beastmen and Daemons of Chaos.[1]


[edit] Chaos Dwarfs

The Chaos Dwarfs in the tamurkhan book represent the Legion of Azgorh, which are the Chaos Dwarf forces that garrison the Black Fortress, which resides in the southern Dark Lands. The Legion of Azgorh confronted Tamurkhan and his army as they attempted to cross the Dark Lands, and would later accompany Tamurkhan on his siege against the Empire. As the Legion of Azgorh only represents Chaos Dwarfs from one specific location within the Dark Lands this leaves much of the Chaos Dwarf imperium unaddressed.[1] Forge World, the company that published the Tamurkhan book has explicitly stated that the Legion of Azgorh army list in no way supercedes the Ravening Hordes Chaos Dwarf army list.[2] As such, both army lists currently co-exist, but without any official recognition between the two lists as to how one might incorporate one into the other.

Some units from the Legion of Azgorh army list can be taken in Warriors of Chaos armies. To address the coexistance of both the Legion of Azgorh and Ravening Hordes army lists members of Chaos Dwarfs Online have incorporated an addendum in their Ravening Hordes Errata document (which is meant to bring the Ravening Hordes list into line with the 8th Edition rules) which simply counts a Ravening Hordes Chaos Dwarf army as a Warriors of Chaos army for the purposes of incorporating the Legion of Azgorh units into a somewhat unified whole.

[edit] Tamurkhan, the Maggot Lord

[edit] Campaign

[edit] Chaos Bestiary

[edit] Empire Bestiary

[edit] Chaos Dwarf Bestiary - The Legion of Azgorh

The Legion of Azgorh army list represents the Chaos Dwarf forces that garrison the Black Fortress, which resides in the southern Dark Lands.

[edit] Forged in Hell: Chaos Dwarf Magic Items

The Legion of Azgorh has access to several magical items crafted by insidious Daemonsmiths. These include: the Black Hammer of Hashut (Chaos Dwarf only, Magic Weapon); Dagger of Malice (Magic Weapon); Dark Mace (Magic Weapon); Armour of Bazherak the Cruel (Magic Armour); The Mask of the Furnace (Chaos Dwarf only, Magic Armour); Stone Mantle (Chaos Dwarf only, Magic Armour); Banner of Slavery (Magic Standard); Chalice of Blood and Darkness (Arcane Item); Enchanged Flask of Ashak (Enchanted Item, one use).[1]

Several of the magical items accessible to Legion of Azgorh armies are derived from or updated versions of items from the Ravening Hordes magic items table.

[edit] Lore of Hashut

The Lore of Hashut shares many qualities and similarities with aspects of the Lore of Fire. In particular, if damage is inflicted from a spell from the Lore of Hashut on a Flammable target the casting Wizard gains a bonus which may be added to their casting total. The Lore of Hashut spell Ash Storm also has the added benefit of making targets Flammable to further take advantage of such mechanics. The Lore of Hashut spells include:

  • Breath of Hatred (Signature Spell)
  • 1. Burning Wrath
  • 2. Dark Subjugation
  • 3. Curse of Hashut
  • 4. Ash Storm
  • 5. Hell Hammer
  • 6. Flames of Azgorh

[edit] Storm of Magic Scrolls of Binding

The Scrolls of Binding are separate rules summaries for various units from the Tamurkhan book which can be included in the Monsters and Magic selection for use in Storm of Magic games in 8th Edition Warhammer. The entries include: Chaos Siege Giant, Bile Trolls of Chaos, the Carmine Dragon and the Toad Dragon. The rules for most of these are also available as free downloads from Forge World.

[edit] Related Links

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[edit] References

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  • 2Pers comm.: Nicodemus, CDO member, and Tris Buckroyd July 9, 2011.
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